The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2975


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First Volume Chapter 143

The tall young man was intolerable, punching Zhao Fu fiercely with a force like a flood.

Zhao Fu simply hit with a punch.


A dull voice sounded, two fists slammed together, and a force of strength spread out, the force like a flood was crushed, and the tall young man’s body stepped back 5 or 6 steps, and Zhao Fu The body never stepped back.

The tall young man was stunned. He did not expect Zhao Fu to be so powerful. He had lost a virtual powerhouse to an Emperor Heaven Realm powerhouse.

The people around all were also a little shocked. The strength of the City Lord in Hancheng is not ordinary, but it can actually suppress the virtual powerhouse.

Zhao Fu looked at the tall young man and said, “I’m giving you a chance, get away!”

The tall young man was angry, but he didn’t dare to do it, but he didn’t want to let it go.

At the moment when the tall young man hesitated, Zhao Fu’s body disappeared in place, appeared in front of the tall young man, and kicked the tall youth hard.


The tall young man was kicked and flew out and hit the wall on the other side, the wall cracked, spit a mouthful of blood.


The tall young man shouted with great anger, bursting out an extremely powerful strength, all around ignited a red flame, his body disappeared in place instantly, appeared in front of Zhao Fu, and punched with a destroy void strength towards Zhao Fu hit the past.


A dull voice sounded, Zhao Fu’s was faster, punched in the abdomen of the tall young man, and the tall young man fell directly to the ground, fainted and passed out.

All around is quiet, no one dared to say a word, and Zhao Fu was afraid in his heart.

Zhao Fu turned his head and glanced at Dongfang Ruo, “Soon to keep up?”

Dongfang Ruo looked pale, and hurriedly stepped forward, followed by Zhao Fu to leave here, the news also quickly came, and everyone was also mainly to this little Hancheng City Lord.

Back to the open space, Dongfang looked at the nervous and scared grandson with a calm face, and he had understood what happened.

Eastern bitter eyes looked at Zhao Fu. Now he is more curious about Zhao Fu. Before that, he looked at Zhao Fu a little bit, thinking that Zhao Fu bought it by treasure, only to get approval from the deacon, but did not think he owns Such a strong strength has an unlimited future.

Dongfangku started talking, “This thing is completed, I will also agree with you as agreed.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Many thanks!”

Dongfang Ku continued, “The person you wounded is a subordinate of a deacon. You should pay attention to this point. Maybe he will be against you. If there is anything, you can come to me.”

Dongfangku now values ​​Zhao Fu’s future more and wants to support Zhao Fu. This is definitely not harmful.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Thank you, lord, and I have to apologize to you too, I called the Young Master.”

Dongfang bitterly smiled and said, “Don’t care about this, my grandson should be taught some lessons to avoid a big disaster in the future.”

Zhao Fu said, “Then I will say goodbye!”

Zhao Fu can now become a big deacon with the approval of the three deacons. The specific appointment requires the appointment of the Union. Zhao Fu wants to go back to deal with this matter immediately.

Oriental bitter nodded.

Zhao Fu turned away from disappeared.

Seeing Zhao Fu disappear, if the East relaxes, he looks aggrieved and says, “The grandfather is terrifying, and it hurts me so much.”

Dongfang glared at Dongfang Ruo at once, “Be honest in the future, if there is a real disaster, I can’t save you, and that Dongfangjun is not simple, his status may soon surpass me, at that time I Be polite to him.”

Dongfang Ruo said with a surprised face, “Is it so fast? He is just an Emperor Heaven Realm.”

Oriental bitter expression seriously said, “Unbelieve, you wait and see, he will soon bloom a dazzling brilliance.”

Return to Hancheng.

Dongfangli said with a smile, “Is the thing done?”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile, “Now I need to go to the alliance to apply, if there is nothing unexpected, I will become a deacon.”

Dongfangli said with a smile, “Congratulations to the husband!”

Dongfang Yue also said happily, “Congratulations Jun big brother!”

Oriental love is somewhat sorry, “Congratulations!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I’ll go to the alliance to apply and wait to come back to celebrate with you.”

Many women smile nodded.

Zhao Fu submitted the application of deacon, the deacon of the three people also received information, and approved Zhao Fu’s letter to the alliance. Zhao Fu will receive an appointment to become deacon in a few moments.

The Oriental Tiger came to the news and immediately came to congratulate Zhao Fu.

On this day, the Oriental Tiger had already expected that Zhao Fu would soon become the same level as him, but it was useless to think about it so quickly. It was only a few days later, and I was a little surprised, feeling that Zhao Fu’s identity was still Will continue to improve.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Brother Tiger does not have to be polite. If it were not for you to introduce me to the alliance, I haven’t been today, and I will entertain you if you stay today.”

Eastern Tiger said with a smile, “No problem! Also I have a few friends to introduce you.”

Now Oriental Tiger wants to bring Zhao Fu into its own circle, which is mutually beneficial. The important thing is that it can also consolidate and strengthen its own power.

Zhao Fu nodded.

The Oriental Tiger subsequently called four people, a total of three men and a woman, one wearing black clothed, with a calm temperament named Dongfang Yi, a bald head, wearing a tall outfit named Dongfang Mi, and a temperament named Dongfang Wu, and finally A woman with a cold face is named Dongfangrong.

The four also learned of Zhao Fu’s news, and were also very interested in Zhao Fu, who soon became the deacon.

Dongfang Wu said with a smile, “The news about you has just spread, and now it’s as out of the ordinary as your own eyes.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “No, outsiders have exaggerated. Several of them are friends of Brother Hu. In the future is also my friend. Now let me entertain you.”

At the banquet, everyone exchanged friendly and the relationship between the two parties became very good.

After the banquet, Zhao Fu stood under the eaves and looked at the bright moon in the sky, thinking about what happened after that. Now he is already a deacon, then he is a deacon, a deacon, a deacon, and finally a deacon faster.

I hope there are pieces of bronze here, and without Zhao Fu, I will be busy.

Oriental charm embraced Zhao Fu from behind and smiled, “What do you think? Should we also celebrate, congratulations on becoming a deacon.”

Dongfangli said with a smile, “I also want to hear your plans afterwards!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Not in a hurry, wait a while to talk.”

Dongfangqing softly said, “You are a real blinding person. I don’t know when you will know your true identity, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t know. Anyway, I admit my fate. Don’t forget me when you go there in the future. Just do it.”

Zhao Fu lightly smiled, light Um gave a cry.

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