The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3005


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First Volume Chapter 453

Siemens Dream asked, “Are you Niu Hu’s wife?”

Fierce woman nodded, “My name is Niu Chun.”

Siemens Meng said, “He is now fooling around with Youjun in brothel.”

hearing this, the fierce woman rushed into the city with an angry face and a fierce imposing manner.

A person next to me asked for instructions, “Eldest Miss! What should I do with this person?”

Siemens dream eyes looked towards Zhao Fu and said, “Take off his cloak.”

“Yes!” The man obeyed his orders and took off Su Bai’s cloak, revealing a perfect face that is not a thing in the world.

All the people present did not expect that there is such a beautiful man in this city, which is extremely rare.

Siemens looked at Zhao Fu with clear eyes, his face turned red.

Siemens dream has greater concentration, looking at Zhao Fu and asking, “What are you going to do with us?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I didn’t plan to do anything, it was a misunderstanding.”

Siemens gave Zhao Fu a dream, “Hurry up, don’t think you look so good, I won’t kill you.”

Zhao Fu looked at Siemens Dreams tenderly, with a sincere and affectionate voice, “I can’t bear to keep up because I look so beautiful when I look at you.”

Looking at Zhao Fu’s perfect face, facing Su Bai’s confession, Siemens dream face slightly red, and said, “We are impossible between us.”

Zhao Fu pretended to be sad and asked, “Why? Is my low status not worthy of you?”

Siemens Dream was a little uncomfortable and explained, “No, it’s my mother who has planned to marry me to someone else.”

Zhao Fu said with a frustrated expression, “I understand!”

Siemens dreams of looking at Zhao Fu like this, not knowing how to persuade him. Without her mother, she would be happy to give Zhao Fu a chance to pursue her.

Siemens said with a smile, “Don’t be so sad, my sister can’t do it, I can!”

Zhao Fu looked at Siemens with a dazed expression.

Siemens Meng also looked towards her younger sister, who likes Zhao Fu’s, and feels jealous in her heart.

Siemens Qing said shyly, “I don’t mind your identity, if you are with me, I am willing to accept you.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “I do!”

Anyway, Zhao Fu’s purpose is to mix into the Western Alliance, so don’t worry about the method used.

Siemens looked surprised, but Zhao Fu did not expect Zhao Fu to agree.

Somewhat angry in Siemens’ dream heart, this person just confessed to her so affectionately, and now he inquires about her younger sister’s confession, like a scumbag.

But at this time, the Siemens dream is not easy to stop directly. It is going to give Zhao Fu a few tests and judge Zhao Fu’s character. If it is really bad, she is asking her younger sister to leave this guy.

Siemens reacted with a happy smile.

Zhao Fu had a gentle smile on his face, like a professional deceitful scumbag. He stepped forward to hold Siemens Qing’s hands and said sincerely, “I will treat you sincerely.”

Siemens was blushing. Feel a sweetness, nodded.

There was a deep jealousy in Siemens’ dreams.

At this time, a silhouette ran out. It was the Niu Chun, with an angry face and some grievances, and tears in her eyes. She saw the direct man and other women as soon as she broke into the brothel. Lingering, and there are still several.

Seeing this scene, Niu Chun ran out directly, planning to sever ties with Niu Hu.

Western Zimeng expected this scene to be comfortable, “Look a little bit, every good thing a man loves the new and dislikes the old.” She also glanced at Zhao Fu next to her.

Zhao Fu felt a little embarrassed.

Niu Chun nodded, “I have put that Niu Hu off. It will be useless even if he asks me in the future.”

Occidental Zimeng smiled and said, “We plan to return to the Western Alliance, do you want to go to our place to play and relax?”

Niu Chun thought for a while, but he had nowhere to go, and said, “Yes!”

At this time, Niu Chun noticed Zhao Fu next to him, and looked at Zhao Fu’s perfect face and asked strangely, “Who is he?”

The Western Dream said with a smile. “He is the one you caught.”

Niu Chun looked at Zhao Fu a little unexpectedly, but did not expect that a person she caught casually looked so good-looking.

Zhao Fu smiled politely at her.

Niu Chun is now annoyed when he sees a man, he stares at Zhao Fu directly.

Everyone walked towards the Western Alliance.

Zhao Fu, of course, has an honest look, so that Xizimeng did not catch any faults, and Xizimeng can only suppress the dissatisfaction in his heart.

After a long walk.

A gray streamer fell in front of everyone, it was the Youjun.

Siemens dream cold voice said, “What do you want to do?”

Youjun explained with a light smile, “Don’t get me wrong, my goal is not you!” Youjun’s gaze looked towards the Niu Chun beside him.

Niu Chun also said with a cold face, “What can you do with me?”

Youjun said with a smile, “Niu Hu promised me to let you stay with me for one night, so I came here, now you go with me!”

“What?” Niu Chun looked angry.

Niu Chun didn’t expect Niu Hu to be such a bastard. He didn’t know that he had betrayed her and wanted to give her to someone else. His heart was blown up.

You Jun said with a chuckle, “It’s a pity to see you look so beautiful, correcting Niu Hu, it’s better to follow me in the future!”

Niu Chun angrily said, “get lost!”

Youjun chuckled and said, “Then I can only catch you away!”

Xizizimeng stood in front of Niu Chun, cold voice said, “Now she is my friend, I will not promise you to take her away.”

Youjun somewhat angry, he had tolerated it before, but now he is like this, Cold Voice said, “Hurry up and hand her over, it’s none of your business.”

Western Dream replied, “I said, she is my friend, I will not give her to you.”


Youjun exudes a strong cold breath, and quickly grabs his body towards Xizi Meng, and a strong cold wind blows away.

Western Zimeng also exudes a strong strength, rushing over.

The two fought together, one after another strength spread continuously, easily crushing the ground stone, which made people feel a sense of fear, but they were two shocking geniuses.

However, Youjun’s strength must be stronger and gradually suppressed the Siemens dream.

At this time, the people who followed Zimeng in the West also exuded one after another powerful imposing manner and rushed to join the battle group. If they did not join, the Siemens Dream would definitely lose.

With the help of numerous men, Western Zimeng’s advantage became stronger, and the last punch knocked Youjun away.

You Jun shouted fiercely, “I remember this Young Master today, and I will definitely get revenge in the future.”


Youjun turned into a gray streamer and shot towards the horizon. He disappeared. He couldn’t be beaten and naturally wouldn’t be here, so he could only choose to escape, and Western Zimeng did not chase him.

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