The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2998


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First Volume Four Hundred and Fortieth Chapter Six

Zhao Fu looked at the blood beast many women with both eyes, “You guys get out first!”

Zhao Fu intends to swallow it now. This place is more suitable. More importantly, Zhao Fu unable to bear wants the evil fairy Bloodline to go further. Previously Zhao Fu evil fairy Bloodline was stuck at Saint Level Bloodline Peak. If it goes further That is Origin Bloodline, and it is also the first generation Origin Bloodline.

This first generation evil fairy Bloodline plus Zhao Fu’s first generation Origin Bloodline, then Zhao Fu has two first generation Origin Bloodline.

“Yes!” many women complied.

Zhao Fu sat cross-legged on the ground, the octagonal blood-colored crystal floating in front of his chest, strands of bloody aura floated into Zhao Fu’s body within the body, Zhao Fu exuded an invisible strength.

Many women are already standing in the distance and watching here.

The evil blood ant said, “He is about to fuse the master’s blood crystal to become our new master!”

Evil Blood Butterfly smiled and said, “I didn’t expect that although the power of Evil Immortal is not a master’s opponent, he uses another powerful strength to obtain the master’s blood crystal.”

Evil Blood Snail said, “Yes! I didn’t even think that he has such a pure Origin power. Unfortunately, we didn’t dare to ask his identity just now, and it seems that he has a karma relationship with the owner. The things inside feel too complicated. .”

Evil Blood Scorpion looked at Zhao Fu with his eyes, “I don’t know what changes will happen after he merges the master’s blood crystals. The master’s power is the old evil immortal power, and his is the new blood immortal power.”

Evil Blood Centipede said with a chuckle, “I don’t know, the only thing is sure is that without the master’s blood crystal, this place will collapse and disappear. What changes, have all kinds of geniuses emerged.”

What the Evil Blood Spider remembered, “We might be more difficult if we want to leave. The Eastern Alliance has already sealed this place. We will face countless Eastern Alliance chasing and killing. With our current strength, it may still be very dangerous.” [ 19459002]

The evil blood butterfly looked at Zhao Fu and said, “Now we can only rely on him!”


A huge rumbling sound sounded, the blood crystal in the shape of all directions exuded a huge evil fairy power, slowly flying into Zhao Fu’s chest, Zhao Fu’s body exuded strong blood light, It seemed to have become a bare man.

Zhao Fu within the body The crystal of Xiexian floats on top, and below is a sea of ​​blood. This sea of ​​blood is the various Bloodlines that Zhao Fu swallowed.

Now Zhao Fu also wants to condense his own blood crystal.

I saw the sea of ​​blood boiled first, and countless blood energy floated out of it, and bubbles of each and everyone also appeared, as if the whole sea of ​​blood was boiling hot.

A huge fishy smell gushes out from Zhao Fu’s body like a mist. This is the bloody smell from the boiling of blood. The ground where Zhao Fu’s body is all around seems to be corroded by this fishy smell. A bumpy surface appears.

With such a stench, the bloody smell in the noses of many women is strange and charming, many women even took a breather, which is impossible to bear.

The sea of ​​blood in Zhao Fu’s body swelled and rolled, began to gather towards the central area, and finally formed an incomparable gigantic blood cell.

A strong strength envelops that blood cell, causing the blood cell to shrink continuously, and the blood cell keeps getting smaller, and the blood concentration is also increasing rapidly,

That huge blood cell was a 100 meters wide blood cell in the new car. The color of the blood also became deep red. Now every drop of blood is equal to a hundred times the blood before, and the blood-reeking qi flavor is also extremely strong.

The strength that envelops the blood cells continues to compress the blood. This is when the blood begins to crystallize, gradually forming a crystal the size of ten meters, emitting a slight bloody rays of light.

This time is the most important time.

Eight blood-colored runes floated out from eight directions. With the blood-colored crystal stone as the center, the eight runes turned into eight streams of light. In the bleeding crystal, the surface of that blood crystal began to lose its blood color and became Transparency.

The large blood cells of originally ten meters turned into transparent crystals in the end, without the crimson blood color before, as if all were sucked into the center.

kāchā ……

A crisp voice sounded, and the crystal was about to be broken. Numerous blood-colored rays of light shot out. A fist sized octagonal blood-colored crystal appeared, exuding a huge evil fairy power.

This is the blood crystal condensed by Zhao Fu.

The evil fairy blood crystals that have been floating around carry a huge coercion, as if they can suppress a world, sinking slowly, Zhao Fu blood crystals carry a huge coercion, slowly towards rise.


A dull voice sounded, and the two strengths slowly touched each other, as if heaven and earth merged, exuding an imposing manner in which both gods and ghosts were terrified.

The two blood crystals began to fuse together, and the terrifying strength became more intense. Outside, I saw the entire evil immortal chaos trembling, and countless blood energy continued to surge like a tide. Infused into Zhao Fu’s.

Outside the evil immortal chaos, the sky suddenly darkened, strong winds rose, thunder and lightning roared, and a terrifying breath hiding the sky and covering the earth spread out.

Dongfang Jian heart startled, “What happened in the evil immortal world?”

Dongfang Qiu seriously said, “It is definitely not a good thing to give out a terrifying breath.”

Dongfang said with some worry last month, “He is still inside, has he encountered any danger? Should we also go in and see?”

Dongfang Tu said, “Um, it’s best to take a look at this thing, there can be no accidents.”

Everyone is nodded, no matter Zhao Fu or evil immortal chaos realm, they don’t want to have an accident.

But when everyone came to the stone wheel, they found that they could not enter the evil immortal chaos realm. It seemed that the space inside was completely chaotic, and they could not enter it through the stone wheel.

Everyone complexion changed, and now it is certain that something bad has happened inside, and my heart becomes tense.

Dongfangtu asked solemnly, “What should we do now?”

Dongfang Jian said, “Now that we can’t get in, there is nothing we can do. If the seal is broken, the result may be more serious. We can only wait.”

Dongfang asked last month, “But he is still inside, don’t he care?”

Oriental sword is nodded, “No way!”

Dongfang looked at Shilun worriedly last month, hoping that nothing would happen to Zhao Fu.


With a loud heaven-shaking noise, the two blood crystals of Zhao Fu within the body fuse together, and a round blood mask with terrifying strength instantly spread. Nothing can resist the general.

I saw that the blood-colored circular mask erupted from Zhao Fu’s body, and the ground shattered in an instant. The blood-colored circular mask continued to spread outwards at an extremely fast speed. In an instant, Heaven and Earth collapsed and the picture was extremely The shocking terrifying.

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