The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3002


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First Volume Chapter 450

This was the birth of the first generation Origin Bloodline. Nothing like this has ever happened in Chaos history, and no one has ever thought that Bloodline can be upgraded to Origin Bloodline.

In the cognition of countless people, Origin Clan was born along with Chaos World. Their Origin Bloodline is born with them. Ordinary people have no ability to upgrade Bloodline to Origin Bloodline. Origin Bloodline also means aloof and remote, unreachable.

The most gratifying thing is that this generation of evil immortals did not want to be crazily distorted like the previous generation of evil immortals, and caused a world-shattering catastrophe in Chaos World, causing the loss of countless lives.

If this generation of evil immortals and the previous generation of evil Immortal-like, it will only cause greater casualties, Chaos World may be severely damaged, facing such a first generation Origin Bloodline, the numerous strong also feel very weak. There is no confidence to stop it.

However, now this evil immortal is not so crazy, and has reconciled with the Eastern Alliance, everyone is relieved.

in the future Chaos World To have such a person is also a good thing for Chaos World.

Many women on the moon and many women on the sun also know this, and it is clear that Zhao Fu raised the evil fairy Bloodline to the first generation Origin Bloodline.

Regarding this matter, they are still quite shocked, it is almost impossible to them.

Now Zhao Fu and eight blood beasts appear in the piece of mountain valley.

The evil blood scorpion somewhat angry said, “Why reconcile with the Eastern Alliance?”

The Evil Blood Spider also said, “Um, we should not reconcile with the Eastern Alliance. We should kill all the people from the Eastern Alliance, leaving none.”

The eyes of the Oriental Butterfly looked towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu started talking, “Since the evil immortal has already taken revenge, I don’t want to continue this period of grievances. The people of the Eastern Alliance are also kind to me. If you want to take revenge, I will not stop it. I will not In the tube.”

The evil blood scorpion snorted.

Evil Blood Snail glanced at the people and whispered, “I think it’s right that this thing ends here. Everyone doesn’t have to kill and kill, everyone can live quietly somewhere.”

Evil Blood Centipede softly said, “It feels like we are afraid of the Eastern Alliance. We are not afraid at all. It doesn’t matter if everyday all is on the run.”

The evil bloodworm said, “Yes, even if reconciliation, it should be the Eastern Alliance begging us to reconcile, rather than us actively reconciling to them.”

The evil blood ant looked at Zhao Fu with his eyes and said, “I think it’s better to forget, now he is Master, we should listen to master’s everything.”

The evil blood snail is nodded, “Um, we are all master’s toys. The owner can do whatever the master wants. We can’t have any complaints.”

The evil blood butterfly chuckled and said, “Anyway, I don’t want to.”

Many women looked towards Zhao Fu, some had some grievances. If Zhao Fu really wants to do this, they have no choice but to accept it.

Zhao Fu sighed and said, “Now I am also very embarrassed.”

Evil Blood Centipede said with a smile, “Okay! I don’t want the master to be embarrassed, and I am willing to listen to master’s, but you can compensate us well, the master.”

Zhao Fu chuckled.

Two days later, many women with ruddy faces nestled in Zhao Fu’s arms, and the evil blood butterfly asked, “Master, what should we do next?”

Zhao Fu replied, “I am going to find the last bronze shard. Now I can repair the Origin Armament only with that bronze shard. That’s when I awakened Chaos Supreme Emperor Star.”

Now Zhao Fu has obtained the first generation Origin Bloodline, which feels just one step away from the Supreme Emperor Star.

When everyone heard the Supreme Emperor Star, they were still quite shocked. Evil Blood Centipede said, “The Supreme Emperor Star of Chaos World, that is, Origin Clan has never awakened, but the legendary Emperor Star exists. You really Is it okay?”

Zhao Fu smiled confidently and nodded, “You stay here first to recover from your injuries, and you will come back after I deal with these things.”

Evil Blood Ant softly said, “Um, we are willing to listen to the master’s.”

Evil Blood Centipede said with a smile, “This time I am satisfied, I have nothing, and we have so much strength from the master, we also need to digest it well.”

Zhao Fu said, “Then I’m leaving!”

Many women are a bit reluctant, but still nodded.

It took Zhao Fu a few more days to return to Dragon Race. The Eastern Alliance did not reveal that Zhao Fu is also the son of Origin, so countless people still don’t know that the son of Origin is also Zhao Fu.

Long Wushui looked back at Zhao Fu, lightly said with a smile, “you brat is quite capable, you have completed such difficult things, and you have completed it twice. Now you have two first generations. How does Origin Bloodline feel?”

Among numerous powerful women, only Long Wushui knows everything about Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu took her into his arms, smiled and asked, “What do you mean?”

Long Wushui blushed and was about to give Zhao Fu a shot.

At this time, the numerous Dragon Race patriarch came here, watching Zhao Fu come back, anxiously talking about the first generation Origin evil immortal, saying that Zhao Fu had a powerful opponent.

They still don’t know that Zhao Fu is a descendant of the evil immortal. Zhao Fu sent them a few words and told them to go back.

Numerous patriarch still feels a little worried, the descendant of the evil fairy feels too terrifying.

Zhao Fu started to collect news about the last piece of bronze fragments. After searching for a long time, there was no news at all, which made Zhao Fu feel the headache of surrendering.

This last piece of bronze is too secretive. Zhao Fu actually predicted that the last time the knowledge collected two pieces of bronze pieces, not at all the third piece of bronze pieces.

Zhao Fu tried to find it again, but there was still no gain.

Finally, Zhao Fu realized that with Dragon Race’s ability, he couldn’t collect the news of bronze shards, so he could only rely on other forces. Then what forces are more famous in collecting news?

Zhao Fu thought of a few merchant groups, their news is relatively well-informed, maybe there will be some gains. Among them, the merchant group and Zhao Fu had a close relationship in December, so Zhao Fu decided to go to December and ask the people in December to help him collect information.

In December, many women looked at Zhao Fu who was on the platform bitterly.

Yue SainteSS said, “You guy will not take the initiative to look for us except for something else?”

The Moon Dancer was also angry and said, “The key is that you get in touch with flowers and grass every day. This time you went to the Eastern Alliance and said you had a relationship with several women?”

Zhao Fu smiled awkwardly.

Yue Fairy said with a slight smile, “Come on up! We haven’t gotten along for some days. We will tell others to do things.”

Zhao Fu hearing this smiling nodded.

The body emits a moonlight, and the body quickly flies to the sky. Now Zhao Fu has two strengths of sun and moon, and he has hardly encountered any difficulties. He flies to the moon at once.

Many women watched Zhao Fu flying up, but they were not angry with Zhao Fu’s, and happily surrounded them.

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