The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2985


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First Volume Chapter 433

That treasure house is located in a void, protected by a lot of Formation, which is almost impossible for most people to find, and the entrance also needs a token from Alliance Leader to open.

Zhao Fu couldn’t wait to come to the seventh void vault, a stone platform was built on the ground, and a creature like Qilin was carved on it.

Zhao Fu took out the piece of token and lifted it up. The token emitted countless rays of light, a gate slowly emerged in the void, the material was like crystal stone, and there were some fine Carved, looks good.

The door opened slowly, and Zhao Fu flew into it.

Coming to a large space, all around is white, the ground, the top can clearly show the appearance of people, all around piles a variety of treasures, and emits a variety of treasures.

Zhao Fu closed his eyes, and a burst of Origin Power was released, and immediately felt that piece of debris was there.

Going to a corner, the treasure piled up on top of it separated, a palm sized stone box appeared. Zhao Fu opened it and saw a three-finger-sized, weathered bronze fragment, which was the largest one found by Zhao Fu Bronze fragments.

Looking at this piece of bronze, Zhao Fu was a little surprised. With this piece of bronze, Zhao Fu still had two pieces of bronze to make up all the pieces.

Zhao Fu accepted it with a smile on his face, without looking at other treasures, you flew out of the space directly.

Now get the bronze fragments in the hands of the East last month, Zhao Fu came to this time and the purpose is completed, because the news from Zhao Fu is that there is a bronze fragment in the East last month. I don’t know if there are any Eastern Alliance?

Zhao Fu thought about it, and continued to inquire, if not, to solve the matter of evil fairy, and then left here to find the remaining bronze fragments.

Come to great hall.

At this time, Dongfang had recovered its strength last month, and there was a trace of grievances in his eyes. “How come I know that I have come to see me now, I didn’t leave without leaving me.”

Zhao Fu apologized, “Sorry, lord!”

Dongfang felt more comfortable last month and said, “No one here, you don’t have to call me honorably, you can call me last month.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Yes, last month.”

Eastern Red Moon face slightly red said, “You come up!”

Zhao Fu walked up clearly and unkindly held Dongfang Yueyue in his arms. Dongfang Dongyue snuggled in Zhao Fu’s arms. I also have apologies in my heart. I got you that way, and I didn’t think of you. Not only does it look so perfect, but also that ability.

Zhao Fu did not feel depressed with a smile before, “Then we will write off a lot, don’t mention this thing anymore.”

Dongfang was nodded last month, and his eyes looked at Zhao Fu, “Are you coming to see me again?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I will thank you!”

Dongfang smiled last month and said, “No, how do you collect that kind of bronze fragments?”

hearing this, Zhao Fu heart startled, did not expect Dongfang to know that he was collecting bronze fragments last month.

Dongfang eyes looked at Zhao Fu last month and said, “In order to prevent someone from stealing, the treasure house will automatically record every missing and every thing, and it can also save the picture inside.”

Zhao Fu has no idea that the treasure trove has such a function, so his identity has been discovered? Zhao Fu’s expression is a little serious.

Dongfang chuckled last month and said, “Your secret was discovered by me!”

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang last month and said, “If you know my secret, why would you do this to me?”

Dongfang last month said with a smile, “Why can’t it? No matter appearance, strength, and ability in that respect, you are the best man in the world, and that woman will be emotional?”

Zhao Fu asked, “What are you going to do now?”

Dongfang said with a smile last month, “I will help you collect the bronze fragments, you don’t have to worry about this matter in the future, and who your ancestor is in the end, why do you have that kind of bronze fragments.”

Zhao Fu could not answer, because the words were edited.

Dongfang looked at Zhao Fu last month and said, “I’m going to help you collect those bronze fragments, why don’t you still tell me? I’m a little angry.”

Zhao Fu took a deep breath, “I don’t know how to say it!”

Dongfang said puzzled last month, “What’s inconvenient to say? I know your status is unusual, but I think my status should be worthy of you?”

Zhao Fu strangely said, “Don’t you already know my identity?”

Dongfang slightly frowned last month, “I know what you are?”

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang last month and was even more puzzled. She all knew her bronze fragments, and the identity of her own son of Origin would definitely be revealed, but why did Dongfang last month like this? Is it something she misunderstood?

Dongfang pinched Zhao Fu’s chin last month, “Did you guys hide from me?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “No, I thought you knew my identity, so I don’t have to say it.”

The East lightly snorted last month, “You have not leaked any information, and I don’t know what that piece of bronze is, how can I know your identity.”

Upon hearing this, Zhao Fu was relieved that Dongfang did not discover his identity last month, nor did he connect this piece of bronze to the son of Origin.

Actually, it’s true, there are thousands of pieces of bronze on the world. I don’t know how many, and even one can be found on the street. Ordinary people will not contact the son of Origin.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I come from a secret family. The family has orders not to reveal my identity, otherwise I will be severely punished. I worry that you will be affected. Now you are my woman, I don’t want this thing Happened.”

Dongfang’s face blushed last month, heartbeat was fast, and Zhao Fu asked with arms around his arms, “Is it?”

Zhao Fu looked at the East last month, mentally said “really so” The woman in love is best to cheat, but also a little stupid, said with a smile, “Um!”

Dongfang said with a smile last month, “Then I will not ask, then when will you tell me about your affairs to your family? I don’t want you to keep this matter all the time.”

Zhao Fu replied with a smile, “I will tell them immediately, if I collect all the bronze fragments, I don’t think they will stop you from being with me, then I will take you back to my family. ”

Oriental sweet said with a smile, “I will collect it for you as soon as possible.”

Zhao Fu looked at the sweetness of the last month in the East, wondering if he was too mean? Like a scum man who deceives feelings?

However, Dongfang helped him so much last month, then Zhao Fu in the future will definitely not hurt her, and will help her as much as possible, and if she wishes, Zhao Fu does not mind her more than a woman.

Yue Hong on the East said temptingly, “husband!”

Zhao Fu understood what she meant.

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