The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2995


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First Volume Chapter Four Hundred 43

She has long purple hair, high cold face, skin like jade, a purple crystal inlaid on her chest, four pairs of insect wings behind her, attractive figure, and a purple ant on her lower body, emitting an imposing manner Very powerful.

The seventh evil blood ant.

She seemed to know that Zhao Fu was coming, so she waited for Zhao Fu to take a look, a pair of purple eyes looked at Zhao Fu and said, “You are here!”

Zhao Fu started talking, “Um !”

The evil blood ant said, “I want to know what happened after the master died and what’s going on outside now.”

Zhao Fu thought for a while, then told the evil blood ants what he knew.

After hearing Zhao Fu’s words, the evil blood ant fell into contemplation. After a while, he looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “Then what are your plans?”

Zhao Fu said, “It’s nothing, I will leave after taking the power of the evil immortal.”

The evil blood ant said, “Have you never thought of avenging your master?”

Zhao Fu also said with some headaches, “You are complicated, I don’t know what to do, it may or may not.”

The evil blood ant said, “You are the master’s legatee!”

Zhao Fu replied, “I know that as a descendant of the evil immortal, I have an obligation to avenge him, but I also have my difficulties, I can only say my best.”

The evil blood ant was silent for a while, and then said, “Master’s strength is the core of this place. If you take it away, this place will also be destroyed. What do you plan to do with us?”

Zhao Fu said, “Whatever you want!”

Evil blood ant frowned frowned, “Don’t you like us?”

Zhao Fu said, “Don’t you guys don’t like me very much? If you are willing to follow me, I will take her, if you don’t want to, I won’t force it.”

The evil blood ant looked directly at Zhao Fu, “Then you want to be with me?”

Zhao Fu is not very difficult to accept in his heart, so he has not shown any attitude, but he likes it a little in his heart. It seems that such things have happened before, such as various monsters and evil fairy relics.

The body of the evil blood ant quickly became smaller, and he put his arms around Zhao Fu and said softly, “Don’t waste time!”

Zhao Fu looked at the evil blood ant in his arms and said, “I’m leaving!”

The evil blood ant had a ruddy face and whispered softly, “Um, if you collect all the blood crystals, come and let me know, I want to enter it too.”

Zhao Fu said, “No problem!”

Evil Blood Ant lightly smiled.

Zhao Fu let go of the evil blood ant and flew to the last place. As long as the blood crystal in her hand is held, he can go to the deepest part of the evil immortal chaos, which is the evil immortal Land of Death.

During the flight, a silhouette blocked Zhao Fu.

This silhouette is a heroic woman, with short green hair, a pair of worm horns on the head, a hot body, and a green beetle shell behind her, a pair of feet like worm claws, exuding a wave Strong breath.

She was the last blood beast Zhao Fu looked for, named Xie blood insect.

Evil blood insect said with a smile, “I am looking for you!”

Zhao Fu asked, “Anything?”

The evil blood insect said with a chuckle, “Of course I have, am I the last one?”

Zhao Fu nodded.

Evil blood insect said with a smile, “Then let’s start too! I heard that you are better than our master, but after a few days you will not go to my place.”

Zhao Fu smiled at Um.

The evil blood insect lay satisfied in Zhao Fu’s arms, “They are right, you are much better than our master.”

Zhao Fu smiled.

Evil blood insect said with a smile, “You are more crazy and perverted towards us, and we will like it even more.”

Zhao Fu said, “I understood, you have said it many times.”

The evil blood insect raised his chin, “Why don’t you do it after we have said so many times? Maybe we will acknowledge allegiance to you soon.”

Zhao Fu said, “I don’t quite believe it.”

Evil blood insect looked at Zhao Fu with both eyes, “Why?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Okay, don’t say more, give me your blood crystal, I’m going to the depths.”

Evil blood insect nodded, take off the green crystal on the chest and pass it to Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu extend the hand crystallized, a smile appeared, “I’m leaving!”

Xie blood insect said, “Wait, I’ll tell them. We haven’t been there since the master died, and now I want to go there.”

Zhao Fu thought for a moment and said, “I’ll be waiting for you there, you guys hurry up.”

The evil blood insect kissed Zhao Fu and Um smiled.

Zhao Fu came to the front of a blood-colored semi-circle, in front of which was the evil fairy Land of Death, which contained the purest evil fairy power. That kind of madness, distortion, and perverted aura would erode everything, eight blood When the beast enters it, there will be a little danger.

Now Zhao Fu has eight blood crystals, plus as the descendant of the evil immortal, there should be no danger in entering it.

Waiting in place for a while, the silhouette of Hachido flew over from a distance.

The evil blood ant looked at the scarlet defensive shield and said in a sad tone, “Unconsciously so much has passed!”

The evil blood butterfly said with a smile, “The master has been dead for many years, and we have waited so much, until the new evil fairy appears.”

The evil blood spider looked at Zhao Fu with a wicked smile and said, “Do you want to be our new owner? We give you this opportunity. If you can’t do it, you will stay here forever. Of course I can’t bear to eat it. You.”

Evil Blood Centipede wore a cool smile, “Um, he is a man who conquered me. The master can’t do it. It would be a waste to eat him.”

The Evil Blood Ant glanced at Zhao Fu and said, “He is the heir of master’s and cannot get back the master’s strength. Let’s not embarrass him, let him go!”

Evil Blood Scorpion is lightly snorted, “I can’t bear him. There is no fun here. I’m going to be bored to death, so I won’t let him go. If you think about him, don’t interfere with us. Watching then it will be alright.”

Evil Blood Snail looked at Zhao Fu in his eyes, some wanted to speak for Zhao Fu, but some didn’t dare.

Evil Blood Centipede smiled and said to Zhao Fu, “Okay! You now use eight blood crystals to open this Formation.”

Hearing what they said, Zhao Fu’s heart did not change. Even if he could not get back the strength of the evil fairy, he still had some confidence to escape.

Taking out the eight blood crystals, under the control of Zhao Fu, the blood crystals were brought together to form a crystal stone with eight colors. Exuding a powerful strength, it shot at the scarlet defensive cover.


The crystal stone was shot on the defensive cover, and the colored energy spread out, and a big hole appeared in the blood-colored defensive cover. The bloody aura inside was left out like blood. The twisted and crazy breath that exudes turned out to be the number outside. ten times.

Eight blood beasts stood there, feeling this familiar strength, showing a smile, this is their master’s strength.

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