The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2994


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First Volume Chapter Four Hundred and 42

Zhao Fu first came to a blood pool. Inside, a woman was soaking in the blood pool with her back leaning against the wall of the blood pool with her hands open on both sides.

She has long fiery-red hair, slightly curly hair, beautiful and alluring face, sexy body, and a domineering temperament. What makes people feel more frightened is that her lower body is a fiery-red centipede. A part is exposed, and a part is immersed in the blood pool.

Zhao Fu just flew in, she opened the pair of red both eyes, with a smile on the corners of her mouth, “Is there something wrong?”

Zhao Fu started talking, “I’ll come over to get your blood crystal!”

Evil Blood Centipede said with a smile, “You give me a reason.”

Zhao Fu exuded a powerful imposing manner, and said, “Is this one reason as a descendant of the evil immortal enough?”

Evil Blood Centipede chuckled and said, “Of course it’s not enough. I have understood your identity a long time ago.”

Zhao Fu asked coldly, “What do you want?”

Evil Blood Centipede looked at Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Be my slave!”

Zhao Fu frowned, “No!”

Evil Blood Centipede said with a smile, “Then you go too!”

Zhao Fu felt somewhat angry in his heart, thinking for a moment, and said, “not equal to me, how about a bet? As long as you win against me, I will be your servant. If I win, you only need your blood crystals, dare you? ?”

Evil Blood Centipede sneered, “What dare not? How do you gamble?”

Zhao Fu said, “I can use my evil fairy power to condense an avatar, or you can use your strength to condense an avatar, with the same cultivation base level, depending on who is strong and who is weak.”

The evil blood centipede looked at Zhao Fu with his eyes, lightly said with a smile, “Are you stupid? Your evil immortal power can suppress my strength, and my strength will be great against your evil immortal power The rate is weakened, it must be me who loses, what is the bet on this?”

Zhao Fu looked at the evil blood centipede and said, “What do you want?”

Evil Blood Centipede showed a smile at the corner of his mouth, stretched out a hand and hooked his finger, “We will compare that. If you win, I will give you blood crystals.”

This gambling game is totally beneficial to the evil blood centipede. If Zhao Fu wins, she is her servant. If you lose, you can get Zhao Fu’s strength, but Zhao Fu has no choice but to do so.

It took two days, Zhao Fu looked at the Evil Blood Centipede who had fainted on the ground and stretched out a hand to take away her blood crystals. Although she was also very difficult to deal with, she was too much. Underestimating Zhao Fu’s strength, Zhao Fu flew to another place.

Come to a huge snail shell, the snail shell is silver, and the mouth of the snail is facing the ground. According to the news given by the evil blood butterfly, the evil blood snail is here.

Zhao Fu started talking, “I am the descendant of the evil immortal who came to collect blood crystals!”

After waiting for a while, Zhao Fu didn’t get any reply. After yelling a few more times, it was still the result. Zhao Fu unable to bear waved his hand and struck the snail shell with strength.


Zhao Fu’s strength was blocked by an invisible Formation before it hit the snail shell, and Zhao Fu’s strength was blown away on it.

But the snail shell still has nothing.

Zhao Fu was a little embarrassed, “What should I do now?”

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu stretched out a hand and placed it on the Formation. A wave of evil spirits surged out, and eight bloody distorted runes appeared. The Formation seemed to melt and a big hole appeared.

The power of this evil immortal is useful here.

Zhao Fu came to the snail shell and knocked the snail shell hard, but there was no rest assured. There was no way that Zhao Fu could only dig a hole in the ground.

The inside of the snail shell is bright, and there are some furniture, a jade bed and a woman lying on it.

She has long hair, a sweet face, two tentacles on her forehead, and her body is snow-white, as if there are no bones, soft.

She should be the evil blood snail.

Zhao Fu walked to her side, the evil blood snail did not respond at all. Zhao Fu saw that she was in a deep sleep, so he couldn’t wake up.

However, Zhao Fu didn’t want to worry about other things. He stretched his hand to her chest, ready to take her silver blood crystal.


But when Zhao Fu’s finger touched the blood crystal, the blood crystal directly emitted a silver strength, and Zhao Fu’s hand was bounced by a strength, making a sound.

Zhao Fu’s hand felt a corrosive pain, as if touching a corrosive liquid, frowned and looked towards the sleeping evil blood snail.

Although the evil blood snail is deeply asleep and seems not dangerous, it still has protective strength.

This Evil Blood Snail’s protective power is far stronger than Zhao Fu’s strength. Zhao Fu is estimated to be more difficult to break. Looking at the Evil Blood Snail’s attractive body, Zhao Fu is not welcome.

The evil blood snail woke up from a deep sleep, revealing a pair of pure white both eyes. Looking at Zhao Fu in front of him, he said, “Are you the heir of the master’s?”

Zhao Fu smiled and complied.

Evil Blood Snail also didn’t say anything.

Time passed another day, Xie Blood Snail nestled in Zhao Fu’s arms and said with a smile, “Thank you, I haven’t been like this in a long time.”

Zhao Fu looked at the evil blood snail and felt that she was the highest character among the several blood beasts Zhao Fu had met, said with a smile, “You are welcome!”

The evil blood snail extends the hand to the silver crystal in front of his chest, and handed it to Zhao Fu with a smile and said, “You came for this thing, right? I will give it to you now.”

Zhao Fu took the silver crystal and said, “Thank you!”

Xie blood snail sweet said with a smile, “No, I hope you can inherit the master’s strength, then I will be your toy.”

Zhao Fu said strangely, “Toys?”

Evil Blood Snail replied, “Um, all eight of us are master’s toys. The master can do anything to us, and we also like the master to torture and abuse us.”

Zhao Fu said in his heart, “That evil fairy really turned out to be abnormal.”

However, Zhao Fu thought again that if it were not for perverted madness, he would not be able to create the power of evil immortals. And when they destroyed them by themselves before, they were not only not angry, but happier. They were created by the power of evil immortals, and so were their personalities.

Evil Blood Snail said, “I have been sleeping here for so many years, and I want to go out for a walk, too,”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, I can promise you.”

Xie Blood Snail looked at Zhao Fu’s sweet said with a smile, “Thank you very much!”

Zhao Fu said, “I still have things, and I will talk after I have settled them.”

Evil Blood Snail asked, “Are you looking for blood crystals elsewhere? Do you need my help?”

Zhao Fu thought about it and said, “No, I am a descendant of evil immortals. Although their attitude towards me is not very good, it shouldn’t be hurt me.”

Evil Blood Snail smiled and replied, “Um!”

Zhao Fu left this snail shell and flew to another place. The seventh eight-forbidden blood beast was on a high mountain. Zhao Fu flew over and saw a 100-meter-high woman raised the head looking at the sky .

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