The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2986


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First Volume Chapter 340

After being collected by Dongfang last month, although no bronze fragments were obtained, news about bronze fragments was also obtained,

One of them is in the evil world.

Xianxian Chaos is the Xianxian Land of Death. The terrifying strength cuts out the space to form an independent space. Now this space is not only sealed, but also extremely dangerous inside. Supreme Being does not dare Just enter it.

At that time, there was a piece of bronze in the hands of a Supreme Being. He believed that the piece of bronze was a piece of Supreme Item, which has always been very cherished.

He died in that catastrophe, and the fragments were also left in the evil world.

Dongfang had a little embarrassment last month, if she can usually take Zhao Fu into it, but now it is a very special period, she must get permission from eleven other Alliance Leaders to enter the evil fairyland Force is no way to enter it.

Dongfang looked at Zhao Fu last month and said, “Now I can only wait for a while, I’m taking you into the evil world,”

Zhao Fu asked, “How long will it take to board?”

Eastern replied last month, “It is not clear that if the matter of evil immortals has not passed, we cannot enter the chaotic realm of evil immortals.”

Zhao Fu asked again, “Is there no other way to enter the evil world?”

Dongfang thought about it last month, “The method is there, but it is very dangerous.”

Zhao Fu asked, “What is the solution?”

Dongfang said last month, “The last time to seal the evil immortal world was the previous generation Alliance Leader. They only sealed a few main entrances and exits. There are some space crack not at all seals that can enter through those small cracks.”

“The locations of those small cracks are extremely secretive, and we can’t find them, and entering them through the cracks, the body may be space tearing, and the irritating Immortal Qi breath can also make people crazy.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “Um, it’s up to me.”

Dongfang gave Zhao Fu a glance last month, “That place doesn’t dare to care about my strength, how can I rest assured you?”

Zhao Fu replied, “You can rest assured at this point, I have the power to protect myself, and you tell me the location of the evil fairy chaotic world, and how to find Space Crack.”

Dongfang thought about it last month, “Okay! But you promised me, if there is any danger, come back immediately, don’t break in.”

Zhao Fu smiled at Um.

Dongfang told Zhao Fu about the evil fairy chaotic realm last month, and Zhao Fu immediately left the great hall to find the evil fairy chaotic realm.

According to the information given by Dongfang last month, Zhao Fu came to a piece of Desolate Land, which is the location of the evil fairy chaotic realm, and the location is also relatively remote. It was only on the side, and people from the inspection team would pass by.

Zhao Fu has to avoid them as much as possible, otherwise Zhao Fu will also be arrested, because neither can get close to the evil fairy chaos, even if Zhao Fu is a deacon.

Finding small cracks is also very difficult, because those cracks will appear and disappear at any time, the duration is extremely short, and it is difficult to be perceived.

Zhao Fu first found a place and sat on the ground, intending to use the strength of the evil fairy to perceive the crack, thinking in his mind that the evil fairy chaos is formed after the death of the evil fairy, and it should be easier for him to use the power of the evil fairy Perceive.

However, Zhao Fu was disappointed. Zhao Fu sensed that there was a huge seal strength. With his strength, he could not cut open seal and felt the evil fairy chaotic world.

The seal strength should be the place where the evil spirits are sealed.

Now Zhao Fu is in trouble, the evil Immortal Power is useless, how can I find the crack?

In addition to wanting to get the bronze fragments in it, Zhao Fu also wanted to see if there was anything left in the place where Xianxian died, which is more important to Zhao Fu. After all, he is also a legatee.

Zhao Fu left this place and tried again in other places, and the result was the same.


Zhao Fu sensed something, his body immediately turned into nothingness, a few people came here, they are the people of the inspection team, a total of five people, Captain is Dao Realm powerhouse, the team members are Spirit Realm powerhouse.

Headed by a ruthless youth, looked around all doubtfully.

A woman next to me wondered, “What happened?”

Ruthless youth replied, “I just sensed strength fluctuations here, but came over and found nothing.”

Delicate and pretty woman glanced at all around and said strangely, “Are you too sensitive? I did not sense it, and there is no fluctuation here.”

The ruthless youth said, “Now in a special period, we must be careful, we must not let anyone approach, especially the evil fairy, and then it will be extremely serious.”

Delicate and pretty woman asked, “I’ve always been curious, what’s in the evil fairy world? Why is the defense so tight,”

Ruthless youth replied, “I don’t know, Alliance Leaders, they don’t seem to understand very much either, just follow the instructions of the previous generation Alliance Leader, and keep a close watch here. I think there might be something extremely important to the evil fairy, or Something that seriously threatens the Eastern Union.”

delicate and pretty woman nodded, “I am understood!”

Another slightly skinny man asked, “Did you say that the evil fairy came to our Eastern League? Since his last appearance, a lot of time has passed, why hasn’t there been any news?”

Delicate and pretty woman thought for a while, “I think the evil fairy must be hiding somewhere, planning how to get revenge.”

A slightly thin man worriedly said, “That Blood Immortal Bloodline has reached the final stage, even if he does not know us in front of us, I feel that our inspection is not useful.”

The ruthless youth said, “Whether it is useful or not, we must keep a close watch on this place, and we should not give Xianxian any chance.”

They didn’t know that Zhao Fu was hiding beside them, and they didn’t notice anything.

Zhao Fu watched them leave and his body reappeared.

At this point, Zhao Fu was thinking about what to do next. He was imperceptible until the crack was there, and he could only wait somewhere. This method does not know how much time it takes, and it may not be a waste of time.

But this is the only way, Zhao Fu intends to wait a while, if it is not possible to find other ways.

A little time passed, Zhao Fu spent nine days time, waiting in three places non-stop, each place spent three days, without any gain, Zhao Fu can only return to the eighth league.

Dongfang looked at Zhao Fu with a light smile last month, “How? Can it be?”

Zhao Fu said in dismay, “I didn’t think it was so difficult, and there was a layer of seal strength package, which was imperceptible where there was a crack.”

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