The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2964


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First Volume Chapter 411

Because Bloodline has been promoted to the final stage, Zhao Fu also gained all the abilities of Xian Xian. As long as Xian Xian has any abilities, Zhao Fu has all of them.

First, the Heaven and Earth will be virtualized, and it will disappear into Heaven and Earth strength. It can be used together with Heaven and Earth fuse, it can be immune to almost all attacks, and it can avoid Immortal’s perceptual search.

However, Zhao Fu in this state has no use of attack power.

Zhao Fu pays more attention to this, because he often has to beware of various powerhouses, and he dare not go to some places with many powerhouses. For example, the last time various powerhouses were gathered in Extreme Yang, Zhao Fu because there are too many powerhouses in There was no choice to go back.

Now Zhao Fu can escape Immortal’s search, naturally he is much bolder, don’t have to worry about being caught by some powerhouse, his own safety is greatly helped, this ability is the biggest life-saving means of Xianxian, to Zhao Fu’s Help is also the biggest.

Immune to all attacks, it should be that Zhao Fu’s body is transformed into nothingness, which is equal to the absence of this World. General attacks cannot cause any harm to him. Some strengths that contain Heaven and Earth rules still have some possibility of harming him.

Zhao Fu tried it.

I saw Zhao Fu within the body. Eight blood-colored twisted runes emerged. Zhao Fu’s body turned into countless colored energies. The energies melted into the void, merged into the earth, into the vegetation, and finally disappeared.

Now Zhao Fu seems to be grass, flower, stone, earth, or sky, giving Zhao Fu a wonderful feeling as if he is this World, or this World is him .

In this state, the general attack destroys the vegetation, but it cannot harm Zhao Fu, because Zhao Fu incorporates Heaven and Earth itself, not the individual vegetation.

If the vegetation is destroyed, the energy of Zhao Fu will be transferred to another vegetation invisibly, it can also be transferred to the stone, and even to the birds and insects staying on the vegetation, the object can be Destroy, but the energy will not disappear.

This is the real reason for being immune to all attacks and avoiding Immortal’s perception. The existence of Zhao Fu’s is like a natural law, no trace can be found, and it cannot die.

Then Zhao Fu tried to change because almost nothing could be done in this state.

The energy that Zhao Fu turned into has been integrated into various plants on the ground. Zhao Fu tried to grow a small tree into a big tree.

I saw that the little tree seemed to get a strong strength. It quickly grew a ten-meter-long tree with lush foliage and full of Life Aura.

Zhao Fu showed a smile, but it needs to be connected with the small tree, although it can make the small tree grow quickly, but if someone attacks the small tree, he will also be killed by some

The void exists regardless of anything. This state is the most secure state, and the others are almost impossible to attack. If you want to attack, you must take some risks.

The second title is Worm-Resolving Curse.

This is a kind of terrifying curse, and it is also very harmful to yourself, because the material used to cast the curse must use its own body. The more bodies used to curse, the stronger the curse will be, the key You can also skip the murder.

An Emperor Heaven Realm casts this curse, and can easily kill a virtual realm, and a virtual realm can easily kill Spirit Realm. If it is a Dao Realm, it can kill a Supreme Being curse.

At that time, Xianxian used the body below his head to cast a curse of this terrifying, and cursed a Supreme Being when he was in the virtual realm. After becoming Supreme Being, he killed a Half Immortal existence with an arm curse.

Becoming a kind of evil fairy can’t be killed even if it is explodes into waste, so it’s no problem to use the body under the head to cast a curse, Zhao Fu also gained this ability, the general conventional method is impossible to kill Zhao Fu .

For example, if Zhao Fu’s heart is taken out, his head will be cut off and he will not die, unless some special means can kill Zhao Fu.

Because you have to curse your body, you will lose a lot of blood essence and Origin, there is no need to try not to use this method.

The third ability has a little meaning, and is called the eight banned blood slaves.

Zhao Fu’s eight twisted scarlet runes already have life. They can give birth to eight insect eggs in some people’s bodies. This insect egg will continue to inspire the potential and aptitude of those people, and can make an ordinary person become a genius.

And this insect egg will also have the strength of Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique, who wants to get this insect egg, will immediately return to the world, and will also have a strong strength.

However, this is not without a price. Insect egg will stimulate people’s potential and absorb people’s Origin. Finally, it will devour the whole person. When the egg hatches, it will become an eight-forbidden blood slave. , A kind of slave who will only obey orders.

This method can train ordinary people to become a strong servant of strength. If an egg is implanted into the body within a genius, the strength of the eight blood-slave slaves will be more powerful.

Because Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique are all insects, they also inherit some of the characteristics of insect, that is, a large number of insect eggs will be born.

At that time, Xianxian created a million Eight Forbidden Blood Slaves. They were the main battle strength of Xianxian, causing a large number of casualties to Chaos World. The Eastern Alliance spent a huge price to solve these eight banned blood slaves.

Zhao Fu has no plan to use this method now. He came to Chaos World for Supreme Emperor Star of Chaos World. He had no time and no intention to train the eight blood slaves.

fourth ability to ban blood for 100 million.

This ability is to suppress other Bloodline, or to suppress others’ Bloodline.

The first is to suppress Bloodline. No matter who it is, as long as the body has blood in the body, it will be suppressed by Zhao Fu Bloodline, unless Bloodline is much higher than Zhao Fu.

Now Zhao Fu evil fairy Bloodline is Saint Level Peak, the general Origin Bloodline will also be suppressed by the evil fairy Bloodline, this suppression will weaken the strength of other creatures, combat the confidence of other creatures, and even let some creatures with lower Bloodline acknowledge allegiance.

Bloodline restraint, when fighting with who in the future Zhao Fu, can create a Bloodline that specifically restrains others.

For example, if the Japanese have the Sun Bloodline, Zhao Fu’s Bloodline will create a Dark Bloodline that restrains the Sun Bloodline, and Zhao Fu will also have a strong Dark Bloodline strength.

Another example is that Zhao Fu’s opponent is Dragon Race, Bloodline will also create Dragon Slayer’s Bloodline, which will exert a strong restraint on Dragon Race, and Zhao Fu will also possess the Dragon Slayer’s strength.

Another example is when Zhao Fu faces a demon, the body Bloodline will also become Angel Bloodline, and Zhao Fu will also have Angel Bloodline Strength.

This ability can be said to be quite powerful, it can almost restrain any Bloodline, but there is also a limitation, that is, if you want to restrain your opponent’s Bloodline, you first need to devour the opponent’s blood, so that you can create a special restraint opponent’s Bloodline.

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