The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2970


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First Volume Chapter 418

Zhao Fu controlled two people and immediately let Dongfang Kong issue a series of orders to promote Zhao Fu to the highest status of deacon.

Dongfang Crane looked surprised, why did Zhao Fu just leave for a while, and his status improved so much? It seems that Zhao Fu is more terrifying than he thought.

A graceful woman with a beautiful and alluring face rushed into the room, looking at Dongfang Kong sitting in front of her face and said angrily, “Why do you want to give my younger brother the position of others?” [ 19459002]

She is the charm of the East, the most beautiful woman in Hancheng, she looks really good, now she doesn’t know that the East Hole has been controlled by Zhao Fu, and when she learned that her younger brother was abolished, she ran over and got angry , Want a statement.

Dongfang Kong sitting above did not speak, Zhao Fu chuckled, “You do look good!”

Oriental charm wrinkled frowned, she noticed that there was also a mysterious person in a cloak in the room, cold voice asked, “who you are?”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “I am the newly appointed deacon!”

Oriental charm cold voice said, “It turns out to be you!”

Zhao Fu smiled.

Eastern Charm looked angry at Dongfang Kong and said, “You let him go first, I have something to tell you.”

Dongfang Kong did not answer anything.

Oriental charm is a little strange, why Dongfang Kong is like this, just wanted to continue and so on.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You don’t need to say anything, he is under my control.”

Eastern Charm heart startled, looked towards Zhao Fu, then reacted and hurriedly ran back, letting her think that Eastern Konghui would be controlled silently in her City Lord Mansion, then her situation was also Become extremely dangerous.

Watching her want to run, Zhao Fu waved his hand and closed the door with a striking strength.

Eastern Charm stopped, turned around and looked at Zhao Fu with an ugly face, and asked, “How do you want to treat me?”

Zhao Fu lightly smiled, walked towards the Eastern Charm.

A few years ago, Oriental charm lying on the ground with a ruddy face, Zhao Fu re-dressed. Oriental Charm asked, “who you are?”

Zhao Fu said, “I don’t talk about it now.”

Oriental charm continued, “So how are you treating my husband and my brother?”

Zhao Fu glanced at her and said, “They have been controlled by me, and their souls have been devoured. Now they are just two puppets.”

Oriental charm shouted angrily, “You jerk!”

Zhao Fu said calmly, “You can’t go there anymore, and you’re honest now, otherwise I will wipe out your family.”

Both Oriental charm and grievance were in their hearts, and they looked at Zhao Fu with tears in their eyes.

Although she has no feelings for Dongfang Kong, becoming a puppet will only affect her status. She is not very uncomfortable, but the key is that her pro-younger brother has become a puppet. She is still very sad in her heart and is still being humiliated by Zhao Fu , Was threatened by Zhao Fu, and various emotions rushed up.

Zhao Fu looked at the Oriental Charm in tears, and was somewhat helpless to embrace the Oriental Charm comfortably, “I will not treat you and your family, I will choose one from your family after I become the City Lord Deacon, but your identity is not limited to City Lord Madam. As for your younger brother, I can only say sorry.”

Eastern Charm feels a little bit better, but still looks at Zhao Fu angrily, obviously she will not forgive Zhao Fu so quickly.

At this time, knocking sounded outside the door, Dongfang He said, “I have collected the information you want, my lord.”

Zhao Fu complied, looked towards Bosom Oriental Charm wrapped her body with clothes, sat together in the upper seat, and also opened the door.

Dongfang Crane looked into the room, Dongfang Kong and Dongfang Road were on the side, while Zhao Fu was sitting in the City Lord’s position, and he was still holding the City Lord Madam with irregular clothing. Dongfang Crane understood the current situation, and more I was shocked by Zhao Fu’s strength and Zhao Fu’s identity.

The information collected by Zhao Fu for Dongfanghe is some intelligence that can be appointed as City Lord’s. Now his identity has become the highest-ranking deacon, and the next step is to become City Lord.

City Lord can only be appointed as a deacon. Dongfanghu is one of the deacon. Zhao Fu doesn’t want to trouble him too much, and avoids too many entanglements. He wants to find other deacons to appoint him as City Lord.

Of course, Dongfang Kong will not be abolished until a big mistake is made. Zhao Fu can only make Dongfang Kong disappear, and he will inherit this City Lord’s position again.

The strength of the deacon can reach Spirit Realm, Zhao Fu has no way to control it and cannot use this method now.

Zhao Fu asked, “Who do you think is easier to persuade among the numerous deacons?”

Dongfang Crane replied, “Most of the City Lords are effectively loyal to a deacon. Hancheng City Lord originally is loyal to the Eastern Tiger. If the adult chooses another person, it will inevitably cause some disputes. The adult is originally arranged by the Eastern Tiger. I think the Oriental Tiger should be the easiest,”

Zhao Fu didn’t want to deal with the Oriental Tiger in order to avoid identity disclosure, but now he is looking for the most suitable Oriental Tiger. Zhao Fu can only find him.

Oriental charm is in Zhao Fu’s arms. Hearing Zhao Fu’s words, he also feels that Zhao Fu is very unusual behind him.

Zhao Fu thought for a while, “Um, I am understood, I’ll go find the Oriental Tiger later.”

Oriental crane gave a salute, “Then I will go down!”

Oriental charm eyes looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “What are your plans and purpose?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “It’s okay to tell you, I want to be one of the most powerful people in the Eighth League.”

Oriental Charm was a little surprised, and at first he didn’t believe that Zhao Fu could do it, but thought Zhao Fu is so mysterious and powerful, maybe it can be done.

Watching Zhao Fu tell her such important things, Oriental Charm asked in a low voice, “Who do you think of me?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Of course it is my woman!”

Oriental charmed heart sighed in relief, she was a little scared that Zhao Fu was just playing with her, her eyes looked at Zhao Fu and said, “If you treat me better in the future, I can forgive you and my younger brother you want Give him back to me.”

Dongfang Road was originally useless for Zhao Fu, said with a smile, “Yes!”

Oriental charm showed a smile, holding Zhao Fu in both hands and snuggling in Zhao Fu’s arms.

After two childhoods, the City Lord of Hancheng suddenly died. The news came, and everyone looked strange, and all the deacons rushed over.

Dongfang Kong is a virtual cultivator. Although it is relatively weak, it will not die easily. There is a lot of suspiciousness in it. Deacon numerous wants to come over and see what happened.

Zhao Fu avoided trouble and directly cremated the body of Dongfang Kong, and a dead men tell no tales came.

In the hall, deacon numerous looked at the ashes in front of him, and felt that the breath was indeed the ashes of the Oriental hole. A young man with a round face asked, “Is the City Lord the day before yesterday? Isn’t it good? How did you die?”

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