The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2978


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First Volume twenty six chapter

The news that Zhao Fu became a deacon soon spread.

The Eastern Tiger was stunned. He really looked down on Zhao Fu. He thought that Zhao Fu would become the same level as him, but Zhao Fu surpassed him so quickly. From Zhao Fu, he joined the Eastern League to How long has it passed? This speed is too fast.

Maybe one day, he will become a deacon, even the Alliance Leader of the Eighth League.

Oriental tiger expression is a little bit excited.

At this time, three people came to the Oriental Tiger. They were the three of the Oriental Secret. Obviously they also got the news.

Eastern Tiger said with a smile, “You are also here!”

Oriental Secret smiled nodded, “I didn’t expect us to celebrate him as a deacon a few days ago, and now he becomes a deacon.”

Dongfanghu said with a smile, “I didn’t think about this, the deacon may not be too long, and it is estimated that he will become a deacon.”

Dongfang Wu was surprised, “So fast?”

Eastern Tiger said with a smile, “Um, I have this instinct.”

Dongfang Rong said, “The appointment of deacons rarely happens like this. I don’t know what he did, why did he suddenly become a deacon.”

Eastern Tiger replied, “It seems that the strength of the evil immortal has been effectively restrained, and he has been upgraded to become a deacon, otherwise there is no such fast.”

Eastern was surprised, “I didn’t expect him to have this ability.”

Eastern Tiger said with a smile, “Since everyone is here, let’s go and congratulate him!”

The three are nodded.

Oriental bitter expression was surprised. Although he expected that Zhao Fu would soon be promoted to deacon and wanted to have a good relationship with Zhao Fu, he did not expect Zhao Fu to improve so fast.

Dongfang Ku also investigated Zhao Fu’s identity. The mysterious identity is introduced by Dongfanghu. I don’t know if Dongfanghu knows his identity?

However, it should be irrelevant to the evil fairy, and if it does, it will definitely not study the strength of restraining evil fairy.

Dongfang Ku was a little uneasy about Zhao Fu’s so fast ascent behavior, as if a major event occurred.

A fierce youth wrinkled frowned, he is named Dongfang Li, a deacon for a person, the last person Zhao Zhao rewarded was his person.

originally he was thinking about how to retaliate against Zhao Fu, but did not expect Zhao Fu’s status to rise so fast, thinking about being as high as his status, then he became very different from Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu had just set up again Great work, he is not easy to shoot.

He could not bear this breath, and he was not reconciled, where did he put his face?

In a hall, Dongfang Bai has a solemn face. He did not expect Zhao Fu to rise so fast. Now no matter what his status and strength, he has no way to compare with Zhao Fu. bring back.

There is also an ice-cold woman in a white long dress. Her name is Oriental Cold Moon. She is the elder sister of Dongfang Bai, and she is also a deacon.

Looking at his younger brother, Oriental Cold Moon comforted, “Don’t think too much about that woman, and your sister will avenge you. Although he is a deacon, the cultivation base is just Emperor Heaven Realm, deal with him It will be easier to get up, but still have to wait for things to settle down and talk about it for a while.”

One week passed.

Zhao Fu’s residence has come continuously for numerous people. Congratulations, deacon can be said to have a great power advantage. To be a deacon must be recognized by the deacon. Everyone naturally wants to come to fawn upon and curry favor with Zhao Fu.

Facing everyone’s frustration, Zhao Fu also refused to come, anyway, this has many benefits for him.

Zhao Fu also began to use his power to inquire about the news of the bronze fragments, but did not get any news. Maybe Zhao Fu’s status is still too low. If he becomes a deacon, he should be able to obtain more advanced intelligence.

It takes a lot of difficult to become a deacon, it is more difficult to become a deacon than a person. Generally, it takes more than one hundred years to promote a deacon. Deacon may be out of place.

How should Zhao Fu make a big contribution now? The credit must be higher than this time, because it is to be promoted to the deacon, not a great credit, and there is no hope of promotion.

Moreover, Zhao Fu cannot participate in matters related to Xian Xian. If he is working on things related to Xian Xian, Zhao Fu will be suspicious behind him. The most important thing now is how to make a big contribution. Zhao Fu has no clue and news for the time being.

At this time, Zhao Fu accepted an order to go to a certain area to deal with things. Now Zhao Fu is a deacon, and only the deacon and deacon can give orders to him.

Zhao Fu did not use any contradiction at all. He went to the Sixth Union according to the order, and that happened in the territory of the Sixth Union.

When walking to a forest, two figures appeared in front and back of Zhao Fu, one of them was Oriental Cold Moon, and the other was Oriental Lee.

Both of them are Spirit Realm level powerhouses. Zhao Fu is not afraid. Although he may not be able to fight Spirit Realm powerhouse, there should be no problem in running away.

A pair of beautiful eyes of Oriental Cold Moon looked at Zhao Fu, “You are quite confident, and you are still so calm in the face of our siege.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I don’t seem to know the two of you, and I don’t know what to do with me?”

Dongfang Li cold voice said, “You brat forgot so quickly? Who have you hit before?”

Zhao Fu remembered the gambling house, said with a smile, “It turned out to be this matter, I was a little reckless, and I am willing to compensate for the loss.”

Dongfangli sneered and said, “Do you think I will let you go?”

Zhao Fu asked, “What do you want?”

Dongfang Li sneered and said, “I want you to kneel to apologize to me, and to abandon my arms, I can’t pursue this matter.”

Dongfang Cold Moon said, “My request is not high, you apologize to my brother, and you can send the mother and daughter back together.”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “If I can’t say it?”

Dongfang Li cold voice said, “You are your own courting death, we will fulfill you.”

Oriental Cold Moon persuaded, “I don’t want to hurt your life, as long as you agree to my request, I will leave immediately, as for other things I don’t care.”

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “Sorry! I don’t agree.”

Eastly coldly snorted, a strong strength emanates from his body.

Zhao Fu is about to use strength to escape from this area.


A huge black shadow fell, causing the ground to vibrate violently, the gravel flew out, and countless smoke spread out, interrupting Dongfangli and Zhao Fu.

When the smoke disperses, I see a huge stone monster appearing. This is an oval shape, with a square eye, and insect-like insect feet. It is the stone monster that Zhao Fu discarded. .

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