The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2982


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First Volume Chapter 430

Zhao Fu soon got the news that the two forces were reluctant to give Origin Power to the Eastern League, this time Zhao Fu can play.

Dongfang Yu looked at Zhao Fu in front of him and asked, “What’s the matter with me again?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I heard that the two forces of the Eastern Alliance and sun and moon negotiated, not at all won Origin Power, and I want to go on behalf of the Eastern Alliance.”

Dongfang Yu said with a chuckle, “What’s the use of you?”

Zhao Fu said, “I have acquaintances in both forces, and if they can help, it should be easier.”

Dongfang Yu said in surprise, “You still have acquaintances in the forces of sun and moon. I really didn’t expect that if you have the confidence to get Origin Power, I can tell Alliance Leader to let you try it.” [ 19459002]

Zhao Fu replied, “Um, I am confident.”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “That line, you will wait here for a while.”

About half an hour later, Dongfang Yu walked in with a smile on his face, and said, “Dongfangjun, come with me, our eighth Alliance Leader wants to see you.”

Zhao Fu nodded.

Follow Dongfang Yu to a great hall, sitting above it is a somewhat ugly woman, Zhao Fu gave a salute, “Well see Sir Alliance Lord!”

Dongfang smiled and looked at Zhao Fu last month, “The last time you worked out the strength of restraining evil immortals, I just wanted to see you, but I never had time. If you can really get two Origin Power, I will Appoint you as a deacon.”

Zhao Fu smiled, “Many thanks, I will definitely get Origin Power.”

Dongfang said with a smile last month, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t get back, neither of the two powers of the Eastern Alliance want to give you a face, you may be hard to get.”

Zhao Fu pretends to be firm and replied, “No matter what difficulty I encounter, I will definitely get back two Origin Powers.”

Dongfang smiled a little last month, “Then you go and give it a try!”

Zhao Fu took a command and turned away from the great hall.

Looking at the back of Zhao Fu leaving, Dongfang said last month, “Do you say he might get two kinds of Origin Power?”

Dongfang Yu thought for a while, “Although the loss is extremely difficult, but I think he should be able to do it, if not sure he will not come to me.”

Dongfang said last month, “This man is not simple!”

Dongfang Yu nodded, “It’s such a short period of time that his identity has improved so fast, and not at all has investigated any of his information, it feels very mysterious.”

Eastern said with a smile last month, “If he is not actively studying the strength of restraining evil fairy, and going to two forces to obtain Origin Power, I have a trace of doubt that he is that evil fairy, that evil fairy may have arrived in the Eastern Alliance early. ”

Dongfang Yu said in surprise, “I don’t think it is possible! Although the kid is a little lecherous, there is no evil twisted appearance of evil fairy.”

Dongfang said last month, “I just have some doubts, not sure. Now the situation is special and there can be no hint of promise, otherwise it will cause irreparable consequences.”

Dongfang Yu understands nodded.

Zhao Fu left the Eastern Union and came to the December Palace first.

Yue Fairy many women looked surprised in the moon palace and looked at Zhao Fu in the light curtain. Now they are contacting through the Immortal Ascension Platform. They can see Zhao Fu. There is also a light curtain in front of Zhao Fu. Fairy many women.

Yue SainteSS said, “Why did you come back suddenly?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I’m back to get a trace of the original Origin Moon Force.”

Month SainteSS gave Zhao Fu a blank look, “You came back only when you were in trouble, did you not intend to come back, and did you have a stronger Origin Moon Force? How come you want to come back?”

Zhao Fu thought about it and was about to answer.

Yue Yao first said, “I think you are in the Eastern Union now?”

Zhao Fu nodded with an awkward smile.

Yue Yao said with a chuckle, “As soon as the people of the Eastern League have left, you will come back to the Origin Moon Force. I will understood when I think about it.”

Zhao Fu explained, “My Origin Moon Force has my breath. If I take it back to them, my identity will be exposed, so I will return to Origin Power on the moon.”

Mont SainteSS asked, “When did you go to the Eastern League again?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “It’s nothing, just to collect something.”

A pair of beautiful eyes of Yue Fairy stared at Zhao Fu and said, “I don’t think things are so simple, you wouldn’t be the legendary legende legatee?”

Moon Dancer said in surprise, “Impossible! He doesn’t have that evil crazy twisted strength.”

Yue Shumin’s eyes looked at Zhao Fu, “This may not necessarily be the case!”

Many women have a pair of both eyes looking at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu helplessly said, “Um, I am that evil legende.”


many women wow, everyone has not thought that Zhao Fu still has such a layer of identity, they haven’t seen it at all, they also knew the catastrophe caused by the evil fairy.

Yue SainteSS said angrily, “Do you guys still have a lot of things to hide from us?”

Zhao Fu embarrassed said with a smile, “Yes, we don’t want to continue this topic anymore, give me a trace of Origin Moon Force.”

Month SainteSS lightly snorted, “I still want to get Origin moon power, you wishful thinking, don’t give.”

Zhao Fu looked towards Moon Fairy, this mature first moon fairy, and said, “Give me a trace of Origin Moon Power, I have great use.”

Yue SainteSS said quickly, “Don’t give it to him, this guy doesn’t know how much to hide from us, he is playing with our feelings.”

Yueyao is nodded, “I don’t understand this matter, I feel uncomfortable.”

Zhao Fu said innocently, “I’m hiding something about you, but I didn’t play with your feelings. I’m sincere to you, don’t you feel it?”

Many women have a picture in their heads, blushing, and said, “to have no shame!”

Zhao Fu said more injustice, “What do you think? Can this be blamed on me?”

Yue SainteSS said righteously, “How can’t you blame you, you guy is always damaging us, just a scum man.”

Zhao Fu exhales one breath saying, looked at many women and said, “Hurry to give me the Origin Moon Force!”

Yue SainteSS felt Zhao Fu was somewhat angry, imposing manner was much weaker, but still said, “No!”

Zhao Fu looked at the month SainteSS.

Yue Fairy suddenly said, “Forget it, he helped us that many, maybe he didn’t tell us that there are reasons for him, or don’t embarrass him, Origin Yueli I give you.”

Month SainteSS oh loudly.

Many women are useless to object, Origin Yueli they really don’t want to give, no matter how much they want, but somewhat angry Zhao Fu concealed a lot of things and deceived them, the last time I went to Extreme Yang’s place They talk about it.

Moon Fairy waved his hand, a strand of pure white thread fell from the sky, exuding a cold moonlight.

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