The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2966


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First Volume Chapter 414

After flying away from that place, Zhao Fu found another place to stabilize the body’s strength first.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

A huge rumbling sound sounded, and the huge wave spread like a gust of wind, which caused Heaven and Earth to change color, and alarmed the Quartet.

Zhao Fu frowned slightly, “What happened?”

Following the wave of attraction, Zhao Fu met two groups of people. A group of people in a purple long coat looks noble and mysterious, a group of people looks strange, some eyes are worm eyes, some have horns, and some have shells.

Two groups of people are on each side, and two young people in the middle are competing.

A young man dressed in purple clothed, with long black hair and a very handsome face, exudes a powerful and noble atmosphere, with a noble temperament among people.

A gray-dressed man with a temperament and evil charm exudes an ancient and brutal imposing manner.

The two did not actually do it, but stood on each side, one person exuding the strength of purple, forming a giant Giant, one exhaling the numerical gray rays of light, the ancient brutal strength forming a one Nine pairs of insect eyes, beetles with mouth full of teeth.

It is the two that caused huge fluctuations, fighting fiercely in the sky.


Purple Giant punched the beetle with a strong strength, and the huge strength flew the beetle out, with a strong wind, the boulders rolled and the trees swayed.


The huge beetle made a huge hissing sound, a huge sonic wave spread out, and a strong strength also pushed back the Purple Giant earthquake.

The strength of the two looks similar.

Zhao Fu cared about the purple-clothed youth a little, because the breath from the purple clothed body was somewhat familiar, this person Zhao Fu must have never seen, and the breath he exuded was the breath of the ancient Spirit Race.

The ancient Spirit Race is a family born after the destruction of the bronze fragments. The last time Zhao Fu sneaked into their Secret Realm and obtained several pieces of bronze fragments, Zhao Fu did not expect to meet the people of the ancient Spirit Race here and distribute it. The breath that comes out is still so powerful.

It seems that people who heard the ancient Spirit Race said that the ancient Spirit Race also has a shocking genius named Ling Xuan, which has been accepted as a recipe by a Half Immortal. The person in front of him may be that Spirit Xuan.

Another person, Zhao Fu, does not know, but feels that his identity should also be very terrifying.

The two wanted to continue to control the beetle fighting with Giant, but they sensed something, and looked at Zhao Fu who had just appeared. Although they did not feel any strength from Zhao Fu, they instinctively told them that the person in front of them was extremely dangerous. .

It was strange that the other people watched both of them stop. Following their gaze, Zhao Fu also appeared.

Facing everyone’s eyes, Zhao Fu smiled and said, “Don’t care about me, you continue!”

Ling Xuan San went to strength, the purple Giant turned into a numerous breath, and Zhao Fu looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “Who is yours?”

Now Ling Xuan’s heart vibrates, because he finds that the Origin Power within the body appears to move, and feels a kind of pressure from the same strength. Does he also have Origin Power on his body?

He didn’t know that Zhao Fu’s body had pure Origin Power. His weakened Origin Power must be impossible to compare. The key is Zhao Fu within the body and the numerical bronze fragment bleSS ing. The Spirit Power’s Origin Power felt more pressure.

Another young man, his face is not pretty.

He is named Chongtian, and he has Bloodline of Chongzu. His Chongzu is still one of Chaos World Primogenitor, so the strength he possesses is extremely terrifying.

But now he feels a trace of fear in Bloodline, Zhao Fu’s evil bloodline can devour more than one million kinds of Bloodline, most of them are worm Bloodline, although worm days have Primogenitor worm Bloodline, but face Zhao Fu’s crazy twisted evil fairy Bloodline is still scared.

Others also looked at Zhao Fu curiously, unclear what Zhao Fu was, and could even stop the two amazing geniuses.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I’m not who, but just passing by here, I feel the strength fluctuations, so come and have a look.”

Chongtian asked politely, “What kind of Bloodline do you have?”

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “Why should I tell you?”

The cold voice of a horned young man next to him said, “Do you know who he is? He is the young lord of the celestial beetle and heir to our insect valley.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I don’t care much about these things, I don’t know Dao Insect Valley and Sky Beetle.”

Wormhorn young people want to say something angry.

Chong Tian interrupted him and said, “You don’t know what the Dao Insect Valley is, it doesn’t matter, but your Bloodline tells me what it is and why my Bloodline has a trace of fear.”

Everyone looked at Zhao Fu Zhao Fu with a surprised expression.

They know that Dao Insect Bloodline is more terrifying. Although it does not inherit Primogenitor worm Origin Bloodline, it is also Saint Level Bloodline. It can be called a Holy Son. Emperor rank Bloodline must be inferior in front of him in Chaos World Extremely rare.

Such terrifying Bloodline would still be afraid? What is the Bloodline on this young man? How could a Saint Level Bloodline be afraid?

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “My Bloodline is just a Bloodline of ordinary people!”

Chongtian’s eyes expressed coldness, “I don’t want to hear someone lie to me, who are you, what is the Bloodline on my body, or I’ll check it myself.”

A young man next to Lingxuan asked curiously, “Senior Brother, do you know who he is? How can Chongtian be so valued?”

Ling Xuan looks at the head, “I don’t know, his body also emits a strength that suppresses me, and I am curious who he is.”

hearing this, everyone was surprised, a beautiful girl said, “Senior Brother, don’t you own Origin Power? How could it suppress you?”

Lingxuan is nodded.

Everyone looked towards Zhao Fu’s eyes, and they also dignified.

Although it is not clear what his identity is, it is certain that this person is not weaker than their Senior Brother, otherwise it will not exude this strength.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I am really just a passing by, you don’t have to care about me.”

The silhouette of Chongtian disappeared in place instantly, one claw with a strong strength grabbed Zhao Fu fiercely, and tore Zhao Fu’s silhouette to the ground, and a dull sound rang out, and a ten meters big pit.

Everyone doubts that this person was solved so quickly?

Chong Tian frowned looked towards the side, and saw Zhao Fu’s body reappear, but what he attacked just now was a residual image. Easily evading his blow, Chongtian knew Zhao Fu’s strength, and he was not attacking casually.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “If my Bloodline has not reached the final stage, I will be very interested in your Bloodline, and there is not much interest now.”

Suddenly, there was something flashing in Chongtian’s mind, his complexion turned dignified, and he said solemnly, “You are that evil fairy?”

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