The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2973


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First Volume Chapter 421

It is possible that the Eastern Alliance hates the appearance of Xianxian so much. If the news of Xiexian is leaked, it will be even worse. When the time comes a large group of powerhouses surround him, then Zhao Fu’s identity will be very ok, so set up For the method of great work, we still have to find other ways.

Dongfangli asked with a smile, “What do you want?”

Zhao Fu said, “I am thinking how to become a deacon!”

Dongfangqing said in surprise, “You didn’t just become the City Lord a few days ago, why do you want to become a deacon again?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Do you think I will be confined to City Lord?”

Oriental charm said with a chuckle, “I know that you don’t just want to be a City Lord. You have ambitions and I like you a little bit. I want to see becoming a deacon.”

Deacon is the most powerful person besides Alliance Leader, which is also the purpose of Zhao Fu’s. As long as he becomes a deacon, Zhao Fu can inquire and even collect bronze fragments, but there are only a few deacon, and it is very difficult to become a deacon. .

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I just came to become a deacon!”

Dongfang Li said, “If you want to become a deacon, you need to get the fancy of three deacons to become a deacon. I know that the son of a deacon has a strange disease, as long as you can cure him, Then he shouldn’t be rejecting you.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Are you? You told me it was the deacon?”

Dongfangli Um let out.

A middle-aged man wearing azure coat and a scar on his face looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “Are you able to heal me?”

Zhao Fu replied, “I have some cures, specifically how to look at the Young Master’s condition.”

middle-aged man nodded, “So what are your needs?”

Zhao Fu replied, “I want to get the support of adults and become a deacon.”

The middle-aged man has no accidents, nodded, “If you can cure my son, I can support you to become a deacon, and still owe you a favor, if it is not cured, it does not matter.”

The son of middle-aged man has tried many treatment methods, but they have no effect. He also has a try attitude.

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile, which did nothing to him.

middle-aged man said, “You come with me!”

Afterwards, Zhao Fu followed the middle-aged man to a room with a weak teenager lying on the bed, breathing a grey breath.

Zhao Fu glanced at the teenager, and was not sure what the teenager had strange disease, said, “Please also adults please avoid it.”

middle-aged man nodded, left the room and closed the door.

Dongfang Li looked towards Zhao Fu and asked, “Are you capable of curing him?”

Zhao Fu replied, “Not sure, but you can try it.”

Zhao Fu walked to the bed, cut his wrist, and blood flowed out of the wound, forming a small blood mass. No matter what kind of disease, Zhao Fu’s Origin blood can cure everything, [ 19459002]

Dongfang Li felt the blood flowing from Zhao Fu and had a great oppression for her. Knowing that Zhao Fu Bloodline was much higher than her, Dongfang Li also began to wonder about Zhao Fu’s identity.

Making breakfast controls the blood flying towards the teenager, submerging into the teenager’s body within the body, a powerful blood force spreads out, and a large amount of gray breath comes out, spreading to all around, like gray Thick fog.

This gray breath is corrosive, and I want to dig into the bodies of Zhao Fu and gather towards them.

Zhao Fu released a defensive cover, wrapping himself and Dongfang Li, preventing the gray breath from approaching.

Continue to stimulate the strength of the blood group.

I saw that the teenager body within the body exudes numerous blood light, and more gray breath spread out. After a short period of time, the gray breath that came out began to weaken, and then slowly disappeared.

However, the gray breath in the room was like dense fog, and there was nothing to dissipate.

Zhao Fu reached out a hand and grabbed it, an invisible strength radiated out, and countless gray breaths began to gather quickly, forming an egg-sized gray mist balloon, which was harmful and difficult to eliminate, and Zhao Fu collected it Got up.

Stepped forward to check the teenager’s body, and now the teenager’s face has returned to blood, the breath is smooth, and the feeling within the body is all normal.

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “He opened the door and he is ill!”

Dongfangli nodded with a smile, healed this teenager, and one of the things that became a deacon succeeded by 30%.

middle-aged man walked in in surprise, looking at the teenager on the bed, he really did not expect Zhao Fu to cure his son, a little excited to check it forward, and found that there was no problem, a smile on Zhao Fu said, “Your many thanks!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You are welcome!”

The middle-aged man asked, “What kind of strange disease is not just my child?”

Zhao Fu didn’t know it, and he didn’t want to pursue it again. “It’s not clear, but the Young Master has been cured by me. You don’t need to worry, sir.”

middle-aged man said with a smile, “Well, I will do what I promised you before, I will support you to become a deacon, and in the future If you encounter something difficult, you can come and find me, I will do my best to help you.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “many thanks!”

middle-aged man said happily, “I should thank you for being right, in the future staying as a guest, let me entertain you.”

Zhao Fu thought about it, in the future needs his support, so there is no need to object.

After the celebration, Zhao Fu and Dongfang Li returned to Hancheng.

Oriental charm asked with a smile, “Is the matter resolved?”

Dongfang Li was nodded, “The teenager didn’t know what disease he had, but he was cured by our husband in the end, and there were only two deacons of Mortal Level deacon, our husband could become a deacon.” [19459002 ]

Oriental charm said with a smile, “Um, I feel this speed is fast, and soon I will be the deacon wife.”

Dongfangqing said with some worries, “I feel that step by step, you will definitely become a great character. Don’t be so fast, it will cause other people’s dread and dissatisfaction.”

Zhao Fu put her in her arms, said with a smile, “Um, I know.”

Dong Fu confessed to Zhao Fu, and he didn’t have to struggle.

Dongfang Li asked, “What shall we do next? Need to find those two deacons to support?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “First collect the news and do the processing, things don’t have to progress as fast, and slower will not attract too much attention.”

Dongfangli is nodded.

Dongmei Meimei smiled and hugged Zhao Fu and said, “Then we have to celebrate today too, just how you bully us.”

Dongfangli smiled nodded.

Dongfangqing’s complexion appeared ashamed, and now she didn’t know what to do, and she became more and more like staying with Zhao Fu, and she began to accept Zhao Fu as her man.

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