The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3077


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First Volume Chapter 32

The current situation is very unfavorable for the Dragon Kingdom. As the beam of light continues to grow stronger, the suppression of the Dragon King army will be stronger.

Long Shenyan held a cold face, raised one hand, and countless golden rays of light shot out from her palm.

hong long long!

The huge noise spread throughout the Dragon Kingdom, and countless golden auras gathered like a flood and gathered above the dragon’s face.

The golden aura continues to condense and change. One has three dragon heads, a strong dragon body, a golden shiny scale, and a pair of huge golden winged dragons appear, exuding a huge dragon power.


The dragon raised up to the sky and let out a huge dragon roar, its wings slammed into one, and countless golden rays of light shot out, and a huge dragon power spread.

Countless golden rays of light enveloped the Dragon King’s army, and the strength was quickly strengthened, not weakened.

The pale light emitted by the pale light column and the golden light emitted by the Golden Dragon confronted each other, and an amazing imposing manner swept all directions.

Dragon Kingdom under this golden light bleSS ing, once they have morale, they still have the ability to resist Da Qin, they will not be defeated like before, and there is no resistance to strength.

Zhao Fu looked at Long Shenyan and wanted to use the destiny of Long Kingdom to resist. Coldly snorted, two black lights cut open both palms, blood flowed out of the wound, Zhao Fu slammed to the ground, a bloody aura spread, Zhao Fu planned to use two Paragon dragon’s blood to stimulate the keel pillar.

I saw that after the bloody aura poured into the keel pillar, the keel pillar exploded with greater dragon power, and the pale light pillar suddenly became several times larger, and the pale rays of light emitted were even more intense. Huge,

The rays of light emitted by the Golden Dragon began to be suppressed by the pale rays of light, the four directions were gradually enveloped by the pale rays of light, and the golden rays of light began to shrink.

Faced with this more terrifying dragon power, Long Shenyan no longer has the idea to take the initiative to attack, let the incomparable gigantic Golden Dragon continue to fan its wings, a huge golden energy expands, and the dragon king The army covered it.

The pale rays of light shining on were also blocked by this golden energy shield, and the dragon king soldiers among them were not affected by the weakening of strength.

Zhao Fu controlled those numerous keel pillars.


A huge sound was made, and the pale rays of light formed an invisible dragon force, pressing on the huge golden energy shield, causing the golden energy shield to vibrate, as if it could not bear this strength.

If the energy shield of the protection dragon Kingdom is broken, the strength will be suppressed, and the strength of everyone will be suppressed, so the golden shield must not be broken.

Dragon Shenyan’s raised hand pushed upwards, trying his best to move the dragon Kingdom destiny, countless dragon Kingdom destiny continued to flow, the golden dragon immediately issued a stronger dragon power, making the trembling defensive shield Become harder.

Kingdom, the dragon on the defensive side, can gather destiny here, which has a great advantage.

Zhao Fu slammed his hands on the ground, the force spread out, the ground cracked, and the huge keel pillars flew away from the ground little by little, carrying one after another terrifying strength towards Long Kingdom ran into it.

Long Shenyan complexion changed and cried, “Hurry up and attack that keel pillar!”

If the keel pillar hits with the terrifying strength, it will directly knock the golden energy shield out of the large hole.

The strength of countless soldiers will be weakened when they leave the golden defensive cover, so when they take out one card at a time, it is still the flying spirit stray bullet. This is what the dragon Kingdom got from destroying a Great Influence, and the reserve is very hiding .

Countless azure stray bullets shot towards the keel, and Alchemy Sacred Beast also shot out countless beams.

peng peng peng ……

Strong explosions continued to sound in the sky, one after another scattered strength turned into one after another violent wind blows away, and the ground cracked and collapsed everywhere.

This terrifying wave made it impossible for the keel pillars flying towards the Dragon Kingdom to get close. Some keel pillars were affected and more cracks appeared.

Zhao Fu simply caused these keel pillars with many cracks to burst open. Numerous keel fragments hit the golden energy with strong strength, some were blocked by the golden energy shield, and some were inserted in the golden defense shield. on.

This greatly weakened the strength of the golden energy shield, and the remaining keel pillars quickly slammed into it.

peng peng peng ……

There was a loud noise, and the keel pillars hit the golden defensive shield, and the defensive shield couldn’t support it.

Long Shenyan tried all his strength, but he couldn’t stop it, his face was difficult, and a lot of cold sweat broke out on his body.

Ya Duo shouted, “Hurry up and help Your Majesty!”

After talking, Yaduo raised her hands and pushed forward, using her strength to mobilize, and a white destiny injected into the golden energy shield.

Others hearing this immediately mobilize their own destiny and inject the golden defensive cover, which makes the defensive cover multi-colored.

With the help of countless people, the golden defense shield resisted the impact of the keel pillar.

Thenumerous keel pillar retreated, and everyone at Long Kingdom finally resisted it, and their hearts were sighed in relief.

Zhao Fu flew into the sky at this time, said with contempt, “Do you think this is over?”

hearing this, everyone looked towards Zhao Fu.

I saw that the retreating keel pillar moved and changed to form a formation, suspended high in the sky, Zhao Fu raised one hand, and that formation exuded a huge dragon power.

Zhao Fu’s raised hand scratched empty.


That formation produced a huge gravitational force, and a huge star illusory shadow slowly descended from the sky, exuding the dragon power that shook Heaven and Earth.

This star is not Zhao Fu’s star, but the dragon star of the card world. Now Zhao Fu uses his strength to summon the illusory shadow of a dragon star through the keel pillar he created.

Previously, Zhao Fu may not be able to summon a star in the other world, but Zhao Fu obtained Chaos star bleSS ing, mastered Supreme strength, and all world laws were not restricted. Zhao Fu can do it so easily. Other people There is no such ability at all.

It’s not just the Dragon Kingdom. The countless soldiers were shocked. On the side of Da Qin, watching the illusory shadow of such a huge star fell, he also showed a look of astonishment. This scene was too shocking.

The huge star fell with terrifying dragon power and pressed on the golden defensive cover. The Golden Dragon issued an angry roar, fanning its wings and emitting all its strength, trying to stop this star illusory shadow.


The defensive cover didn’t have any resistance, and it collapsed directly, and the dragon star illusory shadow slowly disappeared, but the huge dragon force pressed on the countless dragon king army. As a result, the body of countless dragon kings sank, and a large amount of strength within the body was suppressed and fell into a state of weakness.

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