The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3003


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First Volume Chapter 451

After some friendly exchanges.

Yue Fairy nestled in Zhao Fu’s arms, and asked melancholy, “Find the last piece of bronze, are you going to be separated from us?”

Zhao Fu thought for a while, awakening Chaos World Supreme Emperor Star, that is when returning to Heaven Awaken World’s, leaving for so long, Zhao Fu missed it very much. replied, “Um!”

Yue SainteSS asked concerned, “Will you come back then?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I will come back when I have time, don’t be so sad Ah!”

Yue Yao said, “It’s not that we think too much. You don’t belong to Chaos World. After you leave, you know how many years you will come back. Maybe ten, twenty, or even a hundred years, if you don’t stay with us By your side, how can we feel at ease.”

Zhao Fu looked at her replied, “I can only say that there will be time to come back, and it will not be so long. I am leaving Chaos World, and you will not give up here. That’s all.”

Yue SainteSS asked, “Is there a way to get the best of both worlds?”

Zhao Fu thought for a while, “No!”

Yue SainteSS looked at Zhao Fu and said, “Then you must promise us, come back to see us when you have time, and you can’t deceive our feelings.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I know!”

After staying in the Moon Palace for a few days, the people in December tried their best to help him collect the news of bronze shards, but there was still no news of the last bronze shard.

Zhao Fu is now embarrassed. Didn’t such a large merchant group collect any news in December?

In the end, Zhao Fu could only go to other merchant groups and spent some money. As a result, Zhao Fu was not surprised and there was still no news.

Where will the last bronze fragment be?

Now Zhao Fu doesn’t know what to do, there is no news, and he doesn’t know where to look.

Zhao Fu thought for a while, and went to Wanjian City and the Wu Clan again, asking them to help collect the news about the bronze shards, but there was still no news.

There are so many news that Great Influence could not collect the last piece of bronze. Is that piece of Origin Armament originally saved, so Zhao Fu can’t find it?

This is possible, because according to the previous information, Origin Armament was originally a funerary left by the death of a noble Origin Clan. Later, Secret Realm broke the bronze shards and fell into Chaos World. Get it by different people.

If you want to know where the last bronze shard is, you have to make it clear, otherwise you will never find the last bronze shard.

Zhao Fu started to use Great Influence to collect news about Origin Clan.

An ancient book was sent to Zhao Fu’s room, Zhao Fu carefully checked it, looking for related news. Because the time is too long, information about Origin Clan is very scarce.

It took 5 or 6 days, Zhao Fu found a legend.

According to the legend, God gave birth to a daughter named Yao. After Yao fell in love with a man, he had a deep and sweet relationship. But the man died soon. The rumor went crazy and wanted to resurrect the man. He did not hesitate to seize the treasure of heaven. Punishment She died, people buried her in the ground.

Zhao Fu is also not sure whether this legend has anything to do with Origin Armament. The only treasure of heaven that is the same is an ancient copper mirror.

If this legend is true, then you need to get detailed information to know how the rumor died and how the treasure of that day was broken.

Zhao Fu continued to look up the ancient book, but there was no news, and other ancient books were not mentioned. As a result, Zhao Fu didn’t know the details of the matter, so he could not find the last piece of bronze.

“I won’t work for so long by myself, and finally realized that the bronze shards can’t be repaired?” Zhao Fu had a headache when he thought of it, and that many efforts were wasted before.

But this is not the case, what else can be done? The key is not only to repair Origin Armament, but Zhao Fu also wants to awaken the Supreme Emperor Star of Chaos World. If Origin Armament cannot be repaired, Zhao Fu’s plan to awaken the Supreme Emperor Star will be postponed.

The last hope is still in those ancient books, Zhao Fu asked several Great Influences to continue searching.

Long Wushui walked in, looked at Zhao Fu and looked at the ancient book, all around was also full of books, and asked, “Is there still no news?”

Zhao Fu looked down at the ancient book, replied, “Um!”

Long Wushui walked over and sat in Zhao Fu’s arms, “I will help you to see, are you tired of reading these ancient books these days?”

Zhao Fu hugged Long Wushui, smiled and said, “It’s a little tired, but it’s more important to find the last piece of bronze. If I can’t find it, my plan will be disrupted, and I will probably have to look for other things. Awaken Chaos Supreme Emperor Star.”

Long Wushui asked, “What have you gained these days?”

Zhao Fu told Long Wushui the legend he discovered.

Long Wushui thought for a while and asked, “That Secret Realm was broken, except for the Origin fragments, is there anything else?”

Zhao Fu replied, “There should be a lot of things, but they have been snatched away by the strong from all sides. Now in the past so long, the whereabouts of those strong are not clear, but they should not have the last piece of bronze. Otherwise, there will be no news at all.”

Long Wushui asked, “If the legend is true, there should be rumored corpses in Secret Realm. I don’t know if the last fragment is related to rumored corpses.”

What did Zhao Fu think of, if she could find Rumor’s body and resurrect her with the Eight Forbidden Bloods Technique, as long as she had a small part of her memory, she would definitely know where the last piece of bronze fragment was, then herself Can repair Origin Armament.

But where is the body of that rumor now? This is a new problem. Zhao Fu didn’t use any news. Zhao Fu thought about it for a while and let a few Great Influences collect news.

A few Great Influences are still very useful, and I have collected some related news.

The Western Alliance obtained a skeleton long ago. The skeleton is rumored to be the skeleton of an Origin Clan, and it is still a woman. It has been collected by the Western Alliance, and most people cannot see the remains of this Origin Clan.

Zhao Fu felt that the bones were probably the bones of the rumor. Otherwise, there would be no need to hear that other forces had the bones of Origin Clan. Zhao Fu decided to go to the Western Alliance to see it, hoping that the matter could be resolved, and thought of revealing here A faint smile.

Long Wushui looked at Zhao Fu and asked with a smile, “Is the matter resolved?”

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, “But it is still not sure. I will know until the end. I will go to the Western Union next.”

Long Wushui said with a smile, “Um, I am waiting for you to awaken Chaos Supreme Emperor Star.”

Zhao Fu smiled, hugged the dragon without water for a while, then went to prepare for a little bit and flew to the Western Alliance.

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