The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3004


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First Volume Chapter 452

After flying for a while, Zhao Fu stopped in a Large City pool to rest, watching the crowd gather in front of him, as if something lively happened.

Zhao Fu followed the past curiously. It was a handsome man holding a beautiful woman’s hand. The man had a playful smile, and the woman was struggling with somewhat angry.

The handsome man chuckled and said, “You bumped into it, should you compensate me?”

The woman angrily said, “I was not careful, and I have already apologized!”

The handsome man said with a smile, “Then I don’t care, anyway, this Young Master has fallen in love with you, it is your honor.”

The beautiful woman struggled, “Let go of me!”

The people all around watched the excitement, no one stepped forward to stop it, because they knew that handsome man, that was the Young Lord of the Nine Nethers, the Nine Nethers was a very powerful place in the Western Alliance The strength is not weaker than the previous December.

As a Young Lord with such a strong Great Influence, naturally no one dares to stop him, so he can only look at him like this.

Zhao Fu was also watching, without any intention to stop.

At this time, Youjun pulled the beautiful woman and pulled her into his arms. She hugged the beautiful woman with both hands, and the beautiful woman was struggling angrily.

Youjun looked at the woman in his arms with a smile, as if the more the woman struggled, the more he liked it.

“Let go of my younger sister!” A coldly shouted, a woman with a sexy figure and a beautiful woman has several points of similarity, and came with a large group of people.

Youjun looked towards this woman, slightly frowned.

The beautiful woman saw the sexy woman appear, and smiled, shouting, “Sister, this fellow bullies me.”

Seeing her appear, everyone recognized her identity, as if she was a daughter of a Western Alliance Leader named Siemens Dream, then this beautiful woman should be Siemens Qing.

Siemens Dream coldly said, “I’m saying let go of my younger sister once!”

Youjun chuckled, “What if I don’t let it go?”

Siemens Dream Cold Voice said, “Then don’t blame me for being polite. You won’t get any benefits in our Western Union.”

Talking about the people behind the Siemens dream, it also exudes one after another powerful imposing manner. If he is just fighting the Siemens dream, he has nothing to worry about, but if a group of people come, he may not be an opponent. The appearance they captured would be even more embarrassing.

You Jun let go of Siemens Qing with a smile.

Siemens Qing quickly ran back to Siemens Gate.

Siemens Dream asked, “Are you okay with younger sister?”

Siemens cleared nodded.

At this time, a simple and honest voice sounded, “Let me see what happened!”

The crowd dispersed. A man with a pair of white horns, a pair of white horns, short white hair, and a white jade inlaid in his back throat appeared.

cry out in surprise sounded, “He is Young Patriarch Niu Hu of Heavenly Venerate.”

Everyone looked at Niu Hu in surprise. The Heavenly Venerate bull beast is a powerful beast that has existed since the birth of Chaos World. It has a powerful strength that vibrates the ancient. Now the Bloodline has fallen to Saint Level Bloodline, but it is still A very powerful race, not weaker than Chaos Dragon Race.

The three people present were all well-known geniuses from the Western League. Seeing three of them at once, everyone was a little excited.

Niu Hu glanced at Youjun and Siemens Meng laughed and said, “So you two are here Ah! What happened?”

Siemens Meng said, “Nothing!” He turned and left with his own person.

You Jun chuckled and said, “Brother Niu, how are you here?”

Niu Hu said with a smile, “My lady is too terrifying, and always hits me, so I ran out to play.”

Youjun stepped forward to say with a smile, “Why don’t I take you to some good places for fun.”

Niu Hu said with a smile, “Okay! Many thanks.”

Youjun and Niu Hu also walked to the brothel on one side.

Zhao Fu walked in the direction of the Siemens dream, planning to rely on the Siemens dream to enter the Western Alliance and obtain the original skeleton.

Walking on the road, Siemens looked at her elder sister said with a smile, “My sister came out this time to collect news about the sons of Origin and evil immortals. Have you collected it?”

Siemens Dream replied, “According to some secret news, the evil fairy borrowed the identity of the son of Origin to mix into the Eastern Alliance and finally obtained the strength of the previous generation evil fairy. I don’t know how he deceived the Eastern Alliance’s numerical Alliance Leader, or It is the evil fairy and the legendary son of Origin.”

Siemens looked at Simon’s Dream and said, “Mother also said to lend you to the son of Origin, what do you plan to do?”

Siemens Meng sighed and said, “What else can I plan, and everything will follow the mother’s arrangement.”

Siemens said curiously, “This seems to be related to the skeleton of our Western Alliance. I don’t know what Mother they have planned.”

Siemens Dream reminded, “This matter is forbidden by the alliance. You know it’s no good.”

Siemens cleared replied, “Oh!”

Zhao Fu has been following them all the time, thinking about how to approach them to gain their trust, and return to the Western Union together, do you use the hero saving the beauty set again? Although this set is conventional, it is still very useful.

Or tell them their identity directly? This will not work either. Although it is much more convenient, it is not conducive to your plan, and it will be greatly restricted.

Seeing a group of people from Siemens dream leaving the city, Zhao Fu showed a sordid smile, planning to wait for them to move a little further and start acting.


A tall silhouette appeared in front of Su Bai. One hand grabbed Zhao Fu’s collar and lifted Zhao Fu up.

Zhao Fu froze and looked towards the person in front of him.

She is a tall woman with a pair of white horns, a long fluffy white hair, she is beautiful, and there is a white jade at her throat, which looks more fierce.

The fierce woman mentioned Zhao Fu cold voice and said, “Boy, I see you harboring malicious intentions, what do you want to do?”

Hearing the sound, the people of Western Dream stopped and looked towards the city gate.

Zhao Fu quickly explained, “I don’t have one, don’t wrong an innocent person.”

The fierce woman was coldly snorted, “You are a little thief, and they will say the same things as you when they are caught.”

Zhao Fu is speechless.

The fierce woman turned her head and shouted, “Oh, wait a minute, this kid is going to play tricks on you, now I will hand him over to you.”

The fierce woman threw it at will, the strength was surprisingly large, and she threw Su Bai in front of the Siemens Dream.

A few people stepped forward and caught Zhao Fu.

Siemens Meng smiled and said, “Thank you!”

The fierce woman said, “No, I don’t like him the least that is always making conspiracies behind his back. By the way, have you seen me a man?”

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