The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2968


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First Volume Chapter 416

The stone monster watched Zhao Fu leave and crawled down on the ground. It doesn’t know what it is doing now, nor does it know where to go, and the people who gave it life don’t want it.

After more than an hour, a lively little girl with two braids came here with a beautiful woman, originally they just passed by, but found this big stone a little strange.

“mother! What is it?” little girl opened her eyes to the curiously asked stone monster lying there.

The beautiful woman was also a little surprised, and was the first to see the stone monster this creature, neither a spiritual object nor a monster, as if it were nothing but life.

The stone blamed a square eye and looked at the mother and daughter in front of her with curiosity.

The little girl walked towards the stone monster, and the beautiful woman didn’t use any meaning to hurt people when she saw the stone monster, so it didn’t help stop the little girl.

I saw little girl walking in front of the stone monster and asked childishly, “What’s your name?”

The stone strangely looked at the little girl.

little girl asked with a smile, “Can I touch you?”

The stone monster is lying there, useless to respond to little girl.

Little girl is brave, extend the hand touched the stone monster, and the stone monster stared blankly at the little girl in front of her.

Little girl said happily, “I feel so special, can we be friends?”

The stone monster seemed to understand it, and was nodded a little bit happy.

The little girl asked with a smile, “What about your family?”

The stone monster thought of Zhao Fu who abandoned it, and was lost again.

Little girl looked at the pitiful look of the stone and asked, “Do you want to go to my house, we will play together every day in the future.”

Stone Monster is happy nodded.

little girl turned to look at the beautiful woman and asked, “Mother, shall we take it back?”

The beautiful woman walked in front of the stone monster and said with a smile, “It’s okay to take it back, but also let the mother see what it is.”

The beautiful woman put a hand on the stone monster and a stretch of strength spread out, and the strength entered the body of the stone monster. Beautiful woman complexion changed, I saw a piece of blood, a strength of terrifying rebounded out.

The woman’s hand was flicked open and she looked at the stone monster with a surprised look. She did not expect that the stone monster possessed such terrifying strength, and that the stone monster did not belong to the creature bred by Heaven and Earth in this world. Some terrifying powerhouse was created.

To create such terrifying creatures, the beauty woman does not know who that person is, but it must be extremely powerful, because no one in the powerhouse she knows has this terrifying ability.

The stone monster has such a strength, the beautiful woman does not want to take her daughter to take it back, but looking at the stone monster should be an unowned creature, if you cultivate it, in the future strength can not be underestimated, can become a daughter who guards her The most powerhouse.

little girl, a pair of eyes, looking at the beautiful woman eagerly, begging, “Mother take it back, OK, you see the little stone is pitiful.”

The beautiful woman said with a smile, “Come on! Take it back.”

little girl The child jumped with joy, “very good mother!”

The stone monster also stood up happily, and it had a new owner.

Then, the beautiful woman took the stone monster back, and the little girl was riding the stone monster everywhere. Countless people rushed to surprise and saw creatures like stone monsters for the first time.

Zhao Fu also came to the headquarters of the Eastern Union.

According to previous information, one of the Alliance Leaders of the Eastern League may have obtained bronze fragments. Here it is possible to obtain bronze fragments, and it is not certain that he has. And this Alliance Leader has no need to disclose any information, which makes it difficult for Zhao Fu to judge.

So how do you determine which Alliance Leader has?

In addition to Alliance Leader, the Eastern League controls Chaos World Eastern. Such a great strength may be in their treasure house. If you become a senior member of the Eastern League, Zhao Fu should be able to understand this.

Then how does it start with the Eastern League?

Zhao Fu first gathered the news to get a brief look at the Eastern Union, and then it was convenient to sneak in and get bronze fragments.

Each alliance has 12 Alliance Leaders, and 12 Alliance Leaders are also divided into 12 factions. Zhao Fu got the news that he is the eighth Alliance Leader. Ugly woman, this woman heard that it is ugly, but it is powerful and treats its subordinates well. It’s no problem except to be ugly.

Zhao Fu decided to start with her. If she found that the Eastern League did not, she continued to go to other places to collect.

A few hours later, Zhao Fu came to the Eighth Alliance Leader’s sphere of influence, and just learned that a person was collecting a material, which kind of material Zhao Fu happened to have, and that person was still a senior member of the Eighth League, Zhao Fu thought It should be easier for him to refer to the eighth league.

Coming into a room, a robust man with a beard said with a smile, “You have what I need.”

Zhao Fu nodded, took out a medicine bottle and threw it away, “You can think about it.”

A bearded robust man named Dongfang Hu, took the pill bottle and opened it. There was a fiery-red pill inside, and took a sip, said with a smile, “Yes, this is what I need Blazing Body Forging Pill, since you are so refreshing, then I am not nonsense, what do you want to say!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I want to join the Eastern League and want to get a good position.”

The Oriental Tiger was a little embarrassed and said, “Can you change it to another one? This matter is not easy to handle now.”

Zhao Fu asked, “What happened?”

Dongfanghu said, “This thing was very easy to deal with before, because the thing of the evil fairy is now in a state of alert for the Eastern Alliance, and it would be more difficult to place people into the Eastern Alliance.”

Zhao Fu took a step back and said, “Then I don’t need a high position, just an ordinary position.”

Oriental Tiger thinks, “That’s good! I promise you.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “many thanks!”

The two left the room, came to the periphery zone of the Eighth Alliance Forces, and entered a building where everyone in the architectural class saluted.

Eastern Tiger said with a smile, “Now he is the steward here, you in the future are under his orders.”

Everyone looked towards Zhao Fu, replied, “Yes!”

The Oriental Tiger turned his head to look at Zhao Fu and said with a smile, “It’s here for you. If you don’t know where to ask other people, they will tell you what to do.”

Zhao Fu nodded.

After Dongfanghu left, a middle-aged man with a beard gave Zhao Fu gave a salute to Zhao Fu, “Adult, this is an alliance seal, everything in the alliance needs the alliance Seal.”

Zhao Fu took a look at the seal, which was only three fingers wide, with an eagle engraved on it, an eight character on the side, and Deacon Hancheng written below.

The place where Zhao Fu is now should be Hancheng. There is a mark that Zhao Fu is the deacon of this city. The power of deacon is very general, but he is only responsible for managing a small area. City Lord is responsible for managing these deacons.

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