The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2980


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First Volume Chapter 228

Above the hall, a kind-faced old man looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “Are you the one who has studied the amount of restrained evil Immortal Power?”

The old man is named Dongfang Qiu, the sixth Alliance Leader, and his strength is relatively high in the Eastern League. He is a good person, and is liked and respected by many people.

Zhao Fu nodded.

Dongfang Qiu continued to ask with a smile, “How did you find out which kind of strength can restrain evil spirits?”

Zhao Fu thought about the replied for a while, “Because I have the power of the sun and the moon, I am more sensitive to the power of the evil fairy, so I merged that kind of strength.”

Dongfang Qiu nodded, “Your Alliance Leader Dongfang last month relied on the strength you researched to create a stronger strength that has enough lethal power to evil fairy.”

Zhao Fu asked with concern, “What strength is this strength?”

Dongfang Qiu smiled and said, “It’s okay to tell you, it’s a strength that is a fusion of Origin’s daily strength and Origin’s monthly strength.”

Zhao Fu was chuckled in his heart, “Is this surely destructive to himself? He is a congenital god and the thirteenth month fairy.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Two such strong strengths can certainly strike down the evil fairy.”

Although he knows that it will not have any effect, Zhao Fu still pretends to look like it.

Dongfang Qiu said with a smile, “You don’t underestimate the evil fairy, and the two Origin Powers are not pure, pure Origin Power is only available on the sun and the moon, our Eastern Alliance is working with the two forces Negotiations, want to get the original Origin Power.”

“The two pure powers fuse together, and the formidable power generated is more than ten times that of the present. Although it can’t strike down the evil fairy, it may damage the evil fairy.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I believe in the alliance!”

Dongfang Qiu smiled and said, “The original Origin Power can be said to be extremely precious. It is not an easy task for both of us in the Eastern Alliance. No matter whether it is December or the 8th, we have a very powerful existence, neither do we It can be seized with military force.”

Dongmei Mei asked next to him, “After December’s ascension, it becomes the existence of the Half Immortal level. I can’t provoke them. I can understand, but a small eight-day shrine why cannot offend?”

Dongfang Qiuxiao said with a smile, “You don’t know yet, there are still numerous Goddess on the sun, that is the person of the eighth god era, possessing strength unimaginable.”

Dongfangmei was surprised, “Goddess still exists so long ago?”

Dongfang Qiu nodded, said with a smile, “They can prolong their lives through maturity and seals, plus they are originally born from the sun, with extremely long life, I am afraid they will die Die.”

Dongfangmei said, “I underestimate them!”

What did Zhao Fu flash in his mind, isn’t he the master of the two forces? This is absolutely unthinkable to everyone. If you want Origin Power to go to two forces, it is almost an easy thing, saying, “I know the people of the two forces, I wonder if I can try the two forces instead of the alliance?” [ 19459002]

Dongfang begged said with a smile, “No, we have sent people to negotiate. If they fail, you can try it.”

Zhao Fu thinks of Um.

Dongfang Qiu suddenly looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “I don’t know why you always wear a cloak? Is there any inconvenience?”

Zhao Fu thought for a while and took the cloak a little suspiciously, and then took off the cloak to reveal the perfect and flawless face as if he was a peerless male god.

Dongfang Qiu lightly said, “It turned out to be the reason, I thought there was a reason.”

Dongmei Mei’s eyes looked a little fascinated, and she didn’t have to think that Zhao Fu looked so beautiful.

Zhao Fu said, “It is for this reason that I do not want to show my appearance.”

Dongfang Qiu said, “What position are you in the Eighth Union now?”

Zhao Fu replied, “I am a deacon now!”

Dongfang Qiu nodded, “If the eighth alliance does not want to stay, you can come to my sixth alliance, I will welcome you.”

An Alliance Leader said such a thing to a deacon, which can be said to be a good face to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, thank you sir!”

Leaving the hall, Dongfangmei looked at Zhao Fu and said, “Why don’t you bring the cloak now?”

Zhao Fu glanced at her and brought the cloak back again, said with a smile, “You saved me before, I have not said thank you.”

Dongfangmei said with a smile, “You’re welcome, isn’t it okay for you to come to the Sixth League?”

Zhao Fu replied, “Um, I came to the Sixth Alliance to get a precious medical pill.”

Dongfangmei said with a smile, “I’ll take you there! You have just arrived in the Sixth League, you probably don’t understand anything.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Thank you!”

Afterwards, Zhao Fu followed Dongfangmei to a tall building. It took several verifications of identity to get the bottle of medical pill. This bottle of medical pill can be extremely precious, so the deacon needs to be personally Come here.

At this time, the sky was dark and Zhao Fu was about to leave.

Dongfangmei stopped Zhao Fu and said with a smile, “Come and sit at my house!”

Zhao Fu thought and smiled at Um.

Coming to the place where Dongfangmei lives, it is a large building courtyard. In front of the door, Dongfang Qiaozheng is playing with a small stone. When Zhao Fu and Dongfangmei come back, both are very happy.

Dongfangmei prepared a meal to entertain Zhao Fu, and also let Zhao Fu stay here for one night.

Without thinking about it, Zhao Fu agreed.

But late at night, a silhouette quietly sneaked into Zhao Fu’s room. Zhao Fu turned out to be Dongmei Mei, and looked at him with a blushing face.

Zhao Fu just wanted to say something. Dongfangmei has come over.

2nd day, Zhao Fu looked at the oriental plum in his arms said with a smile, “I’m going back!”

Dongmei Mei’s eyes looked at Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Why are you still going back? Isn’t it good to stay here?”

Zhao Fu said, “I am the deacon of the Eighth League, of course I have to go back.”

Dongfangmei said with a smile, “You stay in the Sixth Union, I can train you to become a deacon, and with my refuge, you will not be in danger, but you will not necessarily be in the Eighth Union.” [ 19459002]

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang Mei and asked, “How soon can you make me a deacon?”

Dongfangmei thought about it, “It’s not a long time, 30 years!”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “Then forget it!”

Dongfang Meiyi snuggled in Zhao Fu’s arms and said softly, “You are the only man besides Joe’s father who makes my heart move. I want you to stay and I don’t want you to have any accidents.”

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang Mei and explained, “But I also have a lot of things to deal with, and you don’t have to worry about me, I won’t be okay.”

Dongfangmei watched Zhao Fu sticking so hard, and it was no use embarrassing Zhao Fu, letting Um sigh.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I will always come to see you too!”

Dongfangmei’s face was blushing and a smile appeared.

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