The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2989


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First Volume Chapter 437

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “many thanks, I will try my best to help the Eastern Alliance.”

Everyone got Zhao Fu’s promise and smiled.

Eastern Pictures asked, “I don’t know when the son of Origin enters the evil fairy chaotic world? I can remind you in advance that the evil fairy chaotic world is the Land of Death, and Supreme Being is very dangerous to enter. If you want us 12 It’s okay to accompany you, so it will be safer.”

Dongfang Qiu said, “Will it be too dangerous for us to enter together, once we encounter any danger in it, and there is a threat from evil immortals outside, the result may be unimaginable.”

Oriental Sword is nodded, “You can let six people enter with the son of Origin, leaving six people sitting in the Eastern Alliance to guard against that evil fairy.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “No, I want to go in alone.”

Zhao Fu is the evil fairy in the mouth of the Eastern Alliance. It is safer for him to go alone without other people. If he enters the evil fairy chaos, Zhao Fu’s identity is likely to be exposed, and Zhao Fu will be much more dangerous. .

Everyone looked at Zhao Fu in surprise, but did not expect Zhao Fu to go into such a dangerous place alone.

Eastern sword both eyes looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “Are you sure about the son of Origin? It is very dangerous inside, we don’t want you to have anything in it.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “You can rest assured that I will not be in danger. As the son of Origin, I have some means of life-saving.”

Everyone hearing this, the Origin family’s ability is extraordinary, they may not think of it, so it is nodded.

After a brief discussion, Zhao Fu prepares first, preparing to enter the evil immortal world tomorrow.

After the other Alliance Leader left, Dongfang asked with concern last month, “Are you really confident? I don’t want you to be in danger.”

Zhao Fu nodded, “You don’t have to worry!”

Dongxiu Yueyue said with a chuckle, “He will go to the Xianxian Chaos Realm tomorrow. Before leaving, you can have a good time. By the way, I also want to try if he is as powerful as you said. Don’t mind? If you mind, forget it.”

Eastern Red Moon face slightly red said, “Do not mind, you are my best sister, I can share him with you, and this time is also based on you to discover his identity.”

Dongfanghuo came over and asked curiously, “What are you talking about?”

Dongxiu Yueyue said with a smile, “Want to experience Origin Power, would you like to join in?”

Dongfang was slightly frowned last month. Although she was willing to share Zhao Fu with Dongfang Xiuyue, but others were not willing. Especially Dongfanghuo’s body was so good, she was afraid Zhaofu would be robbed by Dongfanghuo.

Seeing Dongfang Xiuyue’s thoughts last month, Dongxiu Yue said with a chuckle, “This is great for him, even for the Eastern League, you don’t have to worry about it, we don’t Will take him away.”

After thinking about the East last month, it was nodded.

Dongfang Xiuyue said with a smile, “Wait for Dongying Ying, let her come too.”

Four women in the room watched around Zhao Fu.

Oriental Fire said with a smile, “Take off your cloak!”

Hearing this, Zhao Fu reluctantly took the cloak down to reveal the perfect face.

Dongfanghuo said in surprise, “This is the perfect appearance of Origin Clan? I also saw such a beautiful face for the first time, as if it could not be possessed by the world.”

Dongfangying face slightly red said, “Um, I have never seen it.”

Dongxiu Yueyue said with a chuckle, “His appearance is not the point, the point is his Origin Power, which became so beautiful last month, but thanks to his use of Origin Power to change the Constitution of last month, not only the last month became beautiful , Constitution has also become stronger than us.”

Dongfanghuo looked at Zhao Fu in surprise, “Is it really that powerful?”

Oriental Xiuyue said with a smile, “Of course, Origin Power is more powerful than we thought.”

Dongfang Shangyue’s face is slightly red, “Okay! Don’t waste time, he will go to the evil fairy world tomorrow.”

Oriental show month chuckled.

On the 2nd day, Zhao Fu and the four girls came out of the room. The four girls had a ruddy complexion and became beautiful and alluring. The relationship suddenly became better.

Zhao Fu followed them and walked in one direction.

Everyone came to that piece of Desolate Land. There was a long stone stairway with stone pillars standing on both sides. At the end of the stone stair was a round platform with a width of several hundred meters and a height above A 12-meter stone wheel engraved with numerical insect beast.

This is the main entrance to the evil world.

Other Alliance Leaders also came here afterwards.

Dongfang eyes looked at Zhao Fu last month and said, “You have to be careful.”

Zhao Fu smiled nodded.

Dongfang Xiuyue said with a smile, “wait till you get back We are serving you, and now I am a little obsessed with you. You can’t do anything.”

Dongfanghuo said with a smile, “Me too, you have to think about us inside.”

Dongfangying said shyly, “I wait till you get back.”

The Eastern League knows what happened to them and Zhao Fu, and they are more than happy to see that this will help stabilize the relationship between the Eastern Union and Zhao Fu’s.

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I am understood.”

Oriental Pictures said, “Let’s open the seal now!”

Everyone was nodded, came to the stone wheel, lined up, took out 12 tokens, the 12 tokens were prototypes, the material was like gems, 12 people injected a little strength into them, 12 orders The card automatically flew away from everyone’s hand and flew towards that stone wheel.

The twelve tokens emit various rays of light, like twelve orbs, flying to that stone wheel, as if inlaid on it.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and that stone wheel exuded a huge imposing manner, slowly rising and floating, and the 12 orbs emitted more intense rays of light.

I saw that the inside of the stone wheel began to twist, slowly turning into a blood red, a ray of craziness, twisting, perversion, blood-reeking qi breathed out, let the numerical Alliance Leader all the hairs stand upright.

Although the evil fairy is dead, the strength remaining in the evil fairy chaos is very terrifying,

Zhao Fu also felt a pressure, although his evil fairy Bloodline reached the 8th order, but because of the cultivation base, the power of the evil fairy now exuded is not as strong as this evil fairy, this evil fairy The power is the evil fairy power at the peak period, Zhao Fu’s evil fairy power is still growing.

When this time comes into it, Zhao Fu doesn’t know what will happen, but no matter what, Zhao Fu must go in once, because there are things left by evil immortals and bronze fragments.

Zhao Fu walked over to the stone wheel and disappeared into the blood curtain.

The crowd also waited outside, watching the blood, and feeling a little nervous in their hearts, hoping that nothing would happen.

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