The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2974


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First Volume Chapter 420

According to the collected information, Zhao Fu quickly found a second suitable candidate.

His name is Dong Fang Shan, and it is relatively ordinary among deacons of numerous people. As long as anyone gives him enough valuable things, he will recognize you.

Zhao Fu came to the courtyard where Dong Fang Shan sat, gave a salute, “Well see you!”

Dongfangshan is an ordinary-looking man who smiled and said, “Um, I don’t need to say anything about my rules here?”

Zhao Fu took out a wooden box and handed it out, “This is a gift for adults!”

Dongfangshan extended the hand, and that wooden box flew into his hand, opened it, and the numerical blue rays of light shot out, and there was a blue jewel in the wooden box. Dongfangshan had a little surprise. Put it away, “What do you want?”

Zhao Fu replied, “I want to be recognized by adults!”

Dong Fang Shan said with a chuckle, “This is no problem, do you want to be a deacon? Are you now recognized by several people?”

Zhao Fu replied, “Add two adults!”

Dongfangshan said with a smile, “You are offering some good things, and I can help you with the remaining one.”

Zhao Fu was also a little surprised, and immediately took out something and handed it over, “Many thanks, Master!”

Zhao Fu didn’t need to come up with too precious things, because he was just an Emperor Heaven Realm, and really taking out very precious things would cause others to doubt that there might be a mortal danger.

Dong Fang Shan took the things and watched the same, and took them with satisfaction, said with a smile, “I introduce you to you alone, he called Dong Fang, you said I let you go, he will give Give me some face, as to whether he recognizes you or not, I cannot guarantee it.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I am understood!”

Afterwards, Zhao Fu found the Oriental Bitter according to the words of Dongfang Mountain. The Oriental Bitter was an old old man, wearing an azure long coat, teaching a dozen teenage girls on an open space.

Zhao Fu came over to save a salute.

Dongfang Ku did not look at Zhao Fu and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Zhao Fu said, “I was introduced by Master Dongfangshan, and I want to be recognized by adults and become a deacon.”

Dongfang bitterly said, “If you give something good to Dongfangshan, he will recognize you, but I am not so easy to fool.”

Zhao Fu has some surprises in his heart, isn’t it easy to get his approval?

Dongfang Ku said at this time, “But I can give you a chance, as long as you do it, I can recognize you.”

Zhao Fu looked at the East and asked, “I don’t know what?”

Dongfang said bitterly, “I have a grandson named Dongfangruo, now I don’t know where to go to play, you help me get it back.”

Zhao Fu felt very simple at first, but looking for someone, said with a smile, “Yes!”

Dongfang Ku reminded, “He has a secret treasure in him, which can hide his breath. If I don’t look carefully, it may not be found.”

The East bitterly threw it into the Zhao Fu vial and said, “The blood in this bottle is my grandson. You can rely on the breath from Bloodline to find him.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I will find it for you!”

Zhao Fu took this blood bottle and came to an empty place. Now Dongfang Ku does not know where his grandson is, the range is very large, and it is naturally very difficult to find.

At this time, Zhao Fu thought of an ability of Xianxian Da, called Corpse Flesh.

To use this ability, you need to separate your flesh and blood to create a monster insect, which can accurately find the location of some people. And it is extremely sensitive to breath and can be searched in a wide range.

Zhao Fu poured the bottle of blood on the ground first, and then pressed a hand on the ground with blood, an evil twisted strength radiated out, Zhao Fu’s palm became a numerous flesh and flew to all around , Those flesh and blood are still wriggling and changing, it looks a little infiltrating.

Soybeans of numerous flesh and flesh are the size of a soy bean, transparent in color, and looks like an insect of a ladybug. The densely packed quantity is very large, flying away from all around.

In a casino, a delicate and pretty teenager was excitedly surrounded by others, and a small insect stayed on him. No one noticed this.


The teenager felt cold and a hand was afraid on his shoulder. The teenager was Dongfang Ruo, and the first time he reacted, he was sent by grandfather to catch him, and he immediately wanted to use a prop to escape, But a strength directly imprisoned him in place.

Dongfang Ruo turned his head and looked at it, a man with a cloak, “You are my grandfather sent someone to catch me back?”

Zhao Fu nodded.

East said angry, “I don’t want to go back, I have to play for a while.”

Zhao Fu can ignore these, “You have no right to choose now!”

Zhao Fu took Dongfang Ruo’s arm and walked out. Dongfang Ruo struggled hard, but he couldn’t break free, and said angrily, “You don’t let me go, then I tell me grandfather you bully me, that You will die.”

At this time, the people in the casino also gathered around, a fierce man said, “This guest does not want to leave, then you can’t take him away.”

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “Hurry up! Or don’t blame me for being rude.”

The fierce man sneered and said, “You Emperor Heaven Realm dare to say such a thing? It’s too late to kneel and apologize, otherwise you will die miserably.”

Dongfang Ruo also immediately shouted, “Yes, kill him quickly, I can give you money.”


A clear sound came out, if Dongfang was beaten by Zhao Fu a slap, half of his face was swollen, and pain and grievance made Dongfang Ruo cry.

The fierce men, with angry faces, shot Zhao Fu together.

pū pū pū…

Zhao Fu’s body grew out of a numerous root, like black iron forging, which penetrated the bodies of all the people who rushed past, splashing blood everywhere, screaming constantly.

all around When everyone saw this scene, their face was startled, and they hurried back to avoid any trouble.

If the East looks scared, it dare not say a word.

Zhao Fu withdrew the numerical root, the fierce men fell to the ground, some screamed in pain, and some even died.

Zhao Fu expressionless, pulled Dongfang Ruo’s body and continued to walk outward.

“What a courage to dare to hurt me!” A loud young man rushed into the room.

The tall young man looked at Zhao Fu and exclaimed angrily, “who you are?”

Zhao Fu replied, “City Lord of Hancheng!”

There was some surprise in the hearts of tall young people, “You Emperor Heaven Realm can also become City Lord? But even if you are City Lord, the person who killed me today must give me…”

Zhao Fu looked at the young man in front of him and interrupted him plainly, “fuck off!”

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