The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2967


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First Volume Chapter 415

Now Chongtian also thinks why he is afraid of Bloodline as a Primogenitor, and it is not ordinary fear, but also has a trace of disgust and aversion. It turned out to be the evil fairy Bloodline that restrained the insect Bloodline. There is only the evil fairy Bloodline in this world. Only then will he feel this.

Hearing this, everyone’s complexion greatly changed, and the natural phenomenon caused by the evil fairy just stopped not long ago, and everyone didn’t need to think that they met so soon.

Ling Xuan showed so that’s how it is.

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “Um, yes, I am the evil fairy.”

Everyone heard Zhao Fu personally admit that he was more afraid of a point in their hearts because they had heard how terrifying and perverting these evil fairy.

Chong Tian cold voice said, “Since you are an evil fairy, then I am even more impossible to let you go!”

Zhao Fu said indifferently, “If I want to go, you can’t stop it!”

Chong Tian said with a sneer, “Really? You can give it a try.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Then I’m gone, I think we will meet again in the future.”


Chongtian shot immediately, a huge strength came out, a pair of eyes became compound eyes, shot countless rays of light, each a ray of light was like every circular space, shot towards Zhao Fu, Make the space overlap of Zhao Fu all around complicated.

This move is named Qianqinkong, which is a kind of ability of Primogenitor and Bloodline.

Chongtian asked Zhao Fu to give it a try. It wasn’t just to talk about it. He also had enough energy to say that. This move trapped a lot of people.

Zhao Fu stood in the same place as if it was surrounded by a gray circular space, all around and numerical circular space, even if Zhao Fu immediately passed through the destroyed space, but other spaces would flood together and move Zhao Fu Trapped to death.

Chong Tian looked at Zhao Fu in the gray space and smiled, “You can try to escape now!”

Before Qian Chong Kong was finished, the other party might have a chance to escape, but now he has all exhibited, and it will be easy to escape if he deals with it. Chong Tian is confident.

Zhao Fu glanced at Chongtian, and his body dissipated into countless colorful energy.

Chongtian complexion changed, induced Zhao Fu and found that Zhao Fu really disappeared, “how is this poSS ible?”

Others also looked at the open space with some shock, which felt too easy, as if there was no difference.

Chong Tian was angry, and his heart became more heavy. This evil fairy legate is indeed very terrifying, and is definitely the strongest opponent he has met.

Ling Xuan also has a serious face, if he is trapped by a thousand insects, he will definitely not escape so easily.

After a while, Chong Tian cold voice said, “Let’s go back!”

Chonggu everyone knows that Chongtian is in a bad mood now, and does not want to anger him.

Watching Chongtian leave.

The purple clothed girl was a little disappointed, “originally I would also like to see who is better than Chongtian and Senior Brother!”

Ling Xuan’s complexion calmed down, “We just made a few simple moves, and we will not go all out because we don’t need that.”

“Oh!” girl complied.

As a very famous genius of Chaos World, Lingxuan and Chongtian are unlikely to meet and try harder than try.

purple-clothed youth asked, “Senior Brother what should we do? Do we need to report the encounter with the evil fairy? Elder in the sect pays much attention to the evil fairy.”

A woman said, “There is very little news about Evil Immortals, and we have hardly heard what kind of person it is. At this time we have seen him personally, and this information is very important.”

Ling Xuan said, “You must report this truthfully!”

Everyone is nodded.

purple-clothed youth also said, “This evil fairy Bloodline appeared in our Eastern League just after reaching the final stage, I think that evil fairy must have any purpose.”

purple clothed woman seriously said, “This is affirmation. At that time, our Eastern Alliance and the first generation of evil immortals had deep hatred. This generation of evil immortals must come to revenge. I think that all powerhouses can’t think of it. Come to the Eastern Union.”

The purple clothed girl said curiously, “Is he really terrifying as legendary? I think he looks pretty good, not so crazy and evil.”

A steady young man reminded, “He is an evil fairy, you look at him as if to get along very well, and when you know his terrifying it is too late, you know what consequences the evil fairy caused, but in the end It’s too late.”

“I know!” the girl grunted.

Lingxuan softly said, “From now on, the Eastern Alliance will face a disaster. No one will know what will happen in the future. Let’s go back!”

Everyone is nodded, and there are some concerns in my heart.

The news spread quickly, and the entire Eastern Union shook up. Originally thinking that the evil fairy would hide in a place to cultivate well, and it would not appear until Supreme Being, that was the beginning of the Eastern Union disaster.

But I didn’t expect Xianxian to appear in the Eastern Union so quickly, the Eastern Union’s disaster was so much ahead of time.

The numerous powerhouse out of the Eastern League has also hurriedly dared to come back, changing from active attack to defense.

Some of the older forces also ordered their own people to act in a low-key manner in the future, and they were also prepared for the evil fairy to cause various things.

Some rising forces do not pay much attention to this matter, Xianxian is not so terrifying as rumored, before Xianxian caused a catastrophe, they did not believe that the new Xianxian had this ability in a short time, and some threatened to kill Drop the evil fairy and help get rid of this scourge.

People in other alliances know this, some people take pleasure in other people’s misfortune, want to watch the revenge of evil immortals, some watch the changes in things, and some people take the initiative to come to the Eastern Alliance.

At this time, the Eastern League became lively.

Zhao Fu didn’t know these things, he stood on the piece of mountain region and looked strangely at a monster in front of him.

This monster is the stone monster with life. After continuous chasing, it finally caught the person it wanted to see. Now it crawls on the ground and looks at Zhao Fu affectionately, although it does not know Zhao What is Fu, but it is clear that the person in front of him gave it life.

Zhao Fu also recognized that this was the huge stone he had sat on before, and did not expect it to have a life, but Zhao Fu did not want to take him in. He said, “Don’t follow me, why do you want to do it!”

The stone seemed to understand Zhao Fu’s words, looking at Zhao Fu with a lost and pitiful expression.

Zhao Fu said, “I have no intention to give you life, this is your own creation, you don’t have to thank me, this time I come to the Eastern League, there are many things to deal with, maybe there will be many dangers, you will follow me deep Being in danger, so stop following me.”

The stone monster’s square eyes looked at Zhao Fu ignorantly, gently nodded.

Zhao Fu glanced at it, disappeared in place, and concealed strength so that the stone monster could not sense him.

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