The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3011


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First Volume Chapter Four Hundred and Fifty Nine

Simone was nodded, “I naturally know that, after all, this matter is not glorious, and it seems that their identity is simple.”

Ximenqing looked at Niu Chun, who was twisting on the ground, and said, “I think it is worth it to get such a top grade stunner and take such a big risk.”

Niu Chun has no consciousness.

Ximenqing said at this time, “You bring her to my room.”

Several beautiful women beside him were about to step forward and carried Niu Chun to Ximenqing’s room.


A powerful and evil strength gushes out, and the numerous pale root grows from the ground. Ximen Qing and Ximenlian heart startled. Before they can react, their body is tied up by the numerous root.

Ximenqing looked at Zhao Fu who stood up with a look of astonishment, “how is this poSS ible?”

What he uses is Spirit Water, a fairyland fan. Legend has it that it has an effect on Immortal, and it is also extremely precious. If it weren’t for Niu Chun to be too attractive, he might not use such precious things.

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “This thing has no effect on me.”

Ximenqing said quickly, “I can give you the token or don’t want her, can I just leave me alone?”

Ximenlian also looked pale and said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t listen to him, but I really like you so much that I did it.”

Zhao Fu looked at her with both eyes and said, “I like you too!”

This made Ximenlian’s expression flustered, and loosened the pale root on her body, Zhao Fu extend the hand hugged Ximenlian, Ximenlian hugged Zhao Fu happily, while playfully pouting said, “you Why didn’t guy say it earlier, it made me scared to death.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “If I said it earlier, I wouldn’t be able to catch you.”

Ximenqing watched this scene and said with a smile, “I apologize for what happened before, and my cousin will be yours from now on.”

Zhao Fu looked at Ximen Qing with both eyes, “Um, but I will not let you go.”

Ximen Qing heart startled.

Zhao Fu stretched out a hand, an evil gray strength and a bloody strength poured into Ximen Qing’s body continuously, Ximen Qing struggled with fear, and gradually disappeared.

Ximenlian looked at Zhao Fu and asked, “What did you do to him? He is the son of the third Alliance Leader. If her son has an accident, the consequences will be very serious.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “You don’t have to worry about that.”

Ximenlian looked at Zhao Fu with a confident look and smiled, nodded, “Um!”

A few beautiful women who were tied up next begged, “Young Master, can you let us go, we are all poor women persecuted by Ximen Qing.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Look at your performance!” Zhao Fu also let go of them.

I don’t know how long it has passed, Niu Chun was awakened and saw that she was not wearing any clothes. Her heart was painful and uncomfortable, and tears would flow out. When she turned her head and looked towards the side, she was sighed in relief.

I saw Zhao Fu lying on one side with his arms around many women. Among them was Ximenlian and four beautiful women beside Ximenqing.

Niu Chun somewhat angry, pinched Zhao Fu’s arm, “you guy wake up!”

Zhao Fu opened both eyes and smiled Niu Chun said, “What happened?”

Niu Chun gave Zhao Fu a white look, “What happened when I passed out in a coma?”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Um, nothing happened, that is, I successfully countered and subdued that Ximen Qing.”

Niu Chun glanced at the many women beside Zhao Fu, and said jealously, “What’s the matter?”

Zhao Fu smiled helplessly and explained, “You should understand the effect of that medicine.”

Niu Chun blushed, “I don’t blame you this time, what are we going to do next?”

Zhao Fu said, “Since you are awake, let’s leave here!”

Niu Chun asked, “What do you do with Ximenqing?”

Zhao Fu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I will deal with it.”

Niu Chun believed Zhao Fu and gave a soft Um.

The two then walked out of Ximen Qing’s house and returned to Ximen Luoli’s house, as if nothing happened.

A tall figure with a cold face and a serious and old-fashioned temperament came back. She is Ximenqing’s mother, named Ximenyan.

As soon as Ximen Yan came back, Ximenlian cried and said, “Not good, something happened to Xiaoqing.”

Ximen Yan slightly wrinkled frowned and asked, “What happened?”

Ximen Lian said, “Xiao Qing fainted after coming back today. I don’t know what happened, and I can’t wake up.”

Ximen Yan said, “Take me to see!”

Ximenlian brought Ximenyan to the room. Ximenyan saw her son lying on the bed with pain. Ximenyan hurried forward to check, grabbing Ximenqing’s hand with one hand, and a strength poured into it. , Only felt a blood-colored tree monster rushed towards her.

Ximen Yan was heart startled and hurriedly put his hands back.

Ximenlian asked with concern, “What happened?”

Now she is actually a little worried, because she knows that Ximen Yan’s strength is too strong, and it may lift the restriction left by Zhao Fu in Ximen Qing within the body. If the restriction is lifted, her affairs with Zhao Fu’s will be revealed. .

Ximen Yan said seriously, “Xiao Qing within the body has a very terrifying strength. It is the strength that makes Xiao Qing painful and unconscious.”

Simonly asked, “Auntie, do you have a solution?”

Ximen Yan said solemnly, “I don’t know, this strength is very terrifying, I can only try it.”

Ximenlian was sighed in relief. It seems that Zhao Fu’s has some ability, which makes Ximenyan so embarrassed. She said with worry on the surface, “Auntie, please give it a try.”

Ximen smoke nodded head.

Ximen Yan stretched out a hand and placed it on Ximen Qing’s head. A strong strength was released, a purple strength spread, and it was continuously injected into Ximen Qing’s body.

After this strength was injected into Ximen Qing’s body, it rushed towards the tree monster within the body of Ximen Qing, trying to kill the tree monster.


With a dull sound, the dryad was easily killed, turning into countless gray auras and dissipating.

Is it so simple to solve? Ximen Yan’s expression was a little strange, and he put his hand back, but the next second Ximen Qing issued a mournful scream, as if something was about to come out. It is a pale root.

Ximen smoke complexion changed, once again put his hand on Ximen Qing’s head, and injected a strength into it, and found that the tree monster became bigger than before, it seems to be together with Ximen Qing’s Origin fuse, if you attack the tree by hand Weird, Ximen Qing will also die.

“What strength is this?” Ximen Yan looked wrong.

Ximenyan’s strong strength can’t eliminate this strength, because it is Zhao Fu Yuanhua and the power of evil immortal fuse together, and also uses a trace of Origin blood, which makes Ximenyan’s strength useless unless she can Get Origin Power, or Origin blood, otherwise you can’t clear that strand of strength.

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