The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2996


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First Volume Four Hundred and Fortieth Chapter Four

Zhao Fu walked in, and eight blood beasts followed behind him.

The ground seems to be soaked with blood, all around is filled with a kind of blood energy, there is no living thing in it, and there is no sound.

That invisible eroding force began to erode everyone indiscriminately. Eight blood beasts stretched out a hand, eight strands of strength gush out, gathered in the air, forming a colored ball of light, emitting numerous rays of light, forming a colored protective cover.

This protective cover not at all envelops Zhao Fu, but only envelops the body of eight blood beasts, because this is also a test of Zhao Fu, they cannot have any interference.

Zhao Fu not at all cared about this erosion power, and did not even use the power of evil immortals. With Zhao Fu’s terrifying Constitution, he can be immune to this erosion.

numerous Flesh and Flesh saw this scene, and he was a little surprised.

Everyone kept walking forward and came to a big pit. The big pit was not very big, it was only 5 or 6 meters wide. The ordinary-looking youth lay in the center. He was wearing a purple clothed suit and his skin was bloody, as if Did not die, just fell asleep.

When the eight blood beasts saw that young man, they showed a sad look. That young man was the evil fairy in the legend.

Evil Blood Scorpion whispered, “I miss the days when the master was there. That was our happiest time.”

The evil blood spider said sadly, “Um, in fact, the master didn’t choose to fight the Eastern Alliance recklessly, no who could kill him.”

The evil blood butterfly looked at the young man’s corpse, “The master has to fight hard to avenge the revenge of the year. If you choose to hide, the master will not feel any pleasure after taking revenge.”

Zhao Fu unable to bear asked, “I am a little curious, what is the hatred between the Eastern Alliance and the evil fairy?”

The evil blood butterfly said, “I can tell you and let you know about it.”

The Evil Blood Butterfly continued, “Back then, our owner was just an ordinary person, and his family lived in a Small City in the Eastern Alliance. The owner accidentally offended Eldest Young Lady, an Alliance Leader of the Eastern Alliance, and the whole family was hung on the wall. I was bitten by Ten Thousand Insect.”

“The master was tied to one side, watching how his family died tragically, he himself was interrupted, and he was raised by the Eldest Young Lady like a dog, suffering all kinds of torture and humiliation, in a strong heart of revenge Next, the master still chose to persevere, not at all being tortured to death by that Eldest Young Lady.”

“The Eldest Young Lady gradually lost interest in the master. The master waited for a chance to escape and kept desperately cultivation, and then went to avenge and assassinate the Eldest Young Lady, but in the end it was naturally unsuccessful and the master was caught again. “

“This time the master was thrown to a person who was experimenting with various medicines. Everyday all had to endure all kinds of pain. The master persisted every day, and finally escaped in an accident and escaped to the land of Extreme Yang. Created Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique.”

“The master understands that the Eastern Alliance is powerful and did not take revenge immediately. He has been desperately cultivation, and finally became the evil immortal feared by others. Later, the master caused a catastrophe and severely damaged the Eastern Alliance. Finally, he was in an Alliance Leader’s Died here under sneak attack.”

“The master is actually taking revenge. The Alliance Leader’s family was killed by him. The Eldest Young Lady was also bitten and swallowed by Ten Thousand Insect, and there was no soul left.”

“This is the grievance between the Master and the Eastern Alliance. The master finally died in the hands of the Eastern Alliance. We should also avenge the master. You are the successor of the Master. I hope you can inherit this hatred and destroy the Eastern Alliance for your master. “

Zhao Fu fell silent, some headaches.

Evil Blood Scorpion said, “There is no need to hope for him, now he can get back the master’s strength, maybe, if he can’t get back, he will be our toy.”

The evil blood ant sighed, “If he can’t avenge his master, then we don’t have any possible revenge. Now we have not recovered from the injuries. Fortunately, there is Formation protection formed by the master. Killed.”

Evil Blood Moth said, “Master’s matters should be left to him. We still don’t intervene.”

Evil Blood Snail suddenly said, “He inherits the master’s various abilities, then he should also be able to revive the master.”

The evil blood butterfly said flatly, “The resurrected is the Master corpse, not our master, and it doesn’t make any sense.”

Evil Blood Centipede looked at Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Let’s not waste time anymore. Go ahead and try and see if you can get back the master’s strength.”

Zhao Fu nodded, walked forward.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, the evil fairy’s body exuded a huge strength, and the blood energy of all around gathered crazily to form a huge blood-colored vortex, which produced a terrifying suction force, as if to Everything is sucked into it and crushed.

This strength is also an indiscriminate attack. Eight blood beasts release strength to resist this suction.

Zhao Fu expression grave walked forward, the body also emitted a huge blood energy, forming a blood-colored vortex, much smaller than the evil fairy’s blood-colored vortex, but resisted the terrifying suction, and continued Go forward.

As Zhao Fu continues to walk in, the two blood-colored vortex will also collide together. That huge vortex exerts a powerful thrust on Zhao Fu, and his small blood-colored vortex does not seem to be the opponent of the big vortex. Generally, there are some signs of a crash.

Zhao Fu stepped forward, exuding a stronger bloody aura, and bumped into it with that little bloody vortex.

hong long long ……

That huge noise kept emitting, the two blood-colored vortex collided together, and the huge vortex turned to disperse the edges of the small vortex. A gust of terrifying wind blew all around, lifting the ground and blowing away.

Seeing that the small vortex is obviously not the opponent of the big vortex, it keeps getting smaller, and the strength of the big vortex is also reduced.


With a huge sound, the small vortex of Zhao Fu collapsed and dissipated into countless blood energy. The suction force generated by the large vortex also sucked Zhao Fu into it.

At that moment, Zhao Fu sword finger jerked forward.

The scattered one after another bloody aura merges with a terrifying sword intent, forming a thousand bloody sword qi, carrying a terrifying incomparable strength, as if to destroy the world and cut it forward.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and countless bloody sword Qi Slash on that huge bloody vortex chopped up that huge bloody vortex, turned into a numerous bloody aura and dissipated.

That terrifying momentum caused countless people present to plunge into the ice water and feel a terrifying chill.

Numerous blood beasts showed a surprised expression, because a strength is not a pure evil fairy power, but a product of a combination of terrifying sword intent and evil fairy power.

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