The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2984


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First Volume Chapter Four hundred and thirty-two

The Eighth Alliance does have a piece of bronze that was collected many years ago and is now being placed in a treasure house of the Eighth Alliance, but Zhao Fu does not know who the treasure house is because there are so many in the Alliance Treasure house.

Zhao Fu knew so much, and the others were not understood. This gave Zhao Fu hope that there were bronze fragments here, and these days of efforts would not be in vain.

With Zhao Fu’s current deacon status, he can’t enter the treasure house of that level. Zhao Fu’s status is best deacon.

It can become an impossible thing for the deacon to die. Generally, the deacon must have received allegiance in the Alliance Leader for hundreds of years to have that possibility. And it must be the confidant of Alliance Leader, because Deacon Tian is already the person with the greatest power except Alliance Leader.

Zhao Fu is thinking about how to become a deacon, if he becomes a deacon, Zhao Fu can know that the shard is in that treasure house, and can easily take out the bronze shards, no one knows yet.

At this time, Dongfang Yu came in and looked at Zhao Fu and said, “didn’t expect, our Alliance Leader will see you.”

Zhao Fu didn’t know what to say.

Dongfang Yu looks at Zhao Fu, “Why, are you still happy? Although our Alliance Leader looks a bit flawed, strength and identity are both incomparable objects.”

Zhao Fu said, “I know!”

Dongfang Yu strangely said, “So what are you unhappy about? With Alliance Leader as your backer, you don’t have to worry about anything in the future.”

Zhao Fu replied, “It’s nothing, just a little depressed, and there are still some troubles.”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “What are you bothering about now? You are all Alliance Leaders.”

Zhao Fu said, “I want to be a deacon!”

Dongfang Yu was stupefied, “Don’t you just become a deacon just now? You want to become a deacon so fast? Do you know how many years it took me to become a deacon?”

Zhao Fu said, “I know it is very difficult, so I’m a little troubled.”

Dongfang Yu persuaded, “You don’t have to worry, our Alliance Leader looks at you, I believe you will soon become a deacon, no one can compare this advantage with you.”

Zhao Fu asked, “Do you have another way?”

Dongfang Yu shook the head, “Deacon must be the confidant of Alliance Leader, and need to be personally appointed by Alliance Leader, generally without hundreds of years of loyalty, is not recognized by Alliance Leader.”

Zhao Fu sighed, nodded.

Dongfang Yu asked, “Why are you so anxious to become a deacon?”

Zhao Fu thought about it and said, “You have helped me so much, and I don’t want to hide you. I came to the Eastern League for this time for a purpose, that is, to find what is left by my ancestors. I know that thing is there.”

Dongfang Yu looked at Zhao Fu, willing to believe her, and smiled a little, “What is that thing? So important to you?”

Zhao Fu replied, “Sorry, I can’t tell you this.”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “It’s okay, but you can ask for Alliance Leader, if that thing is not expensive, Alliance Leader should be able to give you.”

Zhao Fu nodded.

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “This time I originally came to congratulate you on becoming a deacon. I didn’t expect you to worry about becoming a deacon. When you become a deacon in the future, I will come to congratulate you!” [ 19459002]

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Thank you, I will not forget your help.”

After Dongfang Yu left, he learned that Dongfang had asked her to pass by last month. He felt a little strange in his heart. When he came to the great hall, he told him, “Alliance Leader I’m already!”

The voice of the East last month sounded inside. “Enter!”

Hearing this, Dongfang Yu pushed in and saw a beautiful woman lying lazy on the bed. Dongfang Yu’s expression was stunned and she looked at the woman a bit strange and familiar.

Dongfang looked at Dongfang Yu’s expression last month, said with a chuckle, “How are you looking at me now?”

Dongfang Yu just reflected, “You are Alliance Leader!”

Dongfang laughed Um last month.

Dongfang Yu said quickly, “Alliance Leader looks beautiful now!”

Dongfang said a little bit happily last month, “I am more satisfied with my appearance now!”

Dongfang Yu curiously asked, “Why does Alliance Leader look so big?”

Dongfang blushed last month, “It’s his reason, he has a strength in the body, has the ability to transform, and it has a great effect on me. Now not only my appearance has changed, Constitution Also received a lot of enhancements.”

Dongfang Yu was surprised, “I haven’t thought he has this ability.”

Dongfang said with a chuckle last month, “You can also let him give it a try, maybe it will also work.”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “I don’t need Alliance Leader, I don’t care much about my appearance, and I decided to be loyal to Alliance Leader and not think about other directions.”

Dongfang was useless last month and asked, “I heard that you just met him, is he somewhat angry now?”

Dongfang Yu thought, replied, “I’m not angry but just a little depressed. Now he is troubled by the deacons and tells me a secret.”

Dongfang cared about last month, “What secret?”

Dongfang Yu told Zhao Fu what he said before.

Dongfang was nodded last month, “He has received two kinds of Origin, and I have enjoyed so many days, and so many good benefits, this time is that I have treated him badly, I will give you a token, Let him go to the treasure house to pick a treasure.”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “I think he will be very grateful to Alliance Leader.”

Oriental last month face slightly red said, “I hope he will work harder to serve me in the future!”

Dongfang Yu gave a salute, said with a smile, “Then I will go down and tell him the good news first.”

The East said lazily last month, “Um, I will continue to rest for a while.”

Dongfang Yu came to Zhao Fu’s room with Dongfang’s token from last month and said with a smile, “I’ll tell you good news.”

Zhao Fu asked, “What good news?”

Dongfang Yu handed out a jade token, said with a smile, “Alliance Leader said let you enter the treasure trove to get a treasure, you can take back your heirlooms.”

Zhao Fu was stunned, and he was still troubled by this matter. He didn’t expect such a simple solution.

Dongfang Yu said with a chuckle, “What are you doing? Then the token, and Alliance Leader said you should serve her well in the future,”

Zhao Fu chuckled took the token and looked at the token. This was the token he exchanged with his body. Has different meanings.

Zhao Fu collected the token and said, “Thank you very much, you helped me this time,”

Dongfang Yu said with a smile, “You’re welcome, you go to Ancestral Object!”

Zhao Fu smiled at Um.

With this token, Zhao Fu’s things are much simpler, and soon it is known that that piece of easy debris is stored in the seventh void treasure.

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