The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2983


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First Volume Chapter 431

Zhao Fu extend the hand to catch this silk thread, and the silk thread fuse together to form a small ball of light, exuding pure Origin moon power.

Zhao Fu smiled, “Thank you!”

Yue Fairy said, “Don’t thank us, and what you don’t want to tell us about you now, we can understand you, but in the future you have to tell us that you are one of our men, and I don’t want us to become enemies in the future. ”

Zhao Fu was silent, he was originally a Heaven Awaken World’s, Heaven Awaken World and Chaos World were originally hostile worlds, then their relationship with Zhao Fu’s was also a hostile relationship.

Yue Fairy looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “What happened?”

Zhao Fu smiled a little, “Um, I will tell you later, I will definitely avoid what happens, and whether I will go up with you for a few days.”

Many women blushed and opened their mouths, “Don’t! Asshole! Pervert! Bad guy!”

Zhao Fu chuckled, “Then I will deal with these things to accompany you for a few days.”

Many women showed a smile, although they said that they did not want Zhao Fu to come up, but they really wanted Zhao Fu to go up, and the time they spent with Zhao Fu in the Moon Palace was their happiest day.

With this trace of Origin Moon Power, Zhao Fu came to the place of Extreme Yang again. Zhao Fu came in quietly. If Zhao Fu just and honorable came in, countless people knew that the innate god came back, it would definitely be Caused a huge sensation.

Zhao Fu also wants to see what the current temple has become.

The place of Extreme Yang has changed a lot. It has been called the land of God’s blessing. It seems to be surrounded by a divine light. There is no barren and barren look. In the sky, the beast can be seen everywhere.

Zhao Fu felt that Gods Vestige was exhibited by the temple people, wrapping the place of Extreme Yang, which made such a huge change in the place of Extreme Yang in a short time.

Come to the temple.

There is no longer called the Eight-day Temple, and the system of eight temples has been abolished. It is now collectively called the Supreme Temple. There is only one statue, and only one god is Faith, which is Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu quietly came to the temple and looked at that statue of his own with a smile. A wave of light a ray of light shot at the idol, and the idol exuded a halo, and the Japanese and English pictures appeared in it, with only her alone.

Zhao Fu strangely said, “Why are you alone?”

Japanese and English explained, “They are now in cultivation.”

Zhao Fu understands that the Supreme Temple is now mostly managed by Japan and Britain, and smiles and says, “You are working hard!”

Japanese and English smiled, “What happened? Sudden contact?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I need a ray of Origin.”

Japanese and English replied, “Um, I will help you get it.”

Japanese and English disappeared into the picture. After a while, a small golden ball of light appeared on the idol and flew towards Zhao Fu. Japan and Britain reappeared in the picture and asked with a smile, “Enough?”

Zhao Fu put away the ball of light, smiled and replied, “Enough!”

Japanese and English eyes looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “When will you come back? We all miss you a little bit.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “When I deal with this matter, I will go back.”

Japanese and English smiled and Um let out.

After concluding his conversation with Japan and Britain, Zhao Fu glanced again at Extreme Yang and returned to the Eastern League.

Zhao Fu carefully took out two balls of light, one platinum and one gold, at the great hall, saying, “Sir Alliance Lord, I lived up to your hopes and got two Origin Power.”

Dongfang was surprised last month, did not expect Zhao Fu to really do it, and feel the pure Origin breath from the two ball of light, which is definitely the Origin Power.

This strength is only available on the sun and the moon. She has never had a strength of this level. If it is not to deal with evil immortals, she would like to absorb these two Origin Powers, which will also be of great help to him. .

Dongfang grabbed two of the ball of light last month and took a few glances, said with a smile, “You are doing very well, originally, the average person will also need several decades to become a deacon as soon as possible. , I will appoint you as a deacon now, and still fulfill your wish.”

Zhao Fu really wanted to say, I want bronze fragments, but this is too suspicious. Zhao Fu can’t say it directly like this, can only say, “I don’t have any desire, I just want to work for the Eastern Alliance.” [ 19459002]

Oriental satisfied nodded last month and said, “I think you always wear a cloak, why don’t you take it down?”

Zhao Fu hearing this took off his cloak, revealing his perfect face.

Dongfang last month looked at Zhao Fu unexpectedly, looking at Zhao Fu’s perfect face, Dongfang last month’s mouth slowly showed a smile, “Since you have no desire, then I will reward you to serve me once.” [ 19459002]


Zhao Fu looked at the face of Dongfang last month, but he refused in his heart, but he did not dare to say it directly.

Dongfang slightly wrinkled frowned last month, “Why are you unwilling?”

Zhao Fu said quickly, “It’s my pleasure to serve Sir Alliance Lord without that meaning.”

The Oriental nodded satisfied last month and said, “Come here!”

Zhao Fu can only walk forward.

A few days later, Dongfang surprised last month holding a mirror and looking at his beautiful face.

She had just had a relationship with Zhao Fu, and she discovered that Zhao Fu within the body turned out to have a constitutional strength, which caused some changes to her appearance, so lingering on Zhao Fu for a few days, finally made her originally ugly The face became beautiful.

Zhao Fu said in frustration, “Can I leave Sir Alliance Lord?”

Dongfang smiled last month and said, “I want to leave so soon? I am very satisfied with you, and you will stay with me in the future!”

Zhao Fu said, “Alliance Leader I still have something to do.”

Dongfang said last month, “I don’t think you have anything important, so stay here. I want to be more beautiful. Although I don’t have much requirements for appearance, there is no woman who wants to be ugly. How can you have this strength with you in the body?”

Zhao Fu replied, “This is a cultivation technique of my cultivation!”

Dongfang said with a smile last month, “No wonder Dongfang Yu said you are a bit lecherous, it turned out to be your cultivation technique, so rest assured I will not treat you badly.”

East said Zhao Fu was pushed down last month.

After a few more days, looking at Dongfang last month, who has fallen asleep, his face flushed has become very beautiful, Zhao Fu still has a little resistance, while Dongfang fell asleep last month, Zhao Fu left the great hall and accepted The appointment of the deacon began to inquire about the news of the bronze fragments.

Sure enough, with the advancement of his status, Zhao Fu understood a lot of news that he didn’t know before. What surprised him was the news about the bronze fragments.

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