The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2979


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First Volume Chapter 427

Zhao Fu was surprised, and he never expected to meet him here.

Dongfang Cold Moon and Dongfangli also have strange faces, don’t know why things appear here.

The stone monster looked at Zhao Fu with one eye, and was obviously very happy. Although Zhao Fu didn’t want him, he still recognized Zhao Fu very much, and instinctively had a kind feeling.

“Little stone, is he your original master?” A little girl’s voice sounded, and a little girl was sitting on the stone monster’s head.

The stone monster is slightly nodded.

little girl looks at Zhao Fu with a pair of eyes curiously, “She is also curious about the person who created the small stone, and she does not understand that the small stone is so good, why does Zhao Fu abandon the small stone, this little girl little dissatisfaction.”

Dongfangli looked at the little girl who had just appeared, and the cold voice shouted, “Kids hurry away!”

Oriental Cold Moon stood aside, not at all speaking.

little girl heard this, somewhat angrily said, “How do you talk to me like this? No politeness.”

Eastly coldly snorted, “I will kill you if you don’t roll, I don’t want to continue to waste time, just you can die with him.”

little girl shouted angrily, “I want to tell my mother to go!”

Dongli did not speak, his body became a stream of light, and rushed to the little girl.

The little girl shouted with fear when she saw Dongfang Li rushing, “Little stones let’s run!”

The stone monster immediately moved the worm’s foot and escaped to the back. The speed was very fast, but in the face of a Spirit Realm powerhouse, it was still a little slower.

Dongfangli catches up with the little girl child and catches a cold light to catch the little girl child.

Zhao Fu shot at this time and waved a numerous iron chain to shoot out, quickly binding Dongfangli’s body.

Dongfangli twisted his body, slightly surprised, and found that he couldn’t break away from this iron chain. Then a burst of strength broke out in Dongfangli, breaking the numerous iron chain and flying the fragments of the numerous iron chain.

Zhao Fu reached out another hand, and a strong strength came out, forming a huge arm and grabbed you towards the east.


Dongli Lee waved it out with a huge arc, tearing that arm apart, looking at Zhao Fu with a sneer and saying, “Don’t you want her to die? I will kill him in front of you?” [ 19459002]

Soon when Dongli caught up with the little girl, he grabbed the little girl.

At the moment when Dongli was about to catch the little girl, a silhouette was blocked in front of him. With a wave of his hand, Dongfang you flew out and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Dongli stopped and looked at the face with horror.

I saw a woman wearing azure palace skirt, her hair curled up, and her beautiful appearance appeared in the air, exuding a very strong strength.

The little girl looked at the beautiful woman who appeared and shouted happily, “mother!”

The woman’s complexion nodded with a gentle smile.

Dongfangli and Dongfang Cold Moon met the beautiful woman in front of her. She was named Dongmei, the deacon of the sixth alliance, and her strength reached Dao Realm Peak.

Thinking of what just happened, Dongfangli hurriedly knelt on the ground, “I’m sorry, I don’t know that he is your daughter.”

Dongfangmei looked towards Dongfangli and said, “If it wasn’t for me just now, do you know the consequences?”

Dongfangli thought for a moment, chopped his hand against the other hand, brought out an arc, cut off that arm, and the blood poured out quickly. Dongli continued to endure the severe pain, “I Accept the punishment voluntarily, and ask adults to bypass me this time.”

Oriental Plum Wrinkle frowned, “I will let you go at this time, and I will kill you if there is next time.”

Dongfangli sighed in relief, said quickly, “Many thanks, sir!”

Even if Dongfang Mei kills him directly, the Eighth Alliance will not react at all. This time is entirely his scourge, all for his reasons, and the Eighth Alliance will not be a deacon and a small person. Deacon can’t get through.

Dongfangli did not dare to stay where he was and flew away quickly.

Dongfang Cold Moon glanced at Zhao Fu and realized that it is not possible to teach Zhao Fu, but also to Dongmei Mei gave a salute, “I’m gone too!”

After the two left, Dongfangmei said softly, holding her little girl, “Don’t run around in the future, do you know how dangerous it was?”

The little girl is named Dongfang Qiao, said with a laugh, “mother I am understood!”

Dongmei Mei rubbed his head lovingly.

Eastern Joe said happily with a smile, “Mother I tell you, I found the last owner of the little stone.”

Dongfangmei was a little surprised, “Is it?”

She knows that the stone monster is another kind of life, there is a very terrifying strength, and the person who created him will also be very powerful, and she has been thinking about what kind of person created the stone monster.

Dongfang Qiao smiled and said, “It’s him!”

Eastern Mei’s eyes looked towards Zhao Fu and asked with concern, “Are you the owner of the small stone? Or did you create the small stone?”

Zhao Fu did not want to reveal his identity, and replied, “I am the last owner of it, not his creator.”

Dongmei Meiqing Um said she knew that Zhao Fu impossible was the creator of small stones, because Zhao Fu was not just an Emperor Heaven Realm cultivator, that had such terrifying strength.

Little Stone came over and lay on the ground, looking at Zhao Fu affectionately with one eye.

Dongfang Qiao said with a bit of vinegar, “Little Stone seems to really like him. Little Stone didn’t do this to me.”

Dongfangmei was comforted with a smile, “You have been with Little Stone for only a few days. Others are the last owner of Little Stone. Maybe they have been together for more than ten years. How could their previous feelings be replaced casually?” [ 19459002]

Oriental Joe is nodded, and he is not jealous in his heart.

Dongfangmei asked with a smile, “How are you separated from Little Stone?”

Zhao Fu thought about it and replied, “Because I offended too many people and didn’t want it to be dangerous, I left it there.”

Dongfangmei continued to ask, “Do you still want to take it back now?”

Zhao Fu smiled and replied, “It’s the best choice to stay with adults. I have no idea to take it back. The adults should take good care of it.”

Dongfangmei smiled nodded, “I haven’t asked who you are? Why did those two people intercept you?”

Zhao Fu replied, “My name is Dongfangjun, a deacon of the Eighth Alliance, because they have a holiday with those two people, so they will intercept me and want to retaliate me.”

Dongfangmei asked with some surprise, “Are you an Emperor Heaven Realm cultivator or a deacon?”

Zhao Fu nodded, and then briefly talked about how to promote to deacon.

Dongfangmei said with a smile, “It turns out that you researched the strength of restraining evil immortals. Our Alliance Leader also mentioned this matter. Come back with me!”

Zhao Fu was originally in the Sixth Union, so he did not refuse.

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