The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2997


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First Volume Chapter Four Hundred 45

In terms of the power of evil immortals, Zhao Fu must be an evil immortal that is not stronger than the power to create evil immortals, but Zhao Fu has other strengths that are not weaker than evil immortals. Just now Zhao Fu used the meaning of ten thousand swords and The strength combined with the power of the evil immortal cuts that bloody vortex away.

Numerous blood beasts also re-examined Zhao Fu. Before, they thought that Zhao Fu was just an evil fairy legatee, only mastering the power of evil fairy, but they did not expect that Zhao Fu also mastered other terrifying strength.

Zhao Fu continued to walk forward.

The corpse of the evil immortal gushes out a huge bloody aura, spreading around all around like a sea of ​​blood, the imposing manner it emits is very terrifying, it just covers all around all in a moment, the silhouettes of everyone in Zhao Fu I can’t see it either.

si si…

Countless neighs sounded from the sea of ​​blood, and the sea of ​​blood continued to condense and change, forming a different insect beast. There are scorpions, centipede, spiders, ants, flies, butterflies, beetles, worms…

Each one is at least three meters long, and the eyes are crazy and cruel, and the breath that exudes is very powerful, which makes people feel a sense of fear.

The blood beasts immediately released the eight-strength strength, gathered together to form a powerful defensive cover, because these insect beasts would attack them together.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and a huge wave of blood energy also gushed from Zhao Fu’s body, spreading like a wave of blood to all around.

Countless insect beasts are also quickly condensed, including ants, scorpions, earthworms, leeches, caterpillars, centipede…

Each one is only one foot long, and although it is very crazily distorted, the strength it exudes is still not as strong as the opposite.

There are two reasons.

First Zhao Fu’s current evil fairy power is Early-Stage’s evil fairy strength. The evil fairy’s strength is the mature strength. The evil fairy’s strength is definitely stronger than Zhao Fu.

The backlash of the second smelting of the Bloodline is different. The evil fairy swallows those insect beasts one by one, while Zhao Fu swallows all kinds of bloodlines and forms the strength in two ways. The evil Immortal Flower takes a long time. Be stronger.

The insect beasts of both sides looked at each other fiercely, and then rushed towards each other in a frenzy.

An ant bit the body of an earthworm, a praying mantis spreads the wings of a butterfly, a leech sticks to an insect beast to suck the blood of that insect beast, and a beetle A moth struck out hard.

A centipede entangles a Rhinoceros Beetle, and a bite is on the Rhinoceros Beetle, a moth, a wing, and countless powders fly apart, causing some insect beasts to fall into a frenzied attack. On a scorpion.

The battle between the two sides was very fierce. Zhao Fu’s insect beast was constantly stroking down. It can be seen from before that Zhao Fu’s insect beast is not an opponent.

si si…

Numerous neighing noises continued, and the two insect beasts continued to fight frantically. There were fewer and fewer insect beasts beside Zhao Fu, and finally the countless insect beasts of the evil immortal flooded Zhao Fu’s body.

Looking at the scene before me, the numerous blood beasts heart startled.

The evil blood butterfly said anxiously, “Let’s do it! Otherwise he might die here.”

Evil Blood Scorpion frowned frowned and said, “If we do, then he will fail.”

Evil Blood Centipede looked at the submerged Zhao Fu, said solemnly, “It’s not that many anymore, I don’t want that guy to die here, after all, he is the master’s heir, and he can give us so much happiness.”

The evil blood ant said solemnly, “Then let’s take action!”


Many women were thinking of making a move. A huge rumbling sound rang out, and countless golden rays of light shot out from the pile of insects. A terrifying strength knocked out countless insect beasts.

Eight huge golden suns flew out of it with a terrifying imposing manner, and flew into the sky, emitting countless intense rays of light, and an extremely hot strength enveloped countless insect beasts, burning them In my body, countless insect beasts make painful calls.

Many women looked at the scene in shock, and felt a sense of fear in their bodies. This strength can restrain their evil immortal power, and they also know what this strength is.

The evil blood butterfly said in shock, “How could he have such a pure Origin Daily Power?”

The evil blood ant seriously said, “Such Origin Power ordinary people can’t get, and the Origin power that the owner got back then was not so strong. This may be derived from the Origin power on the eight suns.” [19459002 ]

Evil Blood Snail looked at the eight suns with his eyes, “Just now he showed that many powerful sword intent, and now he has shown such a powerful Origin Power, what should he hide from us, his identity is more than we thought To be terrifying.”

Evil Blood Centipede said seriously, “What is his identity? We didn’t even notice it at all, and were almost deceived by him.”

The evil blood spider said, “The core strength of the Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique comes from Origin Day Power. He has such a strong Origin Day Power and has very strong restraint on the Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique. If I know he has this strength, I Will believe that he can get the power of the master’s evil fairy.”

Evil blood insect said with a smile, “I didn’t think about why the master would choose him as the descendant, and how the two conflicting strengths would be in his body together.”

Evil Blood Snail smiled and said, “He will become our new owner, and we can leave here.”

A voice resembling a Spiritual God resounded in the sky, with great majesty, unable to refuse, resounding everywhere.

“Back then, the eight sun gods gave you Origin power, and you created the crazy terrifying power of evil immortals. At this time, they planted the cause. They met me and would lead the Japanese people to prosperity and revival. I am them The fruit, now I will take away your evil fairy power.”

bang bang bang ……

Eight huge rumbling sounds sounded, eight suns radiated incomparably dazzling rays of light, a huge heat enveloped countless insect beasts, those insect beasts screamed for death, their bodies turned into numerous bloody auras dissipated Come.

Streaks of blood energy emerged from that evil immortal’s corpse, and the corpse was slowly disappearing, leaving only a fist sized crystal stone of blood-colored octagonal shape, emitting a slight blood light, floating in the air in.

This crystal stone contains the true strength of the evil fairy, which may be very important to Zhao Fu. It may make the son of Zhao Fu stronger, and the evil fairy Bloodline within the body may also break through limit.

The eight suns reunited to form Zhao Fu’s body. Zhao Fu came to the blood crystal, stretched out a hand to hold a blood crystal in his hand, and felt the powerful strength. Yue was surprised Emoji.

Numerous blood beasts saw Zhao Fu get the strength of the evil immortal, that Zhao Fu was their new owner, and many women also recognized Zhao Fu’s identity, and bowed their heads slightly, indicating that the acknowledgement allegiance was in Zhao Fu.

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