The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2965


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First Volume Chapter 413

This Bloodline ability is relatively rare in any other world, although Zhao Fu also has a more powerful Bloodline than the evil fairy Bloodline, but this ability is not used.

Zhao Fu is also very interested in this ability, so he drank a bottle of blood from the ice bird and launched the Bloodline ability at the same time.

I saw Zhao Fu within the body, a flame vortex appeared immediately, Bloodline kept changing and became like lava, a huge heat flowed out from Zhao Fu’s body, Zhao Fu’s body also burst into flames, now Zhao Fu The exuded strength and the breath of Bloodline will make people feel that Zhao Fu is a Fire Beast.

Zhao Fu took another bottle of wind insect beast and drank it. Within the body, another azure vortex appeared. Bloodline did not change to an azure airflow, an invisible strength spread out, and there was an invisible disappearance. Weak wind strength.

After trying a few times, Zhao Fu looked satisfied, this Bloodline will indeed create a variety of restrained opponent Bloodline, and will certainly be stronger than the other.

With this ability, in the future Zhao Fu will be much easier to deal with others, but others will meet their opponents who restrain the most.

However, Zhao Fu may not be used often, because although it can be restrained, Zhao Fu’s real Bloodline has reached the Origin Bloodline Peak, and using this Bloodline strength will naturally be more powerful.

Fifth ability to explode the insect storage

This is a Self-destruction ability by name, which can cause terrifying destructive power. As long as this ability is exhibited, Zhao Fu’s body will become an endless insect. Will destroy everything.

As long as the strength does not exceed Zhao Fu a lot, then almost no one can escape this move.

Of course, this move is also very harmful to Zhao Fu itself. Although it will not die, strength will be consumed cleanly, and it takes time to recover if you want to become stronger.

If you don’t want to survive, the celestial explode hiding is the most terrifying. The formidable power is ten times that of the ordinary exploding worm keeping. The only certainty is that it will be gone after use. Zhao Fu is almost impossible to do so, and There are also more terrifying methods.

For example, Zhao Fu exploded his eight Paragon stars, this terrifying strength, let alone Supreme Being, even if Immortal is mortal, the effect is hundreds of times that of the skyburst.

This move is too expensive, and Xianxian is not often used, unless it is forced.

The sixth ability is called Immortal World Cave.

This ability is not a battle, nor a support, but a skill that has been digging. Maybe you think it will be ridiculous. Such a powerhouse, with such a powerful strength, such a powerful Bloodline, how can it go to dig? This is a bit too shameful.

But what if you are told not to dig another hole, but to dig a hole between the world and Immortal World?

Yes, as long as you have this ability, you don’t need to be an Immortal or rely on the help of people in Immortal World. You can dig a hole to Immortal World yourself.

Although this ability does not have any battle strength, it is extremely precious and rare enough to shock the world. Zhao Fu has not heard of that person possessing this ability.

Xianxian seems to have dug out a passage to Immortal World, has also traveled around Immortal World, and finally returned to Chaos World.

Call him Xianxian, and Xianxian may also incorporate a part of the real Immortal Qi. As Immortal Qi of Immortal World, that is the purest. It is not comparable to this Immortal Qi.

The channel dug out by Xian Xian, Zhao Fu thinks that after so many years, Immortal World has an automatically repaired strength, that one channel exists under the strong strength repair It shouldn’t be, otherwise others can pass this A passage to Immortal World.

In fact, with this ability, no matter whether it is all kinds of forces, he should be respectful to Xianxian, but Xianxian did not reveal his ability, and finally by the strength of oneself against the Eastern Alliance, Zhao Fu is not clear that both sides have What hatred.

This time I went to the Eastern Alliance to collect bronze fragments, maybe I would know what happened that year.

Now Zhao Fu is not interested in going to Immortal World, because the strength itself is too weak, and the existence on the Immortal there does not know how many, Zhao Fu went there too early.

However, when there is free time, Zhao Fu can give it a try and see how an ability can dig through the channel to Immortal World, which is of interest to Zhao Fu.

Daqin now also has an Immortal level existence, that is Flower Fairy, but now she has not recovered strength and memory, I don’t know what has changed after she went to Immortal World? The recovery speed should be much faster, or you can go to Immortal World to get something back.

These things are still being dealt with later.

Xianxian still has some numerous abilities. After getting familiar with Zhao Fu one by one, he left this place immediately. At this time, the natural phenomenon had subsided. It is estimated that a large group of powerhouses gathered here. Although Zhao Fu is not afraid now, but also Fear of trouble.

Zhao Fu turned into a stream of light and shot towards the horizon.

After waiting for a while, there were countless people who felt here and felt the remaining breath here. They knew the evil fairy legate, not at this time it should not be called legate, but really the second evil fairy.

Everyone took a serious look at the Quartet, and found that Zhao Fu had already left, and also left somewhat lost.

Actually, they did not have much confidence to see Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu has become the second generation of evil immortals. As long as he chooses to hide, even if he is here, everyone will not find it.

Now that Bloodline has reached the final stage, everyone speculates that it should be hiding in a place to reassure cultivation. With his Bloodline should reach Supreme Being soon, then Chaos World will threaten.

As long as he becomes Supreme Being, Supreme Being basically turns around when he sees him. Everyone knows that Supreme Being is definitely not an opponent of Xianxian. Now I only hope that some talented powerhouses will be able to suppress this Xianxian. .

As for them, there is no choice but to wait and see.

Finally, the people left one after another.

At this time, a huge stone grew out of a square eye, and six pairs of worm feet were cut out. Jushi Yun looked at all around quickly and quickly informed Zhao Fu that the discovery ran over.

This boulder was not Zhao Fu’s turning it into this, but this boulder was affected by Zhao Fu strength. At that time, Zhao Fu was sitting on it and broke Broken Bloodline, so this boulder also had its own life , And the breath is not weak.

The boulder has just had life, spiritual wisdom has just been born, but there are some instincts, it has some instincts to Zhao Fu, following instincts to chase Zhao Fu in the past, the speed is not fast or slow, and is always attracted by various things, after all It was just alive and curious about everything.

Zhao Fu didn’t know that he created a stone life inadvertently.

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