The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3001


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First Volume Chapter Four Hundred 49

“What happened to Chaos World? Why does this blood light hit our card world.”

“I heard that Chaos World gave birth to a first generation Origin Bloodline.”

“The blood of the first generation Origin? No wonder the fluctuations caused are so great, it seems that Heaven Awaken World also has one. I don’t know how they did it.”

“Our card world seems to have not produced one for so many years, otherwise our card world would be at a disadvantage Ah!”

“There is no Alchemy World here. I don’t know if their world has any amazing genius. If they also have the world, only our card world does not have it, that would be disadvantageous.”

Chaos World.

Zhao Fu rose automatically, floating in the sky, spreading his hands, countless bloody rune densely packed appeared Zhao Fu all around.

The all directions-shaped blood-colored crystals the size of a finger within the body slowly rise and grow from the upper middle position of Zhao Fu’s chest, just like inlaid on Zhao Fu’s body. Zhao Fu’s clothes are in one Invisible strength strength is torn apart.

The crystal emits countless blood light, and a powerful blood wave spreads out. Zhao Fu’s body has changed. One of his long black hair becomes bloody. There are countless worm eyes in the orbits of both eyes. Numerous blood-colored meridians spread from the position of a blood crystal on his chest.

A crazy, distorted, evil, and murderous is released from Zhao Fu’s body, covering this piece of Heaven and Earth. Zhao Fu has no expression, like a subterranean evil Immortal, which makes innumerable living beings feel it. fear.

Everyone was shocked to look at Zhao Fu in the sky. At this time, Zhao Fu was the final form of the evil fairy, and the Bloodline was also upgraded to the first generation Origin evil fairy Bloodline.

What the evil immortal did not accomplish back then, the goal he has been chasing all the time, today Zhao Fu accomplished it for him. Not only has Bloodline become the first generation Origin Bloodline, but the evil immortal’s power has also been upgraded to a Paragon power.

The difficulty is still very huge. It took countless years for the evil fairy to devour countless bloodlines to upgrade the evil fairy Bloodline to Saint Level peak bloodline. Zhao Fu has first generation Origin Bloodline bleSS ing, and countless more Bloodline, the power of the two evil immortals merged before the final breakthrough.

The strength of the evil fairy is very useful. If you rely on Zhao Fu himself, it is difficult to upgrade the evil fairy Bloodline to Origin Bloodline.

Everyone looked at Zhao Fu in shock, even if their strength is higher than Zhao Fu, facing Zhao Fu at this time is like a child with weak hands and feet, Zhao Fu’s strength is beyond their reach.

Dongfang still looked at Zhao Fu with an angry face last month, this bastard who deceived his feelings, and she caused the current result, and she also harmed the Eastern Alliance. In the future, the Eastern Alliance does not know how many people will lose. It’s all to blame her.

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang Shangyue with both eyes, “Sorry!”

Dongfang coldly said last month, “I don’t accept it, now I just want to kill you.”

Evil Blood Centipede lightly said with a smile, “Master, now you have the power of Chaos World bleSSing, you should take the opportunity to kill all the sect masters of the Eastern Alliance.”

hearing this, everyone complexion changed, Zhao Fu in this state is enough to kill them easily.

The Evil Blood Butterfly looked at everyone in the Eastern Alliance with a trace of coldness, “Yes! Master can now avenge Old Master and kill them all.”

Everyone in the Eastern Alliance immediately became vigilant and prepared to escape quickly.

Other powerhouses have also retreated. They don’t want to participate in the affairs between the Eastern Alliance and the evil immortals, which would have very serious consequences.

Dongfang’s bitter expression said with an ugly face, “How much can you escape later, don’t make any stops when you go, as long as the Power of Heaven and Earth on his body disappear, we are not afraid of him.”

The faces of other people are very ugly, even if they escape this time, in the future it is still difficult to escape Zhao Fu’s chase.

However, no matter what is the most important thing to save your life now, in the future you can only take one step and see one step.

Dongfang blamed himself last month, “I will stay and hold him, I am willing to take responsibility for this, you just run away then it will be alright.”

Dongfang Xiuyue cried out uncomfortably, “Last month!”

Dongfang said firmly last month, “Don’t persuade me, this time is what caused me, and for the Eastern Alliance, I am also unpardonable.”

Evil Blood Scorpion shouted, “Master quickly kill them, or your Power of Heaven and Earth will dissipate, and then we will be in danger.”

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang Shangyue and said, “I will not kill you.”

The expressions of the people in the Eastern Alliance were shocked, and they did not expect Zhao Fu to say that.

The blood beasts did not expect that the evil blood spider hurriedly shouted, “Masters are the old master’s enemies, you must kill them, or we will be killed by them.”

Zhao Fu said, “I have my own opinion on this matter!”

The blood beasts looked towards everyone in the Eastern Alliance with an angry face, and they didn’t know what Zhao Fu wanted to do and why they killed the people in the Eastern Alliance.

Dongfang asked coldly last month, “Why?”

Zhao Fu said, “I think the grievances between the evil immortal and the Eastern Alliance are over. I will not trouble the Eastern Alliance, nor should you trouble me.”

Everyone in the Eastern Alliance didn’t believe it, so there is such a good thing.

Dongfang Jian asked, “Is this true?”

Now their lives are in Zhao Fu’s hands, and they can’t resist Zhao Fu. They used to worry about the threat of evil immortals every day. If this matter can be resolved, they are naturally very happy. As for the previous grievances, they don’t want to go. Hold accountable.

Zhao Fu nodded.

Dongfang Jian did not hesitate, “Okay, we promise you, today our Eastern Alliance and your grievances are wiped out.”

The blood beasts were a little dissatisfied in their hearts, but they didn’t say anything.

The other powerhouses looked surprised. They didn’t expect the matter to be solved in this way. They thought that Zhao Fu would kill everyone in the Eastern Alliance, and the Eastern Alliance would mess up when the numerous Alliance Leader died, and they would also get a lot of benefits.

Dongfang did not expect Zhao Fu to do this last month, his face was complicated and he didn’t know what to do next.

Zhao Fu looked at Dongfang last month and said, “Now I don’t owe you anything! I won’t meet in the future.”

Dongfang looked at Zhao Fu with both eyes last month, flashing some tears.

Zhao Fu waved his hand, a strand of strength enveloped the many women of blood beasts, turned into a stream of light and disappeared into the horizon.

Everyone in the Eastern Alliance sighed in relief. They did not expect that the catastrophe of the Eastern Alliance would end so easily this time. They looked towards Dongfang Last Moon, and originally they still had some resentment qi towards Dongfang Last Moon. Now thanks to him, Zhao Fu Choose to give up revenge.

Dongfang lowered his head uncomfortably last month and flew to the other side.

Dongfang Xiuyue hurriedly pursued it, trying to persuade Dongfang to last month.

Everyone also felt boring and left this place. About what happened here, it spread quickly and immediately shocked the entire Chaos World.

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