The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2993


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First Volume Chapter Four Hundred 41

Zhao Fu suddenly thought of something and understood what these two monsters were. His evil fairy Bloodline reached the final stage, and the eight twisted runes within the body had not also come to life, but had become eight different insects.

That kind of insect is the Eight Forbidden Blood Insects, but Zhao Fu’s Eight Forbidden Blood Insects are the initial stage. The two huge monsters I have encountered now are the Eight Forbidden Blood Beasts in the mature period, but they belonged to the evil immortals in the past Eight Forbidden Blood Beasts.

Evil Blood Scorpion ate the monster while saying with a smile, “Now what are you doing in it? So slow?”

Zhao Fu replied, “She needed my evil Immortal Power to treat the injury, so it took some time.”

Evil Blood Scorpion chuckled and said, “Really? I want it too.”

Zhao Fu said, “I want your evil blood crystal!”

Evil Blood Scorpion said with a smile, “Okay, the deal is done.”

At this time, the evil blood spider came out, and looked at the evil blood scorpion evil charm said with a smile in his eyes, “You came so fast!”

Evil Blood Scorpion said with a smile, “It is clear that I found him first, and he just walked here from my site.”

The evil blood spider said, “Then I don’t care, I want to charge some passing money.”

Evil Blood Scorpion said with a smile, “It’s okay, but I want to complete the transaction with him first, you can ask him later.”

The evil blood spider chuckled, “Let’s go! Hurry up.”

Evil Blood Scorpion’s black eyes looked towards Zhao Fu.

Another day passed, the body of the evil blood scorpion also became a normal person, and he sat in Zhao Fu’s arms with satisfaction, “You are much better than our master in this respect, and I am a little obsessed with you.”

The evil blood spider smiled and said, “Um, I feel addicted. I just wanted him within the body’s strength. If you are crazy and perverted like the master, we will like it even more. We want us to acknowledge allegiance. It’s not a problem.”

Zhao Fu frowned, didn’t want to talk about it, and said, “Give me the evil blood crystal, I’m leaving!”

The Evil Blood Scorpion took out the Evil Blood Crystal that became a finger and gave it to Zhao Fu, said with a smile, “If you need it, you can call us. Of course, we also charge for service.”

Zhao Fu didn’t say anything, and continued to fly to a place.

Now Zhao Fu’s purpose has been clear, that is to find the Eight Forbidden Blood Beasts, get the blood crystals in their hands, and enter the depths of the evil immortal chaos.

Zhao Fu came to the front of a platform. There was a layer of white fluff on the platform, which felt very soft.

There are two Eight Forbidden Blood Beasts lingering on it. One has a deep blue head and long hair, a tall figure, a neutral face, and a pair of deep blue butterfly wings. Behind it is a butterfly-like deep blue tail, wings and There are patterns on the tail, which looks good.

A slender figure with short white hair like fluffy, a pair of white insect eyes, a pair of moth-like white wings behind him, and a moth-like tail behind him, looks very simple.

They have a blue crystal and a white crystal on their chests.

Zhao Fu looked at the two women started talking, “I am the descendant of the evil immortal, come to get your blood crystals.”

The evil blood butterfly hugged the evil blood moth and looked at Zhao Fu and said, “If you want to get the blood crystal, it depends on whether you have the skills! And I am not a man who can touch it, and show your skills, otherwise I I will eat you, don’t think that you are the Master’s successor, I won’t eat you.”

The Evil Blood Moth said in the arms of the Evil Blood Butterfly, “This is not so good! He is the master’s heir after all.”

The evil blood butterfly chuckled and said, “If he is a trash, it will lose the master’s face. It is better to eat it for us to enhance our strength. I also look forward to the flesh and blood taste of the master legatee. I believe it should be very Delicious.”

The evil blood moth looked towards Zhao Fu, and there is no objection, and said, “Oh!”

Zhao Fu looked at the evil blood butterfly and said, “I don’t know how can I prove myself?”

The evil blood butterfly is lightly smiled, a pair of deep blue wings emerges with numerous light spots, forming a dozen or so two-meter-wide butterflies flying towards Zhao Fu, looking like there is no danger.

Zhao Fu did not speak, and stretched out a hand, an evil fairy’s power gushed out, and eight blood-colored twisted runes formed a circle, emitting a slight blood light.

At this time, those dozen blue butterflies flew extremely fast, their wings were as sharp as blades, and they cut towards Zhao Fu, bringing out one after another blue flow mark in the air.

Zhao Fu’s outstretched hand pushed forward.

A wave of blood-colored light spread forward, and the blue butterflies flew into the wave of blood-colored light, and immediately collapsed into numerous blue and dissipated.

The evil blood butterfly got some interest, with a light touch of his finger, a blue beam shot at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu injected a strong strength into the blood-colored rune, and the eight runes emitted strong blood-colored rays of light, forming a circular protective cover.


The blue rays of light hit the scarlet protective cover, and the numerous rays of light spread out without causing any damage to the protective cover.

Zhao Fu stepped out, eight blood-colored runes came automatically behind Zhao Fu, forming a standing circle, countless blood-colored rays of light shot out, and a crazily twisted and evil strength of killing came out like a flood, Submerge the ground in it.

Evil Blood Butterfly and Evil Blood Moth felt this strength and their expressions were a little surprised. They could see that Zhao Fu’s Bloodline had reached the final stage.

Zhao Fu looked at the two women with both eyes, “I wonder if I am qualified now?”

The evil blood butterfly stretched out a hand and hooked it, said with a smile, “You can promote the evil fairy Bloodline to the final stage, you are the first person besides the master, come on! You are qualified, Now it’s up to you to see if your master is as good.”

Two days later, the evil blood butterfly chuckled in Zhao Fu’s arms and said, “Um, I underestimated you and took back the previous sentence,”

Zhao Fu said, “Give me the blood crystal!”

The evil blood butterfly said with a smile, “Why are you so anxious?”

Zhao Fu said, “I have to go to other people to get blood crystals.”

Evil Blood Butterfly said with a smile, “I will give you some positions for them. You don’t need to find them. You enter the depths of the forbidden area and get the master’s strength earlier. I will recognize you as the new Master.”

Zhao Fu said curiously, “master’s strength?”

The evil blood butterfly is nodded, “Although the master is dead, there is still an extremely large evil fairy power. This blood fairy power is also the core of this space. If you retrieve that kind of strength, We will recognize you as a new evil fairy.”

Zhao Fu understands. No wonder these Eight Forbidden flesh and blood have such an attitude towards him. It turns out that they have to get back the evil Immortal Power before they can recognize themselves.

The evil blood butterfly looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “How many blood crystals have you got now?”

Zhao Fu talked about what happened before.

The evil blood butterfly told the location of the remaining four Eight Forbidden Blood Beasts, Zhao Fu did not waste time, and immediately flew to a place.

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