The Lord’s Empire Chapter 2999


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First Volume Chapter Four Hundred 47


With a loud noise, everyone in the Eastern Sword heart startled, raised the head looked towards the sky, and saw numerous cracks in the void, and countless blood-colored rays of light shot out, that crazy, twisted, evil breath Also tilted out, making everyone feel a sense of fear.

Dongfang Jian was stunned, “The seal was broken by a kind of strength!”

Dongfang Qiu hurriedly asked, “Is there any other way to fix it?”

Oriental sword shook the head.

Dongfang bitter face said ugly, “What terrifying thing happened in this?”


A louder sound came out, the sound shook all directions, the void was completely shattered, and a blood-colored world appeared in front of everyone, and that bloody aura could not stop the general pouring out and drowning everything.

Those who are far away can only feel a chill, the hairs on their bodies stand up, and they feel very uncomfortable.

The seal of the evil immortal chaos is shattered, the hearts of the people in the Eastern Sword fall into the valley, and the Eastern Alliance may have a major event.

However, now that the seal is completely broken, they can also enter the realm of evil immortals.

Dongfang Jian immediately started talking, “Let’s go in and see what happened!”

The others complied, with strong strength, and flew to the center of evil immortal chaos.

At this time, the blood of Zhao Fu within the body has been fused into one, and the power of the evil fairy of Supreme spreads, and at that moment the Spiritual Qi of Chaos World leans toward Zhao Fu.

Countless powerhouse complexion changed and looked towards Zhao Fu.

“What happened? Why did the Spiritual Qi of Chaos World gather in that direction? The last time the evil fairy Bloodline reached the 8th level did not cause such a big fluctuation.”

“This wave of volatility is not only larger than the volatility caused by the evil fairy Bloodline, but even larger than the volatility caused by the congenital sun god and congenital moon fairy. This is the first time that I have sensed such a big wave. ]

“Um, Chaos World must be a major event that happened in 10,000 years, so it caused such a huge fluctuation. I hope it is not a bad thing, otherwise the consequences are unimaginable. Chaos World may be hit hard.”

“I don’t know why, I always have a kind of anxiety, and that direction now gives me an ominous feeling.”

“Let’s go and take a look! If that kind of catastrophe happens, the more we can stop it.”

“Okay! I am also curious about what happened that can cause such a big fluctuation.”

bang bang bang ……

A huge rumbling sound sounded, each and everyone powerhouse turned into a stream of light and flew in the direction of Zhao Fu, dragging out one after another flow mark in the sky.

Countless ordinary people still look strange what happened. Now they have not sensed the terrifying fluctuation, but they will soon feel it.

The people of Dongfang Jian rushed to the depths of the evil immortal chaos, and saw the vast Power of Heaven and Earth poured into a silhouette. That person’s silhouette turned out to be Zhao Fu, and the whole body exuded a Supreme evil immortal. Force, everyone showed a surprised expression.

“how is this poSS ible?”

Everyone does not know why Zhao Fu exudes such terrifying power of evil immortals. Is it because evil immortals occupy the body, or what happened?

Evil Blood Centipede saw everyone in the Eastern Alliance, with a cold face, “Protect Master!”

Eight blood beasts also stood in front of everyone in the Eastern Alliance.

Dongfang yelled angrily last month, “What did you do to him?”

The corner of Evil Blood Centipede’s mouth rose up with a smile, “You can rest assured, we dare not do anything to our master!”

“What master? Is the evil immortal still occupying his body? Do you know his identity? He is the son of Origin.” Dongfang called last month, trying to use this method to make them jealous of Zhao Fu’s identity .

hearing this, many women looked at each other and showed a surprised expression. It turns out that Zhao Fu is a son of Origin, no wonder it is so powerful.

Evil Blood Centipede smiled and said, “Our Old Master is dead, and he is our new master.”

Dongfang wondered last month, “What do you mean?”

Evil Blood Centipede lightly said with a smile, “Don’t you understand? He is our master’s legacy, now he just takes back our master’s strength and becomes our new master.”

Everyone’s mind seemed to be hit by a huge force. Dongfang took a step back last month and asked with an incredulous expression, “You mean he is the descendant of the evil immortal?”

Evil Blood Centipede said with a smile, “Yes!”

At this time, everyone in the Eastern Alliance realized that they were completely deceived by Zhao Fu, but no one would have thought that the son of Origin was still the evil fairy legatee.

Dongfang was extremely angry last month. Zhao Fu deceived her feelings and used her to do various things. She also helped Zhao Fu in various ways. She was worried about what happened to Zhao Fu just now. Dongfang can’t wait last month. Kill Zhao Fu.

Dongfang Xiuyue also looked angry. She really underestimated Zhao Fu. She didn’t expect Zhao Fu to hide so deeply. She herself lost herself to Zhao Fu.

Everyone in Dongfang Jian regretted that why they coveted the identity and strength of the son of Origin, which caused such a big mistake now. If they were given a chance, they would never let Zhao Fu enter the evil immortal realm.

But now they regret it is useless, Zhao Fu has entered the evil immortal chaos realm and got the strength of evil immortal.

Dongfang Jian coldly said, “You guys stop them, we must stop him.”

The eight Alliance Leaders immediately issued a terrifying imposing manner, rushing to the eight blood beasts, and the rest rushing to Zhao Fu, trying to kill Zhao Fu on the spot.

The eight blood beasts all had injuries. Although they wanted to stop them, they were still stopped by the eight Alliance Leaders. The other four Alliance Leaders passed the eight blood beasts and rushed to Zhao Fu’s.

The Eastern Sword is the fastest, with one palm expelling forcefully, a terrifying sword power like a hot knife through butter cuts to Zhao Fu, as if no one can stop it.


With a loud sound, Dongfang Jian’s body flew out and fell to the ground spit a mouthful of blood.

Everyone in the Eastern Alliance has forgotten one important point, that is, the Spiritual Qi of the entire Chaos World is being injected into Zhao Fu’s body. Zhao Fu is now suffering from the strength bleSS ing of the entire Chaos World, and the Eastern Sword attacks Zhao Fu, but he is seriously injured.

The three people who originally wanted to attack, saw this scene, stopped in amazement, and then understood the reason after thinking about it. Their faces were very ugly. Now they have no chance to stop Zhao Fu’s.

The evil blood scorpion many women chuckled, retreated to the side, not in the fight of the numerous Alliance Leader.

Those Eastern Alliance Leaders also gathered together again.

Dongfang Kong asked anxiously, “Is there any way to stop him?”

Dongfang sighed bitterly, “Now he is subject to Chaos World bleSS ing, not to mention that even True Immortal is useless, this time we are going to lose.”

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