The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3000


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First Volume Chapter 448

The endless Power of Heaven and Earth continued to blend into Zhao Fu’s body, and the power that radiated the world made it so that no one dared to approach.

Numerous powerhouses also came here, looking at the scene with surprise.

“What’s the matter? How can he bear such a huge Power of Heaven and Earth pouring into this person’s body?”

“Wait, why does this person exude such terrifying power of evil immortals? Is he the rumored evil immortal?”

“It turns out that all this was caused by the descendants of the evil immortal, but the bloodline of the evil immortal has not reached the final 8th Order stage, how can I continue to advance?”

“The bloodline of the evil fairy is rumored to be the final stage of Saint Level peak bloodline. If it is in a breakthrough, it would be…”

“Um is Origin Bloodline, or the second Origin Bloodline except Chaos Origin Bloodline. This is the first time in Chaos World’s history that it caused such a big fluctuation.”

“The Eastern Alliance is about to face disaster. This evil immortal descendant has surpassed the previous generation of evil immortals and will be more terrifying. Who can resist him?”

“Yes, even the rumored Son of Origin may be weaker in front of him, because this is the first generation Origin Bloodline.”

“I did not make a mistake this time. I am very fortunate to witness the birth of Origin Bloodline.”

Everyone in the Eastern Alliance looked even more ugly when they heard this, and no one wanted to stop it, because they all knew they couldn’t stop it now.


A dull voice sounded, and the endless Chaos power ceased to be injected into Zhao Fu’s body. All around seemed to be in a static state. Although it seemed that there would not be any danger, everyone was even more afraid.

The blood-colored octagonal crystals of Zhao Fu within the body exude a blood-colored strength. A blood-colored transparent insect emerges from Zhao Fu’s body. There are scorpions, centipede, ants, earthworms, spiders, etc. And so on, spread like a tide.

When everyone saw the spreading insect beast illusory shadow, they also kept moving back. They saw countless insect beasts covering the front, forming a sea of ​​insect beasts.

These insect beasts are different from the previous ones. In the past, the insect beasts looked very frantic, twisted and evil. When they saw people, they couldn’t bear to rush to bite and swallow them, and they were flesh-and-blood entities. Now the insect beasts are scarlet. The illusory shadow is not the crazily distorted before, but a deep evil.

The imposing manner in the past was very terrifying, and when I saw it, I retreated in fright. Now this is a fear that springs from my heart.

second is more terrifying than first, because now the power of evil immortals has undergone a quality change and has become a kind of Highest Paragon power.


A huge sound rang again, and the numerous blood-colored insect beast illusory shadow collapsed and turned into numerous blood-colored light spots floating in the sky.

The fist sized all directions-shaped blood crystal of Zhao Fu within the body, the surface becomes transparent white, and it also shattered at that moment, exposing all directions-shaped blood crystals the size of a thumb at the center, on each side There is a twisted rune, which contains Heaven and Earth Great Path.

The countless blood-colored light spots floating towards the sky merged into the sky, and the sky gradually turned into a bloody color and spread out, covering the entire Chaos World in less than a moment, a crazy, evil, twisted strength like the sky Generally suppressed.

Countless people feel that breathing is difficult, there is an inexplicable fear in their hearts, and cold sweats are constantly coming out of their bodies. Even ordinary people know that something terrifying must have happened.

The blood-colored rays of light covered Chaos World, not at all. The blood-colored rays of light shot through countless spaces and distances, shining on the three worlds of Heaven Awaken World, Alchemy World, and the card world.

Heaven Awaken World was the closest, and it was the most affected. I saw the sky became bloody, and there was a faintly numerous insect illusory shadow appearing. Some weak creatures of strength were irradiated by blood light and immediately became crazy. numerous powerhouse complexion greatly changed.

“What happened to Chaos World? It caused such a big fluctuation.”

“This strength is also extremely terrifying, definitely a Paragon strength of Supreme, otherwise it is not so terrifying, this strength feels relatively unfamiliar, I haven’t met it before.”

“Do you feel familiar or not? Such a big fluctuation happened in Heaven Awaken World.”

“You mean the son of Heaven Awaken awakened the first generation Origin Bloodline? I also feel that this wave is very similar to the awakening of the first generation Origin Bloodline. It is very likely that it is a shocking genius in Chaos World who awakened the first generation Origin. Bloodline has caused such big fluctuations.”

“When will such a terrifying person appear in Chaos World? He will put us at a disadvantage to Heaven Awaken World, and will inevitably become our greatest threat to Heaven Awaken World.”

“Don’t worry so much, Chaos World has an Origin Bloodline, and we also have one in Heaven Awaken World. I think it should be able to resist or even suppress him.”

Everyone in Alchemy World saw countless blood-colored rays of light shooting from the void, feeling the terrifying strength, and showing a shocked expression.

“What kind of strength is this? It feels so evil, so crazy, and far above my strength.”

“Um, under this blood light, the metal will be corroded and turned into a kind of evil and crazy metal. If ordinary Alchemy Clan people are under the blood light, they will go crazy.”

“This blood light was not shot from Heaven Awaken World, it seems to be shot from Chaos World. I didn’t expect Chaos World to still affect us.”

“I just got the news that the descendants of the evil immortal awakened the blood of the first generation Origin.”

“No way! The blood of first generation Origin? This thing is almost impossible to do. It is more than a thousand times more difficult than becoming Immortal.”

“Because of this difficulty, the fluctuations caused are so great. It seems that Bloodline, the son of Heaven Awaken in the last Heaven Awaken World, was also the first generation Origin Bloodline.”

“oh! Heaven Awaken World and Chaos World both gave birth to such a powerful Bloodline, why didn’t our Alchemy World? This puts us at a very disadvantageous disadvantage.”

“Yes, looking at our Alchemy World, I can’t find anyone who can compare with them. In the future, both of them will become an existence that endangers our world. If there is an opportunity, we must get rid of them. Each.”

Countless blood light of the card world shone from the sky, and the people of the countless card world looked astonished. There was an illusion as if an insect had penetrated into the body, the body was trembling, and there was a chill.

“This is still the blood light shot from that world? Why is it terrifying? I have never seen this terrifying strength before.”

“It’s Chaos World. It seems that today’s major event occurred in Chaos World. We are still relatively lightly affected, and Chaos World is only affected the most,”

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