The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3008


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First Volume Chapter Four and Fifty Six

Simon Luo Li had a headache and said, “You go down first and let me think about it.”

The three left the great hall.

Siemens Qing said with tears in his eyes, “Sister!”

Zhao Fu also pretended to be uncomfortable shouting, “Zimeng!”

In fact, Zhao Fu is the son of Origin, no matter how Siemens dreams he is his person, they still don’t know this.

Siemens Meng smiled and said, “You don’t need to be like this. Although I said I want to marry the son of Origin, there are many variables, such as whether the son of Origin will come, and the son of Origin cannot see me. These are all unknown. The problem, maybe if he doesn’t come to the Western Union, I don’t have to marry him.”

Siemens smiled nodded, “I also hope that he will not come!”

Siemens dreamed of looking at Zhao Fu with his eyes, “Today you admit your feelings for me, but I am actually very happy. I’m sorry to say those things to you because I was jealous.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, I didn’t mind.”

Zhao Fu smiled and took the Simon sisters into his arms. The two sisters blushed and leaned against Zhao Fu’s body.

Simon Luo Li did not ask Zhao Fu about this. After Zhao Fu spent two days in the liking alliance, he asked about the bones of Origin.

To the Western Alliance, Zhao Fu is still an outsider, and people in the Western Alliance are unwilling to tell Zhao Fu about such a secret thing.

There is no way, Zhao Fu can only get news from Western sisters.

At night, Zhao Fu looked at the Simon sisters in his arms. Siemens had a relationship with Zhao Fu on the first day of Qing Dynasty. The Siemens dream didn’t want to, but still could not resist the temptation.

Zhao Fu casually said, “I heard that the Western Alliance has an Origin skeleton.”

Siemens dreamed strangely, “How did you know this?”

Zhao Fu explained, “I also heard that Origin’s corpse is such a rare thing, I am more curious.”

Siemens Meng said with a smile, “Our Western Alliance has an Origin corpse, which was brought back from somewhere long ago by the strong of our Western Alliance.”

Zhao Fu guessed it was the ruin, and continued to ask, “Where are the Origin bones now?”

Siemens Dream replied, “Such precious things are naturally placed in the most important treasure house of our Western Alliance.”

Zhao Fu asked, “How can I enter the treasure house?”

Siemens dreamtly looked at Zhao Fu suspiciously, “Why did you guy ask so much? Is it the bad idea to hit the Origin corpse?”

Zhao Fu quickly defended, “I dare, now you can’t beat it, even if you get such precious things, it’s useless.”

Siemens dream said with a smile, “Actually, the skeleton of Origin is useless in our hands, and we dare not do anything to it. If Origin Clan comes to the door, then the Western Alliance will usher in a huge crisis.”

Zhao Fu Oh, it’s useless to continue asking.

Siemens said with a smile, “Sister, when we took the husband to play around, he would feel boring to stay here all the time, and the same goes for Niu Chun.”

They don’t know that Zhao Fu and Niu Chun are not boring, they often have things to do.

Siemens dreamed about it, “This is also possible, we will take them away tomorrow.”

2nd day, the weather is clear, sun shone brightly.

Siemens Dream sisters walked out with Zhao Fu and Niu Chun. Niu Chun continued to moisturize these days and became charming and attractive, which made Simon sisters a little envious.

At this time, Niu Hu appeared in front of everyone and shouted happily, “Lady!”

Niu Chun stood beside Zhao Fu with a shy face. When Niu Hu saw his face became cold, he said, “Why are you here?”

Niu Hu said with a smile, “I’m sorry lady, I know I was wrong, I came this time to apologize to you, it’s not good to forgive me.”

Niu Chun’s face is a little complicated. If Niu Hu directly chases out an apology after that incident, she might forgive Niu Hu, but Niu Hu this bastard gave her to someone else, Niu Chun decided not Forgive Niu Hu, and she loves Zhao Fu more now.

Siemens Dream also looked angry when he saw Niu Hu, “You guys gave Sister Niu Chun to others, why do you still have a face?”

Niu Hu explained, “I was drunk at the time and knew nothing. I would never give my lady to others. I can guarantee that lady forgive me this time.”

Niu Hu a pair of eyes looked at Niu Chun hopefully.

Ximen sisters also looked at Niu Chun a pair of eyes. Although they didn’t want Niu Chun to leave with Niu Hu, they couldn’t stand for Niu Chun.

Niu Chun remembered the memories of Niu Hu through childhood, and his heart was a little shaken, but he remembered the absurd things he did with Zhao Fu in his mind, blushed, and made a decision and said, “Go back! I am no longer Your wife is out.”

Niu Hu said with a sad face, “I don’t want my lady!”

Niu Chun looked at Zhao Fu next to him affectionately, turned his head to look at Niu Hu and said, “I have said it once, I don’t want to say it the second time.”

Niu Hu looked at Niu Chun with tears.

Siemens dream said, “Let’s go! This is what he reap what you have sown.”

Niu Chun glanced at Niu Hu, still feeling a little uncomfortable, but still ruthlessly followed the Siemens dream to leave here.

Niu Hu didn’t follow either. He felt that his wife was just angry with him. Maybe he was coming in a few days and his wife would forgive him.

Siemens Dream took Zhao Fu on the street.

Everyone looked towards Zhao Fu. No matter men, women or children, they have never seen such a good-looking man. They only saw the appearance of Immortal World.

In the face of everyone’s eyes, the three women understood why Zhao Fu was wearing a cloak.

Siemens Qing had some jealous and said, “husband, do you want to continue wearing the cloak?”

Siemens Meng said, “Forget it, he is now our man, it is not good to cover up, but it will make others misunderstand, and with such a good-looking husband, we are actually quite beautiful.”

Siemens smiled nodded.

Niu Chun’s face slightly red Looking at Zhao Fu’s face, she also has to admit that she was willing to give Zhao Fu his face as part of her willingness.

News about Zhao Fu’s spread soon, and everyone came to watch with curiosity and let out a sound of wonder.

Simon Luo Li also got the news, slightly frowned, worried that Zhao Fu’s perfect appearance would cause unnecessary trouble.

As for the things before her daughter and Zhao Fu, she didn’t want to worry about it, because she also knew that Zhao Fu and her two daughters had already had a relationship, and she had seen it with her own eyes. Thinking of this, Simon Luoli’s face blushed slightly.

Zhao Fu didn’t care about it. What he cares about now is how to get the Origin bones. Although Siemens Dream didn’t tell the news about that treasure house, Zhao Fu found it through other means.

The treasure house is located at the headquarters of the Western Alliance. If you want to open the token of 12 Alliance Leader, it is impossible for anyone to enter there.

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