The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2988


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First Volume Chapter 364

Other Alliance Leaders soon received the news that they learned that the son of Origin had appeared in the Eastern League, and he was shocked. He didn’t hesitate to gather together immediately.

Twelve people are sitting in the chairs of the great hall.

An obese man named Dongfangkong said, “Is this true? Why did the son of Origin appear in our Eastern Union?”

Dongfang smiled nodded last month and briefly talked about how Zhao Fu joined the Eastern Union.

A serious young man named Dongfang Yi said seriously, “If it were not for him to take bronze fragments in the treasure house, he might not be able to discover his identity. No wonder that countless people could not find him. Very capable.”

Eastern said with a smile last month, “Um, I didn’t need to think about that at the time, nor did I expect that the son of Origin would appear in our Eastern Alliance.”

Dongxiu Yueyue said with a chuckle, “Fortunately, he was found at this time, otherwise the son of Origin has gone and we don’t even know he has been here.”

Sixth Alliance Leader Dongfang Qiu, said in surprise, “I have seen him once, but I feel that he is a bit out of the ordinary, but I think that his identity is so noble, I also looked away.”

A tall man named Dongfangtu, said with a smile, “Aren’t we always having a headache for the evil fairy? If we have the son of Origin, then we don’t have to worry about those evil fairy, even making friends with the Origin family. , Maybe it will also revitalize our Eastern League.”

A woman dressed in abundance, her name is Dongfangying, said with a chuckle, “His appearance has solved a big problem for our Eastern Union, and it is also an opportunity for our Eastern Union. We can grasp it well!” [19459002 ]

A red-clothed man named Dongfang Mi nodded, “Where is the son of Origin not only, can we meet him now?”

Dongfang smiled nodded last month and called Zhao Fu in.

Zhao Fu gave a salute to everyone, “Well, Sir Alliance Lord!”

A hot woman named Dongfanghuo said with a smile, “You are welcome, you are the son of Origin, we can’t bear it.”

Oriental pictures are also said with a smile, “Yeah, you’re welcome.”

A cold man named Dongfangjian asked, “Sorry! I don’t know what can prove your identity?”

Everyone stared at Zhao Fu. Although they knew Zhao Fu’s identity, this major event had to be confirmed to avoid any jokes.

Dongfang said last month, “You just have a look at the strength of Origin’s son!”

Zhao Fu nodded.


A rumbling sound sounded, an ancient, barren, chaotic strength erupted from Zhao Fu’s body, forming an invisible pressure between them, covering the whole temple.

Although the numerous Alliance Leader is far stronger than Zhao Fu, it still feels a sense of fear instinctively. This is the true Origin Power. The terrifying strength that only Origin Clan possesses, everyone has no doubt, and Zhao is determined in his heart. Fu’s identity.

There was a smile on everyone’s face. This is the son of Origin. With him, there are countless unexpected benefits, and everyone is not worried about the evil fairy.

The Oriental figure shouted, “Have the son of Origin!”

Now everyone confirms Zhao Fu’s identity. With the noble identity of Zhao Fu’s, they are not weaker than their status at all. They dare not neglect Zhao Fu. More importantly, they are still asking Zhao Fu’s.

A few days the deacon personally lifted a chair up.

Zhao Fu was also polite and sat on it.

Dongfangtu said with a smile, “I heard that the son of Origin is collecting Origin Armament fragments? I don’t know if this is true?”

Zhao Fu nodded, “I was collecting pieces of Origin Armament. I heard that the Eastern League had it.”

Oriental picture said with a smile, “In fact, Son of Origin, you don’t need to be so troublesome, as long as you tell us our identity, we are very happy to give you the fragments. The bronze fragments need Origin Power and are of no use to us.”

Zhao Fu explained, “I don’t want my identity to leak out!”

Dongfanghuo said with a smile, “Um, we can also understand. By the son of Origin, your present task is just to collect Origin Armament fragments? Is there anything else? For example, defeating some powerful opponent, recently Chaos Many amazing geniuses have appeared in World.”

Dongfanghuo not at all anxiously asked Zhao Fu to deal with evil immortals, but first tried Zhao Fu’s attitude and then made a decision.

Zhao Fu looked at the Numerical Alliance Leader and repeated, “Um, I know this thing, but I don’t intend to get involved. I collect all the bronze fragments and I might leave Chaos World.”

Everyone’s heart sank, they thought Zhao Fu would stay and fight with those amazing geniuses, and decide who is the most terrifying person, but did not expect Zhao Fu to have no interest at all.

They don’t know, what moon immortals, sun gods, dragons, evil immortals are all Zhao Fu, how could Zhao Fu be interested in himself.

Everyone looked towards Dongfang last month, they learned that Dongfang last month and Zhao Fu have a close relationship, if there is help from Dongfang last month, it should be simpler.

Dongfang started talking last month, “I think you will stay to help me deal with Xianxian. Now Xianxian’s Bloodline has reached the 8th Order section, and we have no way to deal with him.”

These words were actually the words that Zhao Fu and Dongfang had negotiated last month, because Zhao Fu also wanted to enter the evil fairy chaotic world to get bronze fragments.

Zhao Fu said, “This is okay, but there is a premise, I need to enter the evil fairy chaotic world to find another piece of bronze.”

These words made everyone hesitate. The previous generation Alliance Leader issued a death order. Regardless of what happened and whatever the reason, anyone was strictly forbidden to enter the evil world.

Dongfang Qiwang frowned and said, “Is there a piece of bronze in the evil fairy world?”

Dongfang said last month, “Um, according to the information I got, there is a piece of bronze in the Xianxian chaotic world.”

Dongfangqiu looked towards everyone, “What do you think?”

Dongfanghuo said, “Anyway, I have no opinion, we can’t deal with the evil fairy, and it’s useless to guard the evil fairy chaotic world.”

Dongfangjian said seriously, “Now we need the help of the son of Origin.”

Dongfang Qiu said, “I want to let the son of Origin go in once. There should be no problem. The son of Origin is not that evil fairy. Maybe we can also know what is inside through the son of Origin.”

Dongxiu Yueyue said, “That’s right, we have been guarding for so many years, and we don’t even know what’s inside or the role of guarding.”

Dongfang Picture glanced at everyone, and since no one had any opinions, we agreed to the son of Origin and let him enter the evil world.

Hearing this, Zhao Fu showed a smile, and finally he could enter the evil world.

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