The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3006


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First Volume Chapter 454

Niu Chun started talking, “Thank you!”

Siemens Meng said gently, “You’re welcome, I didn’t expect that such a bastard Niu Hu would give you to someone else.”

Niu Chun said angrily, “Niu Hu is a stronger person, but he is a fool. Anyway, I have made up my mind to sever relationship with him. In the future I don’t want to see him, even if he dies in front of me. I will not save.”

Siemens said with some worry, “That Youjun not to be trifled with will be a hidden danger in the future.”

Siemens dream is nodded seriously.

At this moment, Zhao Fu smiled and said to Siemens Qing, “Don’t worry, I will protect you.”

Siemens smiled sweetly, nodded, she still liked Zhao Fu’s words.

Siemens Dreaming frowned said, “What’s the use of you besides looking good? Strength is so weak and you still protect my younger sister?”

Now Zhao Fu suppresses the cultivation base very low, and they don’t know Zhao Fu’s real strength.

Zhao Fu argued, “I will try my best to cultivation, for Ziqing!”

Siemens smiled happily after hearing such nasty words, and said, “I believe you!”

Siemens is more jealous and angry, “Then you will cultivation well in the future!”

Siemens dreams of turning around and leaving.

Siemens Qing hurriedly stepped forward to persuade her elder sister not to be angry with Zhao Fu’s. Although he does not have that strength now, it would be good if he has that intention.

Zhao Fu walked behind with a slight smile, a bit shameless.

Niu Chun looked at Zhao Fu and Ximen sisters a little strangely, not knowing what happened between them after she left.

At night, the sky is dark blue, several stars are shining, and there is no moon.

Niu Chun sitting on a hillside alone, remembering today’s unable to bear grievance, eyes burst into tears, although she looks fierce, she is a very good person. From today, she helped Siemens dream to catch Zhao. Fu can know it just by looking at it.

She didn’t do anything during the day. She tried to resist that no one could see it. Now she was not hiding alone. Tears flowed out. She grabbed the grass next to her and threw it forward.

She and Niu Hu had childhood sweethearts since she was a child, which is also a marriage recognized by her parents. Since she was a child, she regarded herself as Niu Hu’s wife and helped Niu Hu to do various things.

Niu Hu is super talented, but people are not that smart. Niu Chun needs help in all kinds of things, but Niu Chun is relatively strong, so Niu Hu feels that he is in charge of him everywhere, and he is not allowed to do anything. He is often attacked, which makes Niu Hu very unbearable.

Niu Chun thinks he is helping Niu Hu and thinks he is very good to Niu Hu, but he never thought that Niu Hu would betray her and give her to someone else.

Thinking of this, Niu Chun was even more sad, and tears kept streaming out.

Handed over a handkerchief.

Niu Chun turned his head and saw that it was Zhao Fu. Niu Chun looked at Zhao Fu’s perfect face. Although the guy in front of him was weaker, Niu Chun had to admit that Zhao Fu was very good-looking. Almost no woman was not moved by the sight.

Niu Chun took the handkerchief and said, “Thank you!”

Zhao Fu said with a faint smile, “You’re welcome.”

Niu Chun wiped her tears with a handkerchief.

Zhao Fu said softly, “If there is something unhappy, it will make you feel better. You are not more sad for Niu Hu, it is not worth it, you are a good woman.”

This is what Zhao Fu said is so shameless, he doesn’t look at what kind of person he is, and his purpose at this time is not simple. Being caught by Niu Chun today, Zhao Fu immediately wanted revenge. When he came back, he was not so kind.

Niu Chun is nodded, unable to bear to talk about his past with Niu Hu.

Zhao Fu listened carefully and said softly, “You love Niu Hu very much, but Niu Hu can’t bear it, you chose the wrong person,”

Niu Chun nodded, some apologetics said, “I’m sorry for what happened today. I thought you were a bad guy, but I didn’t expect you to be pretty good.”

Zhao Fu lightly smiled, like the spring sunshine, said softly, “It’s okay, I didn’t care about this matter.”

Niu Chun lightly smiled and feels a lot more cheerful.

Zhao Fu gave a melancholy sigh.

Niu Chun asked strangely, “What happened?”

The Zhao Fu dual model looked at Niu Chun with a touch of affection, “I was wondering why I didn’t meet a good woman like you,”

Niu Chun blushed and said in a low voice, “You will meet in the future!”

Zhao Fu reaching out took Niu Chun’s hand.

Niu Chun’s face was blushing, and she retracted in a panic, “Don’t be like this!”

Zhao Fu threw Niu Chun down at once, looking at Niu Chun affectionately with his eyes, and said, “I like you, I can swear that I will not let you down.”

Niu Chun’s heartbeat moved, his face flushed, “I am not such a casual woman.”

Zhao Fu said in a soft voice, “Niu Hu has betrayed you, you don’t have to think about him, now you have to live for you alone.”

Niu Chun’s face blushed with a light Um cry.

At this moment, Niu Hu was also waking up from the brothel, looked at the enchanting women on the bed, walked off the bed, heard the sound of the next room, and opened the door of the room.

You Jun is lingering with the woman, looking at Niu Hu who comes in and said with a smile, “Brother Niu, are you awake?”

Niu Hu said with a smile, “Um, Brother Youjun, I won’t bother you anymore. I’m going to find my lady. I guess she is very angry now.”

You Jun said with a chuckle, “I was about to tell you about this. You didn’t promise to let your lady accompany me, but your lady dreamed of being with that Siemens. Now you go with me and bring her back.”

Niu Hu said blankly, “When did I say I want to give you my lady?”

You Jun said with a smile, “It was when I was drinking before.”

Niu Hu also told You Jun about his wife, and You Jun gave Niu Hu a suggestion to make Niu Chun jealous first, suppress her mist, and let her see her many women. Niu Hu felt okay, and he didn’t have to resist the temptation.

Niu Chun turned around when he saw him and a few women. Niu Hu was a little regretful, but after Youjun’s persuasion, he stayed and drank with Youjun.

When Niu Hu was drunk, Youjun saw the beautiful Niu Chun, with a fierce appearance, and became interested, so Niu Hu asked Niu Chun to accompany him, Niu Hu thought Without thinking, he agreed to Youjun’s request.

Now that Niu Hu knows about this, he regrets and is worried, “Now my lady should be very angry and sad. I am going to apologize to her.”

Although Niu Hu can’t stand Niu Chun’s fierceness, his feelings through childhood are very deep. Niu Hu never thought of giving up Niu Chun.

Niu Hu brothel chased in one direction.

You Jun is a bit boring, and he can’t help but think of the things before, showing a trace of sullenness. Western dreams of you, this slut dare to bad my good things twice, I will definitely not let you go.


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