The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2991


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First Volume Chapter 439

I saw the bloody aura enveloping the ball, and a powerful evil fairy’s power radiated out, forming a stronger strength, compressing it towards the monster.

The monster had no way to resist at first, and both hands were compressed and the tail was retracted inward,

Zhao Fu has a calm expression, controls the two strengths and continues to compress to the monster.

monster a pair of eyes looked at Zhao Fu fiercely, the scorpion tail thorn exuded cold light, and the bang sound penetrated the ball of light, piercing Zhao Fu like a black shadow.

Zhao Fu heart startled and hurried back.


The tail shot on the ground, hitting the ground into a big hole.

Zhao Fu looked a little surprised at the scorpion tail. The thick ball could not stop the scorpion tail. Seeing that the scorpion tail thorn emits deep cyan ray, it should be the abnormal terrifying of the scorpion tail. Can easily penetrate the sphere.


The scorpion tail shot Zhao Fu’s chest quickly. There is a sky-splitting sound.

Zhao Fu drew aside, the palm of his hand exuded rays of light, like a black knife, splitting on the scorpion tail, clang, Zhao Fu cut the scorpion tail, just cut out a wound .

Scorpion flicked hard.


Zhao Fu was knocked out by that scorpion tail, and suffered a little bit of injury. Fortunately, there are two strengths to suppress the monster, otherwise Zhao Fu may be seriously injured by this blow.

The scorpion tail continued to shoot at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu this time directly took out a sword made of crystal stone, it was the sword of ten thousand swords, slashed hard, cut out a colorful sword light, and slashed it on the scorpion tail.


With the terrifying sharpness of the ten thousand swords, the scorpion tail was cut off with a single sword, and the blood of green gushed from the docking place. The monster also let out a scream.

However, the broken tail quickly grew out at once, and the monster also used the strength of the evil fairy, and this attack was not considered damage.

Scorpion continued to shoot at Zhao Fu, the speed was still so fast, exuding a fishy smell, it should be extremely poisonous, if it is attacked, the consequences will be more serious.

Zhao Fu waved the sword in his hand, bringing out a sword light.


There was a sound, the two hit together, and a wave of air blew away all around.

Zhao Fu immediately cut out a few more sword light and flew towards the scorpion tail.

The scorpion tail waved, carrying a wave of powerful strength, smashed the one after another sword light, and continued to shoot at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu dodged aside, dodged once.

The scorpion tail shot into the ground.

Zhao Fu didn’t want to fight with this scorpion tail, so he simply opened his palm, waved countless drops of blood, and shot at the huge ball.

The drop of blood shot into the sphere, and the numerous bronze fragments burst into a terrifying strength, because Zhao Fu really used Origin blood to stimulate the strength of the bronze fragments.

I saw that the ball became so thick that the ground couldn’t bear it, and it cracked and collapsed.

The monster in it was also subjected to a huge compression force, and the body was compressed into a ball. The monster was still struggling, exuding a wave of strong strength.

At the same time, the scorpion tail split into three, like three black shadows, with a powerful strength and quickly shot at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu flew into the sky and escaped the blow. He was not attacking the scorpion tail. Even if the scorpion tail was cut off, it would grow out quickly. Instead, he threw out the sword in his hand.

clang clang clang ……

One thousand swords threw away, sending out colorful sword light, divided into twenty-four Flying Swords, flying to the side of the ball very quickly, divided into twenty-four directions, enclosing the ball of light , Exudes one after another terrifying colored sword light, which makes people feel a sense of fear.

The three scorpion tails quickly shot at Zhao Fu from below. Facing such an attack, Zhao Fu didn’t care about the scorpion tail’s attack, but reached out and grabbed it hard.

xiū xiū xiū ……

Twenty-four Flying Swords with powerful strength, shot at the monster in the sphere together, bringing out one after another colored streamer, which penetrates the body of the monster at that moment, blood splashed.

Twenty-four swords are inserted into the monster’s body, and the body within the body is cut by the sword power, and it has no life.

The three roots attacked Zhao Fu’s scorpion tail, and fell weakly. Falling on the ground, aroused a little dust.

Seeing that monster die, Zhao Fu smiled, and he was a little excited. This was the second of the remaining three bronze shards. With a wave of his hand, the twenty-four swords and bronze shards One took off into Zhao Fu’s body and disappeared.

The ball dissipated without the support of bronze shards, and the monster’s body fell to the ground weakly.

Zhao Fu came to the monster and looked at the monster’s angry expression before he died. Zhao Fu didn’t care about anything. He waved his hand to bring out a black light and cut open the monster’s chest.

The bronze shard flew out slowly and floated in front of Zhao Fu’s. Zhao Fu extend the hand holding the bronze shard. Now there is still the last bronze shard. Zhao Fu can collect all the bronze shards. Then Zhao Fu can repair Origin Armament.

Zhao Fu looked towards this monster, thinking about the two strengths that make up the monster, a strength gushes out of the palm, forming eight bloody twisted runes, Zhao Fu presses his palm on the chest of the monster, a bloody color The strength spread.

The monster’s injury recovered quickly, and some Life Auras gradually appeared. If ordinary people see this scene, they will be very shocked, because this is to bring the monster back to life and regain life.

However, this is not a true resurrection from the dead, because Zhao Fu gives the monster a new life. The current monster and the previous monster belong to two different monsters. This monster will only obey Zhao Fu’s orders.

If you want to resurrect from the dead, you may need to involve reincarnation and the two major strengths of death. Zhao Fu has Samsara Power. If you can master death and have a certain depth of understanding of the two, then you may be able to bring people back to life. .

The huge evil immortal power was injected, and the monster’s injuries were fully recovered, his body slowly moved, and his eyes looked at Zhao Fu respectfully.

Zhao Fu smiled contentedly and withdrew his hand, the monster knelt down in front of Zhao Fu.

Now the monster’s strength has fallen into Spirit Realm, probably because Zhao Fu was willing to take away the bronze shards. Zhao Fu didn’t care too much. He wanted to give it life again because he wanted to have one more helper. In the depths of the world, Zhao Fu didn’t know what he would meet.

Zhao Fu hopes that there are some treasures. After all, he finally came here and only reaped a few things. I felt more disappointed.

Zhao Fu sat on the monster and said, “Let’s go!”

The monster understood Zhao Fu’s meaning and walked to the depths of the evil immortal realm, but did not encounter any living creatures along the way, as if monster this living creature is a miracle in the evil immortal realm.

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