The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2976


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First Volume Chapter 424

To become a deacon, you need to be recognized by the deacon. Deacon Mortal Level has a high position in the alliance. Deacon Earth Level is rarely appointed. Unless you are a person who has made great contributions to the alliance, you will be promoted to deacon. Otherwise, the test without severe decades is impossible.

Zhao Fu didn’t have that time, thinking about how to make a big contribution.

Now the Eastern Alliance is most concerned about the evil fairy, as long as it is beneficial to the Eastern Alliance in this regard, it will be rewarded.

Zhao Fu is now thinking of a method that neither exposes his identity nor attracts attention.

I heard that some people are studying the strength of evil fairy. No one in this world can understand the strength of evil fairy better than Zhao Fu. If he comes to study, he will definitely study it. Of course, in order to avoid being too compelling, this restraint The effect is not too good.

One day later, Zhao Fu found a middle-aged woman with an ordinary look. Her name was Dongfang Yu, and she was also a deacon. According to the orders of Deacon Tian, ​​she studied the strength of restraining evil fairy.

Zhao Fu gave a salute, “Adult, I want to join in the research of restraining the evil Immortal Power, and make a contribution for the Eastern Alliance to resist evil immortals.”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “I seem to have heard of you. You are the one who has just been upgraded to a deacon? How come impatient wants to advance so quickly?”

Zhao Fu concealed his ambitions, “Yes, this is also for the Eastern League.”

Dongfang Yu chuckled and said, “Okay! Seeing you look so confident, you should have some confidence in thinking about it. If you can really develop a strength that restrains evil immortals, then you are doing great work, and I will upgrade you out of the ordinary. Deacon.”

Zhao Fu said gratefully, “Many thanks, Master!”

Dongfang Yu took Zhao Fu to a secret room. This secret room is very large. Many people are doing various things in it. Some people are studying Formation, some people are studying pharmacy, some people are studying insect beast, some people Studying various strengths…

The purpose of their unity is to study the strength of restraining evil fairy.

An old man with gray hair, a long beard, and a robe, watching Dongfang Yu arrive with a mysterious person, give a salute, “Well see you!”

Dongfang Yu nodded, “I bring a person, maybe it is useful for studying the power of evil fairy.”

The old man glanced at Zhao Fu, replied, “Understood!”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “Here is yours here!”

The old man nodded.

After Dongfang Yu left, the old man looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “What will you do?”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Can I take a look at it?”

The old man wrinkled frowned, “Then look! There are things you can find me directly. If it’s okay, don’t disturb me. Now I have a lot of things.”

Zhao Fu smiled at Um.

When the old man left, Zhao Fu looked at all the people’s various studies all around, and it felt a little ridiculous. They didn’t know much about the power of evil fairy.

A beautiful woman in a white robe and a graceful figure looked at Zhao Fu’s expression and shouted uncomfortably, “What are you laughing at?”

Zhao Fu’s expression was stunned, looked towards that beautiful woman, replied, “Can’t you just laugh?”

woman named Dongfang Xue, said politely, “We are here to study hard for the Eastern Union, what are you funny? Do you know the difference facing the Eastern Union? Do you know that once our research is successful Help?”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “But I don’t think you have made any progress.”

Dongfang Xue said, “Then you can’t laugh, you are tarnishing our hard work.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Okay! I don’t laugh anymore.”

Dongfang Xue said angrily, “If you don’t laugh, how can you still laugh?”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Now I am not laughing at you, why can’t I still laugh? And I came here to study, also for the Eastern League.”

Dongfang Xue held his hand and said, “Then I will see how capable you are!”

Zhao Fu said, “You look good, I’m more useful than you anyway.”

This remark completely provokes anger, the others all look angry towards Zhao Fu, which is insulting them.

Dongfang Xue said, “Yes! I will see how you study. If you can’t study it, then I want you to look good.”

Zhao Fu nodded with a smile.

Dongfang Xue is coldly snorted and is about to leave.

Zhao Fu said, “I need a separate room to study!”

Dongfang Xue discontentedly said, “Why can you have a separate room?”

At this time, the old man looked at Zhao Fu and said, “Give him a separate room.”

Dongfang Xue listened to the old man’s mouth and glared at Zhao Fu, so it was useless.

Several people helped Zhao Fu prepare a room next to him. Zhao Fu also asked for numerous materials for his appearance and stayed in the room to start research.

Dongfang Xue looked at Zhao Fu’s room and planned to wait a few days to settle the bill, to see how he refuted it later.

Time comes to 3rd day.

Zhao Fu came out lazily from the room. These three days, Zhao Fu slept in the room for three days. Of course, in the eyes of outsiders, he studied for three days.

Watching Zhao Fu come out, Dongfang Xue said provocatively, “How is it? Are you not very difficult to deal with? Have you researched anything yet?”

Zhao Fu looked at her and said with a chuckle, “What would you do if I worked out a restrained evil fairy?”

Dongfang Xue does not believe that Zhao Fu has gained in such a short time, the key is that they have studied for such a long time, and said, “Whatever you say!”

Zhao Fu smiled, “That’s good!”

Dongfang Xue said, “If you have not succeeded in research, then you will be my slave and obey all my orders.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Yes!”

Dongfangxue said, “You will come up with your research results now.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “After three days of research, I found that a strength can restrain evil spirits, and this strength has a good effect.”

Everyone’s eyes are focused on Zhao Fu’s body. There are some surprises in my heart. I didn’t expect Zhao Fu to really gain in only three days.

The old man came over seriously and asked, “Which kind of strength?”

With a confident smile on his face, Zhao Fu took out a white golden ball of light and replied, “It is this strength.”

The old man stretched out his hand and grabbed it, took the ball of light in his hand, and walked to a side table, on which was placed a palm sized bloodstone, exuding an evil twisted strength, this is a evil The fairy stone contains the power of evil fairy.

The crowd also came around curiously and wanted to see what effect it had.

The old man threw the ball of light forward, and the white golden ball of light flew towards the bloodstone, and the bloody stone sent a burst of blood energy to the door immediately,

Platinum ball of light emits numerical rays of light, and the rays of light shine on the bloody aura, causing the bloody aura to dissipate quickly.

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