The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2969


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First Volume Chapter 417

Zhao Fu accepted the Union Seal and asked, “What is your name?”

The middle-aged man replied, “My name is Dongfang Crane!”

Zhao Fu nodded said, “I need to know all kinds of information here!”

Dongfang Crane said, “I will tell the adults what I know!”

one hour In the past, Zhao Fu had a general understanding of this Korean city. There are 17 deacons here. Zhao Fu’s current status is considered to be the weaker among the deacons. The jurisdiction is small and the benefits gained Not much.

Zhao Fu asked, “I don’t know of any way to quickly improve my status in the league?”

Dongfanghe replied, “This can only be appointed by people in higher positions.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Also in other words, if I want my status to become higher, then I have to ask the City Lord?”

Oriental crane is nodded.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You tell me this City Lord’s message!”

Dongfang Crane was a little surprised, and had guessed what Zhao Fu wanted to do, and knew that Zhao Fu would never stay in the place for too long, replied, “Yes!”

The strength of the City Lord in Hancheng has reached the imaginary realm. It is more lecherous and timid than others. If a deacon wants to dedicate a beauty to him, he gets a better position, but now the situation in Hancheng is stable. The location is difficult to change.

Zhao Fu has no interest in the position of other deacons. Even if his status is improved, he is still a deacon. Zhao Fu is interested in the location of City Lord’s, but the choice of City Lord’s is generally chosen among the better deacons, Zhao Fu If you want to get City Lord, you must become a good deacon.

After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu looked at Dongfanghe and said, “You will follow me in the future! I promise you high position and great wealth.”

Dongfang Crane also sees Zhao Fu’s out of the ordinary, smiles to save a salute, “Many thanks, adults are fancy!”

Zhao Fu waited for one night to sneak in to the City Lord Mansion, Zhao Fu’s method was relatively straightforward, directly infiltrated the City Lord Mansion to control the City Lord, and then forcibly promoted to an excellent deacon, and then abandoned the City Lord And become the new City Lord.

Although this City Lord cultivation base reaches the virtual realm, it is just a general virtual realm cultivator, strength is not very strong, Zhao Fu thinks he still has this ability.

When Zhao Fu cultivation base was Emperor Heaven Realm before, you can fight with the virtual realm powerhouse. Now Zhao Fu has obtained various terrifying strengths. It may be troublesome to deal with powerful virtual realm cultivator, but to deal with the general The virtual powerhouse should be much simpler.

Zhao Fu easily infiltrated the City Lord Mansion and came to a large and magnificent room, a thin middle-aged man, wrinkled frowned, “What does that oriental tiger mean? Suddenly a person came to Hancheng?”

He is the Oriental Lord of City Lord in Hancheng.

A cold young man next to him, named Dongfang Road, is Hancheng’s strongest deacon, and he wants to give his elder sister to Dongfang Kong to gain his current status, and replied, “I think Dongfanghu must be Want to abolish City Lord, want to control Han Cheng in his hands.”

Dongfang Kong said angrily, “But it’s just what he ordered that I didn’t do well, so I wanted to replace me so quickly. Since he is not kind, don’t blame me for being unrighteous. Tiger.”

The deacon status is much higher than that of these City Lords. The status of the City Lord is only a few deacon, just called City Lord.

Dongfang Road is nodded.

Dongfanghu suddenly placed a person to become a deacon in Hancheng. Dongfang Road was worried about his status being threatened, so he immediately found Dongfang Kong to discuss the matter.

He also understands that Dongfang Kong is not strong, and that Dongfang Kong did not complete the orders of Dongfang Tiger before, which is likely to be replaced. Then his identity will fall to the valley, and Dongfang Kong will only survive in the left and right. .

Dongfang Kong asked without opinion, “You said we should be loyal to that deacon?”

Dongfang Road thought for a while, “I think either looking for a powerful deacon, or a deacon that has a contradiction with the Dongfanghu, except for these two, it is difficult for the rest to shelter us.”

Dongfang Kong said, “The deacon who is too strong may not look at us, then we will find the deacon who has hatred against the Dongfanghu. I just want to be this City Lord, and there is no other pursuit. These all are Dongfanghu force me, I am not sorry for him.”

Dongfang Road said with a smile, “There is nothing wrong with City Lord, it is all because of the Eastern Tiger.”

On hearing this, Dongfang Kong smiled.

Dongfang Road continued, “But we can’t divulge the matter now, because the Dongfanghu hasn’t decided to replace us yet, we can continue lurking and wait to counterattack when necessary.”

Oriental Kong smiled nodded.

“I don’t need to be so troublesome!” A silhouette sounded abruptly, making the two complexion changed.

A terrifying spread from the void, countless blood energy rushed to two people, the strength of Dongfang Road is only Emperor Heaven Realm, the blood energy wraps him and imprisons him in place, he does not have any Rebellion against strength to see the gap between Zhao Fu and ordinary Emperor Heaven Realm.

Dongfang Kong looked at the used blood energy and immediately exploded a strong strength, forming an invisible force field, blocking that blood energy.

Dongkong Kong just wanted to call people, after that the blood energy condensed into a huge one, and with a terrifying strength grabbed Dongfang Kong, the one that protected the Dongfang Kong force field was crushed, and blood energy grabbed it with a big hand Oriental hole.

Zhao Fu came out of the void with a smile.

Dongfang Road immediately recognized Zhao Fu, started talking, “You are the new deacon? Sure enough, Dongfanghu at first wanted to get rid of us.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “I think you should have misunderstood. I don’t know if the Eastern Tigers have this idea. It is my personal will to get rid of you.”

Dongfang Kong said in fear, “Don’t kill me, I’ll give you whatever you want. By the way, his elder sister. Oriental charm is the most beautiful woman in Hancheng. As long as you don’t kill me, I will give her You.”

Dongfang Road looked at a virtual powerhouse at Dongfang Kong in front of an Emperor Heaven Realm, so there was also disgust and anger in his heart, but in order to live his life, he could only say, “Yes, my elder sister but Hancheng is most beautiful Woman, don’t you mind?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I don’t have that idea yet, you can die!”

I saw that the blood energy turned into countless insects and penetrated into the body of the two, and felt the strength. The two were frightened and determined that Zhao Fu’s identity was the evil fairy.

The two struggled painfully, but it was too late. In the end, the two lost their strength and became two puppets. Now Zhao Fu can control them to do anything, and Supreme Being is generally ugly. Because Zhao Fu uses the ability of evil fairy.

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