The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2992


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First Volume Chapter 440

After walking for a while, Zhao Fu finally gained something and came to a huge cave. The area of ​​this cave is larger than the previous one. The height of the cave is several hundred meters. The cave wall is a kind of dark green soil. , The cave was dark, and a chill came out.

There is no need to think about it, there must be something, the strength may be very strong.

This time Zhao Fu intends to sneak in, because it is mainly to obtain treasures quietly. The last time I realized that there are bronze fragments inside, I only need to draw out the monster.

Monster is so big that it is not easy to carry it, Zhao Fu asked him to guard at the door.

Zhao Fu concealed aura, flew into that cave and found a lot of spider silk in it. Is there a spider-like monster in it?

Continuing to fly forward, Zhao Fu came to a large space, all around there were piles of bones, and in the middle was a 100 meters high monster.

The upper body of this monster is a woman, with lush long dark green hair, a very beautiful and alluring face, and a very attractive body. The lower body is a light green spider with a very powerful imposing manner.

However, Zhao Fu felt that this monster should have been seriously injured, and is now slowly recovering.

Zhao Fu didn’t worry too much, and started looking in the hole to see if there were any other treasures.

I found that there was a dark green hexagonal crystal under the monster’s body. It was as long as five meters and emitted slight rays of light. It felt like the treasure that monster values ​​most, otherwise she would not be placed in any position.

Zhao Fu thought about it, approached that monster quietly, and was ready to use the blur at any time. As long as Su Bai uses the blur, it is generally difficult for Immortal to find Zhao Fu. It should be very easy to escape the perception of this monster. It is also the confidence that Zhao Fu dares to enter here.

When I came to the monster, the upper body of the monster was still very attractive, but the lower body was scary. Zhao Fu came to the dark green crystal and planned to put it in the storage ring.


When the monster sensed something, he opened a pair of dark green eyes and stared at the crystal stone under him.

Zhao Fu used blur early and disappeared in place.

What shocked Zhao Fu was that the both eyes of this monster looked at the location of Zhao Fu, as if he knew Zhao Fu was there.

“What’s the matter?” Zhao Fu knew clearly that the monster had found him.

monster looked at Zhao Fu evil said with a smile, “Boy get out quickly, or I will eat you now.”

Zhao Fu thought for a while and condensed his body from nothingness.

The monster looked at Zhao Fu with both eyes, and said in confusion, “Why do you have my master’s ability?”

Zhao Fu understands the reason. It turns out that this monster is the subordinate of the first evil fairy, so he can perceive Zhao Fu’s location.

Since it is the evil immortal’s person, that matter is easier to solve, Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I am the evil immortal’s legatee!”

The monster looked at Zhao Fu and said, “Show me the proof!”

hearing this, Zhao Fu stretched out a hand, a force of evil spirits gushing out, forming eight twisted blood runes floating in the air.

The monster was surprised and said, “Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique! I didn’t expect the master to have left a legacy.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I not only got the evil fairy legacy, but now I also raise the evil fairy Bloodline to the highest level.”

Monster looked shocked, “Really? No, the ability you just used is the ability of the evil fairy Bloodline’s 8th Order stage, but your strength is too weak. Back then, the master Bloodline reached the 8th Order stage. One party powerhouse.”

Zhao Fu said embarrassingly, “Um, it has only been a few years since I got Bloodline from the evil fairy, and the cultivation base has not improved much.”

Monster looked astonished, “You mean it hasn’t been a few years since you got the bloodline of the evil fairy? You promoted the bloodline of the evil fairy to the final stage, how is this poSS ible? Back then, the owner spent countless years and swallowed Countless high-level Bloodline.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “believing or not by you, I want the green crystal in your hand now.”

Monster looked down at the green crystal under him and said, “It has a lot of strength from the evil blood spider, why should I give him to you.”

Zhao Fu’s expression was stunned, “As a descendant of the evil immortal, I should also be your master. I think you can’t take some things?”

Monster said, “I only recognize the master. Although you are a descendant of master’s, I don’t recognize you.”

hearing this, Zhao Fu was embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. It seemed that the identity of a legatee was useless when he encountered such a thing for the first time.

However, forget it after thinking about it. I don’t know what’s the use of this crystal. He can’t beat monsters, and he can’t get things, so he can only leave.

Monster suddenly smiled and said, “We can make a deal. Don’t you promote to the 8th Order of the evil fairy Bloodline? I need your pure evil fairy power to recover from the injury, if you are willing to provide it to me Then I will give you the evil blood crystal.”

hearing this, Zhao Fu nodded, “Yes, how can I give you more than the power of evil immortals?”

Monster smiled and rushed towards Zhao Fu.

After more than a day, the evil blood spider was lying ruddy on the numerous bones. Her body had become a normal human size. She smiled and said to Zhao Fu in her arms, “The transaction is complete, take the evil blood crystal. Come on! And let me tell you, this thing is very important to you.”

Zhao Fu asked, “What’s the use?”

The evil blood spider chuckled and said, “It’s okay to tell you, but you have to trade once.”

Zhao Fu frowned and said, “No need! I will figure it out myself.”

The evil blood spider did not force it, said with a smile, “Let’s do it!”

Zhao Fu took the evil blood crystal and left the cave, but when he came out, he saw a 100-meter-high monster. He ate the half-human, half-scorpion monster he had resurrected before. The creature that ate Zhao Fu to resurrect the monster is also a half-human, half-scorpion monster.

The upper body of this monster is also a woman. It is more than a hundred meters tall, has lush long black hair, and a pair of black both eyes. The body is plump and the skin is white and tender. The lower body is a black scorpion with metallic luster. It’s very evil.

The evil blood scorpion black eyes looked at Zhao Fu, holding Zhao Fu in both hands and eating the monster while he was resurrected, while saying, “What are you doing in it? So slow!”

Zhao Fu wrinkled slightly and frowned, and the monster he resurrected was eaten like this, a little uncomfortable.

Evil Blood Scorpion looked at Zhao Fu’s expression, said with a smile, “Why are you so stingy? But I ate an insect beast, and it was resurrected after death.”

Zhao Fu’s attitude towards the resurrection was originally a tool. He looked at the black six-sided crystal of five meters on the chest of Evil Blood Scorpion, and asked, “What is the use of the crystal on your chest?”

The Evil Blood Scorpion said strangely, “Didn’t the guy tell you? This is an Evil Blood Crystal, a thing from the Eight Forbidden Blood Beast Condense. You must have this thing when you go to the Master Land of Death, otherwise you simply Can’t get close there.”

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