The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3007


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First Volume Chapter 455

Although Niu Hu hurriedly chased after him, the Siemens Dream everyone has gone a long way, and there is still a long way to go to the headquarters of the Western Alliance. Niu Hu didn’t want to catch up so fast.

At this time, Niu Chun’s face is ruddy and nestled in Zhao Fu’s arms, looking sweetly at Zhao Fu’s face. “She found that she found someone she really loved.”

This feels Niu Chun has never experienced it.

Zhao Fu looked at the Niu Chun in his arms. It has been a few years now. He was revoked yesterday, but Zhao Fu does like Niu Chun.

Niu Chun thought of Zhao Fu and Siemens Dream Sisters today, softly said, “husband! What is your relationship with Siemens Dream Sisters?”

Zhao Fu was a little embarrassed and almost forgot about the Siemens dream, and said, “It doesn’t matter, but they all like me.”

Niu Chunru frowned said, “But I heard you say to protect them, and some other things, how do I feel that I have done something I am sorry to them.”

Zhao Fu said, “I don’t know how to explain it, but you believe me, I really like you, I will never lie to you about this.”

Niu Chun blushed, put his arms around Zhao Fu and said, “husband I believe in you!”

Zhao Fu sighed in relief.

Niu Chun also said, “But you also promised me not to do anything to hurt the Simon sisters, nor to do anything to make them sad.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “No problem!”

Looking at the dawn of the sky, Zhao Fu and Niu Chun returned to the team. Niu Chun did not look like the sadness before, but was more charming and attractive.

After daybreak, everyone continued to move forward, because they were in the Western Alliance soon.

Siemens Dream and Siemens Dream don’t know about Zhao Fu and Niu Chun. Siemens is still happy by Zhao Fu’s side. Siemens Dream is slightly jealous.

Niu Chun is a little sorry, and feels a little ashamed of Sister Simon.

Western Union headquarters.

Siemens dreamed of looking at Zhao Fu and said, “My sister and I are going to tell you, you and Niu Chun elder sister will wait here for a while.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Good!”

The Siemens Dream sisters leave.

Zhao Fu pulled Niu Chun into his arms.

Niu Chun’s face blushed and said, “Don’t be like this!”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Don’t be afraid! Everything has me!”

hearing this, Niu Chun thought about it, but still obey Zhao Fu.

After half an hour, Siemens walked into the room with a smile, looked at Zhao Fu and said, “Zijun! My mother said I want to see you.”

Zhao Fu smiled and nodded, he told Siemens that the name of the dream sister is Siemens Jun.

Siemens Qing took Zhao Fu out and didn’t care about the ruddy Niu Chun next to him.

Come to a beautiful great hall, sitting on it is a graceful, noble beauty woman, her name is Simon Luoli, she belongs to the fourth Alliance Leader in the Western Alliance, and has a larger power than other Alliance Leaders.

Simon Luoli looked at Zhao Fu’s perfect face with a chuckle, and said with a chuckle, “I’ve never seen such a good-looking man. No wonder my daughter likes you. I can marry your daughter to you. But it depends on your qualifications.”

Zhao Fu asked, “What qualifications?”

Simon Luoli smiled and said, “I don’t need your identity, in the future you are going to join my house anyway, but your aptitude cannot be too bad.”

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “Although I am not as good as the Siemens Dream Young Lady, it will not be too bad.”

Simé Lori took out an egg-sized jade ball and said, “This jade ball is a ball for testing aptitude and strength. You put him in my hand.”

Ximen Luoli threw his hand, and the jade ball flew towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu catches the jade ball, and the jade ball immediately inhales Zhao Fu’s strength and emits rays of light. It started with white light, then gray light, and later changed several kinds, and finally became a kind of purple rays of light.

Ximeng Luoli is nodded, “Although can’t be called Excellence, it is not bad, you are qualified.”

Siemens has a happy smile on his face.

Siemens dreamed of looking at Zhao Fu with a bitter eye.

Zhao Fu smiled and asked, “I wonder what else is required?”

Simon Lori’s expression said slowly and seriously, “And I want you to promise that you only love my daughter. I know that your face will make many women like it, so I want to plant one in you within the body. Prohibition, if you are tempted by other women, you will die immediately.”

How could Zhao Fu agree? Maybe he would die within a second after planting a restriction, showing an embarrassed expression.

Simon Luoli’s voice is slightly cold, “Since you can’t do it, then I won’t promise you to be with my daughter, and I will ask you to leave.”

Siemens Qing said quickly, “Mother, I want to be with him, even if he can’t concentrate on me, as long as he has me in his heart, then it will be alright.”

Simon Luoli rebuffed, “No!”

Siemens Qingqiu said, “mother!”

At this time, Zhao Fu said, “Sorry! I can’t concentrate on loving only one person. Originally, I like the Siemens Dream Young Lady, but the Siemens Dream Young Lady refused to accept me. Then I cleared the Young Lady with Siemens. Together.”

Zhao Fu looked at Siemens Dream with both eyes and said sincerely, “I don’t just like Siemens Qing Young Lady, I also like Siemens Dream Young Lady, I can’t concentrate on one person.”

hearing this, Siemens dreams of blushing, a little flustered in his heart, and a sense of sweetness.

Simon Luoli said angrily, “Are you trying to say you want both my daughters?”

Zhao Fu said firmly, “Yes, I want it all.”

Siemens Dream heard Zhao Fu’s firm words, his heart beating vigorously, and his beautiful face blushed.

Siemens Qing likes Zhao Fu more in her heart, because she also understands that Zhao Fu likes her elder sister first, it is she who snatches Zhao Fu over, Zhao Fu is willing to admit his inner thoughts, indicating that he is not the one who likes it soon Other people.

Simon Luoli was angry, “Get off now, or I will break your leg.”

Siemens exclaimed, “Don’t mother!”

Siemens Meng also said, “Mother, don’t hurt him!”

Simon Luoli looked at Siemens Dream with a surprised look, “You don’t really like this smelly brat, do you?”

Siemens dream face is slightly red and nodded.

Simon Luoli said, “No, I will never marry two daughters to him, and Zimeng, you know that I intend to marry you to the son of Origin.”

Siemens Meng turned his head and glanced at Zhao Fu and his younger sister, and made a decision in his heart, “As long as you promise not to obstruct my younger sister and him, mother, I am willing to marry the son of Origin without any complaints.”

Siemens Qing cried and cried, “Sister, don’t do this, I know you like him too.”

Siemens Meng smiled and said, “Mother told me about this before, and I don’t have to object, and I and him are impossible. I hope you can be happy with him.”

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