The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2990


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First Volume Chapter 438

Zhao Fu entered the world of evil immortals and came to a blood-colored ruined world. The sky was blood-colored, with one after another huge cracks. The ground was in ruins, and wood and stones were scattered on the ground without any plants growing.

Zhao Fu just entered here, the bloody aura all around rushed to him, feeling more cordial.

This is the evil fairy Land of Death, Zhao Fu is the evil fairy’s legatee, or it can be said to be the master here, those bloody auras will not only not attack Zhao Fu, but will obey Zhao Fu’s orders, but also let Zhao Fu Feel free to absorb.

However, Zhao Fu was not interested in these and flew to one side.

Now Zhao Fu’s main task is to find the bronze shards, and then look at what is in the evil immortal chaos world. Zhao Fu guesses there must be something important, otherwise the Eastern Alliance will not pay such attention.

Coming to a flat place, Zhao Fu squatted again, pressing one hand on the ground, and a golden light wave spread out extremely quickly.

Zhao Fu carefully sensed this area and found that there was no one in this area. Zhao Fu flew to another area and used the same method to sense, but the result was still nothing.

Zhao Fu frowned. According to the information received, there are bronze fragments in the evil immortal chaos world, and he does not know that the news is accurate.

However, Evil Immortal Chaos Realm feels nothing. After flying for such a long time, he hasn’t encountered a living thing or encountered any danger. Didn’t it mean that Supreme Being may die inside if he enters?

Actually Zhao Fu didn’t know that if it weren’t for his descendants of evil immortals to enter, the power of those evil immortals would be chaotic and violent, distorting Space-Time, full of various cracks, and Space-Time traps, [19459002 ]

When ordinary people enter here, they will quickly turn back to being torn apart by Space Crack, or they may accidentally fall into the Space-Time trap and get lost in the endless Space-Time. The most terrifying thing is the power of the evil fairy. It has extremely terrifying corrosive power, and most people simply cannot resist it.

Zhao Fu, the descendant of the evil immortal, came in and everything became very stable, without any danger.

After some searching, Zhao Fu still has no gain. Zhao Fu plans to go to the depths of the evil immortal chaos.


Zhao Fu sensed something, flew to a place, and came to the front of a big hole,

This big hole is more than 20 meters high, all around are azure rocks, and the surface is cratered, emitting a smell of fishy air.

When Zhao Fu came here, he sensed that the bronze shards were there.

This big hole is obviously very dangerous. I don’t know what monsters are in life. Zhao Fu thought about it for a while and didn’t plan to go deeper, otherwise there would be no way to escape if something happened.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand, countless flames spun out, forming a huge fireball, emitting a terrifying temperature.


Zhao Fu threw his hand and threw the huge fireball in. The fire light illuminated the cave wall and flew towards the inside.


There was a loud noise, and a huge heat wave gushed out from the entrance of the cave, blowing away some rubbish dust.

Zhao Fu looked at the big hole, feeling a terrifying creature about to rush out, and quickly backed away.

I saw a seven-meter-high, ten-meter-long half-human, half-scorpion monster ran out. The upper body of this monster is a man’s body, which is ugly and strong, and the lower body is an azure shoe, exuding Create a powerful imposing manner.

What Zhao Fu is more concerned about is that there is a piece of bronze shard inserted in his chest, which has numerous azure meridian extensions. It seems that the bronze shard fuse together with this monster.

This monster is the Supreme Being who died that year. Under the action of the bronze fragments, his corpse absorbed a large amount of the power of evil immortals, and he had a new life at one time, and his strength was very powerful, with Dao Realm level. Strength.

Normally Zhao Fu met Dao Realm-level powerhouse. Of course, he couldn’t beat it, so he could only choose to escape.

But now Zhao Fu does not intend to escape, because he has both of the two strengths that make up a monster. To be precise, he is the master of these two strengths,

The monster looked at Zhao Fu and immediately rushed over fiercely.

Zhao Fu immediately released a wave of Origin Power. Pieces of bronze shards flew towards the monster. The monster felt that the bronze shards also stopped, showing a crazy and greedy expression. He felt as long as he swallowed all these bronze shards. He will become the most terrifying monster in the world.

That piece of bronze shards surround the monster, and each piece emits golden rays of light, as well as a strong strength.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and grabbed it.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and the numerous fragments burst out into a huge strength, forming a circle to envelop the monster.

The monster waved a pair of sharp claws vigorously, one after another sharp arc caught on that circle, but it didn’t have much effect.

Monster opened his mouth and spit out countless azure liquids. The azure liquid contained amazing virulence. It sprayed on the round wall and began to dissolve the round wall.

Seeing that the ball was about to dissolve into a big hole, Zhao Fu’s extended hand pushed forward, and a huge Origin Power poured into every other fragment, and the bronze fragments emitted more For intense rays of light, a larger and thicker circle is formed.

The monster continues to spray countless azure venom, but the effect on the orb is very weak. It takes a long time to dissolve the orb.

Zhao Fu held out his hand.

Numerous bronze shards shot out one after another cyan ray beam, carrying a strong strength from all directions to that monster.

The monster opened his hands and released a hexagonal defensive cover to wrap his body.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

There was a sound, that one after another cyan ray shot on the defensive cover, shot through the defensive cover, but did not cause much damage to the monster.

Zhao Fu controlled the numerous bronze shards and shot one after another stronger rays of light, one after another cyan ray shot through the monster’s body. The monster let out a scream.

At this time, the bronze shards inlaid in his chest exude a powerful strength, and those meridians emit rays of light. The powerful strength quickly heals the monster’s injury and strengthens the monster’s strength.


A dull voice sounded, Zhao Fu controlled the ball to shrink and compressed it towards the monster in the center. The monster’s hands and the scorpion tail strongly supported the round wall, making the ball unable to shrink.

Zhao Fu controlled the bronze fragments to emit countless rays of light, covering the body of the monster, suppressing the strength of his bronze fragments within the body.


The monster resisted desperately, let out a huge roar, countless cyan ray rays shot out from his body, a huge strength slowly opened the ball.

Although Zhao Fu is the master of two kinds of strength, the strength of monster itself is too strong.

Zhao Fu stretched out his other hand, a bloody aura surged out and flew towards a round ball.

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