The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2981


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First Volume Chapter 429

Returning to the Eighth League, Zhao Fu handed over the medical pill to Dongfang Yu and talked about the attack.

Dongfang Yu somewhat angry said, “The two guys are too bold, and dare to openly deal with you.”

Zhao Fu asked, “Adult! What should I do now?”

Dongfang Yu said, “You are here to wait for a while, I will tell this to the deacon!”

Zhao Fu nodded.

After an hour, Dongfang Yu came back and said, “That Dongli Lee has another day deacon to protect him, and his arm is broken, so the matter between you and him ends here, he also promises not to find you Trouble.”

Zhao Fu wrinkled frowned.

Dongfang Yu looked at Zhao Fu’s expression and was comforted, “I know you are not satisfied, but now it can only be the result, but that Eastern Cold Moon has no deacon shelter, I will give you a token and she will give it to you Disposal.”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu felt a little bit better in his heart and said, “Many thanks, Master!”

Dongfang Yu smiled nodded and handed Zhao Fu a jade token. With this token, Zhao Fu can mobilize others to go to the location of the Eastern Cold Moon.

Eastern Cold Moon also received news that Dongfang Bai was planning to leave the Sixth Union.

In a forest, Zhao Fu surrounded Oriental Cold Moon with five Spirit Realm powerhouse, said with a smile, “Now the situation is reversed!”

Dongfang Cold Moon looked at Zhao Fu with a cold face.

Dongfang Bai said with a hint of anger, “This is the grudge between the two of us, who has the ability to come to me and let my sister go.”

Zhao Fu said with a sneer, “I wanted to let you go, but you shot me in reverse, then I will not be polite.”

Dongfang Cold Moon said, “My brother doesn’t know about intercepting you. I’m the one who decides what you want. You can do whatever you want with me.”

Zhao Fu sneered and said, “You can’t escape any of them!”

Dongfang Cold Moon knew that Zhao Fu would not let them go, immediately exuded a strong strength, all around formed a layer of frost, and the temperature of all around was rapidly dropping.

Dongfang Bai also exudes a strength, intending to take the last stroke.

Zhao Fu did not have any fear, and said to the five Spirit Realm powerhouses around him, “Catch them both!”

Five people also exude a strong strength, rushing towards two people.

Half an hour later.

Dongfang Cold Moon and Dongfang Bai were thrown in front of Zhao Fu, Dongfang Bai had passed out, Dongfang Cold Moon was seriously injured, and the strength of the inside body was also sealed.

Zhao Fu said to the five people with a smile, “You can go!”

The five people are not sure what Zhao Fu is going to do, and they are not interested in knowing. They just obeyed Zhao Fu’s order. Zhao Fu told them to leave, and they left immediately.

After the five people left, Zhao Fu squatted down to look at the Eastern Cold Moon on the ground and extended the hand pinched her face.

Oriental Cold Moon coldly said, “What do you want to do?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Of course it is revenge on you!”

After a few hours, Oriental Cold Moon was lying on the ground with a ruddy face, looking at Zhao Fu on the side and said, “Can you spare me and my brother now?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “When did I say I let you go?”

Eastern Cold Moon scolded, “You bastard!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, many women scold me like this, I am a jerk, and if you are not honest, I will let you younger brother and you know wrong!”

Dongfang Cold Moon stared at Zhao Fu with an angry face.

Now in Zhao Fu’s hands, it is true that Zhao Fu can do everything to them, and they still can’t resist. Besides the angry East Cold Moon, she has no ability to do anything. She doesn’t care about anything else at this time. It is her big younger brother.

Dongfang Cold Moon looked at Zhao Fu with cold eyes and said, “I beg you, as long as you let my younger brother go, I can do anything.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Then you come and take the initiative.”


Dongfang Bai woke up slowly, he did not know what had just happened, and looked at his elder sister with a ruddy elder sister standing beside him.

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang Bai and said, “You can go!”

Dongfang Bai was surprised, “Why?”

Dongfang Cold Moon turned his head away, and some could not face his younger brother, saying, “Brother! You don’t care about anything, leave here now.”

Looking at the expression of Oriental Cold Moon, Dongfang Bai shouted angrily, “What did you do to my sister?”

Zhao Fu just smiled and was about to speak, Dongfang Cold Moon glared at Zhao Fu and said, “No, I just made a deal with him, let him let you go once, you don’t have to worry about me,” [19459002 ]

Dongfang Bai said with some unbelief, “Will he be so kind?”

Dongfang Cold Moon said, “Don’t worry about it so much, I’m not going to be okay anyway, so go ahead! If he repents, my efforts will be in vain.”

Dongfang Bai pondered for a moment, nodded hard.

Dongfang Cold Moon reminded, “Don’t come back in the future, don’t think of working against him, and wait for him to finish his business, I will go find you.”

Dongfang Bai looked at Zhao Fu with cold eyes, nodded.

Dongfang Cold Moon watched Dongfang leave, sighed in relief, remembering what had just happened, Dongfang Cold Moon hit Zhao Fu with a face of embarrassment.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Okay! Come back with me!”

Eastern Cold Moon did not reply.

Zhao Fu ignored her opinion and hugged her and flew to her residence.

Dongfangqing looked at Zhao Fu holding a woman back, looked at that woman Dongfangqing heart startled, and asked, “Don’t you guys promise us?”

Zhao Fu explained with a smile, “You can’t blame me, it’s their initiative to find something.”

Dongfangqing didn’t know what to say, but he felt a little uncomfortable.

Zhao Fu comforted, “I let Dongfang Bai do nothing to him.”

Oriental eyes looked at Zhao Fu, “Is it true?”

Zhao Fu was definitely nodded.

Dongfang Qing looked at Dongfang Cold Moon, “Then this is what’s the matter, how could you bring Dongfang Bai’s elder sister back.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “She is also my woman! You will get along well in the future.”

Dongfang confessed to Zhao Fu, “You bad guy!”

Dongfang Cold Moon looked at Dongfangqing. Although he scolded Zhao Fu on his mouth, his eyes had a touch of love. His younger brother had no possibility with Dongfangqing.

I don’t know Zhao Fu this bastard, what is the ability to make other women fall in love with him. It seems that in addition to being more beautiful, the strength is stronger, the innate talent is better, the potential is a little higher, and that aspect is more powerful. It seems that there is nothing.

Zhao Fu put down the Oriental Cold Moon and didn’t care about him. He waited for the news of the Eastern Alliance and the Eighth Day. It stands to reason that the precious Origin Power It shouldn’t be given to the Eastern Alliance.

As long as the news comes back, Zhao Fu can go on behalf of the Eastern Alliance. As long as he gets two Origin Powers, then Zhao Fu can become a deacon and should be able to hear some news.

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