The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3078


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First Volume Chapter 33

bang bang bang ……

Countless beams of light, with an imposing manner like a hot knife through butter, draw one after another in the sky and shoot straight to the city wall of the dragon king army. The rays of light shine all over, and an amazing wave spreads. .

peng peng peng ……

A huge explosion sounded, and a large number of explosions occurred on the city wall. Numerous dragon Kingdom soldiers were blown to death, the walls were pitted, and all around were blood and minced meat, giving off a strong blood-reeking qi smell .

Long Shen’s face was pale, but she still didn’t want to initiate this way. Now that Long Power is suppressed, she will use other strength.

xiū xiū xiū ……

At this time, the numerous Monster Qi bullet with a powerful strength, quickly shot at the Dragon King army.

Long Shenyan exclaimed, “It’s very useless. Now we haven’t lost, never give up.”

Encouraged by the dragon Shenyan, the numerous soldiers raised some morale. They knew that if the Dragon Kingdom was defeated, it would mean destruction. Each and everyone soldiers took out a card and pressed it on the wall below.

How the patterns of the cards are, it is a wall made up of azure air currents.

I saw that the cards turned into one after another azure streamer, sinking into the wall, countless azure winds blew out, forming an azure wind wall in front.

each and everyone Monster Qi ejected from the top and exploded, and the numerous Monster Qi dispersed, but did not break the azure wind wall.

Zhao Fu didn’t care about it either, letting monster beast and Alchemy Sacred Beast attack together.

peng peng peng ……

The explosion sounded constantly, Da Qin bombarded the Dragon King’s army wildly, countless Monster Qi bullets and lights shot towards the Dragon King’s army, and the city wall was enveloped by fire.

The Dragon King army resisted with difficulty, and at the same time felt aggrieved, because not only their strength was suppressed, but also various powerful methods could not be used. The dragoons they were most proud of were just like a group of waste now.

Boom! boom! boom!

Three deafening explosions sounded, and a terrifying destructive power spread out, instantly destroying everything, the ground vibrated violently, countless sand and stones were carried into the sky by the air current, and three huge mushroom clouds rose.

The smoke and dust dissipated, the city wall collapsed and three huge gaps appeared, and three huge pits appeared on the ground. There were rubbish debris everywhere, and there were many dead bodies. The picture was very scary.

Zhao Fu used three real taboo balls.

Now the defense of Dragon Kingdom has been broken, and strength has been suppressed. It was when the whole army was attacking, Zhao Fu gave an order and Da Qin launched a full-scale attack on Dragon Kingdom.

Long Shenyan looked at the black trend coming in with a dreadful imposing manner, and was a little frustrated. Their Dragon Kingdom was defeated. There was no illusion. The defeat was so powerless and hopeless. .

Yado hurriedly called, “Your Majesty, let’s run away!”

Long Shenyan expression said sadly, “You run away! I want to stay here and live and die with Dragon Kingdom.”

Yaduo persuaded, “Your Majesty, with your noble identity, outstanding talent, and ability to rule the world, will definitely be able to start all over again. Please don’t give up so quickly. We will follow Your Majesty together.”

Other generals also respectfully shouted in unison, “Your Majesty, we are willing to follow you, please don’t give up so soon.”

hearing this, Long Shenyan has a trace of confidence in his heart, started talking, “Order the whole army to retreat and return to the former territory of our Dragon Kingdom.”

Now the Dragon Kingdom destroys the Daqin Territory and the Tuwei Territory. The area is also very large. It is the largest power in the nearby territories. Now the Soldiers strength of the Dragon Kingdom is not the opponent of the Daqin Soldiers at all, only the ones who retreated to the former Dragon Kingdom Territory, with the help of various means, it is possible to resist.

General Numerous immediately obeyed Dragon Shenyan’s order and the whole army retreated. At this moment, they had no choice but to retreat.

Countless Dragon King Soldiers were afraid of fleeing embarrassedly, Da Qin chased after him fiercely and started a frantic killing.

A big Qin soldier forced lance out of his hand. Lance drew an arc in the air. The pu’ sound shot through the chest of a dragon Kingdom soldiers. A dragon king soldier was hacked to death by several big Qin soldiers.

A dragon king soldier yelled at a big Qin soldier and wanted to hold the big Qin soldier for a moment, so that his younger brother could escape, a big blade slashed it down, slashing the dragon king soldier to the ground, the blood slowly Flowed out.

A big Qin soldier holding a sword quickly stabs a slow running Dragon King soldier. The sword edge penetrates the chest of the Dragon King soldier, and the Dragon King soldier falls down unwillingly.


The screams kept screaming, the collision of weapons kept dying, and the blood was dying. The blood stained the ground, and there were countless corpses lying on the ground.

Zhao Fu looked at the Daqin soldiers chasing and killing the Dragon King soldiers with a smile on his face. The previous vengeance of the Dragon Kingdom for destroying the Daqin territory is now back, so that the Dragon King army also tastes the taste of failure and fear, and they dare to see them in the future. Don’t dare to be so proud.

The Dragon King’s army continued to flee, and Daqin soldiers chased after him.

Zhao Fu has not let go of the idea of ​​the Dragon King army. Now he wants to take this opportunity to destroy the Dragon Kingdom and become the most powerful force in this area.

Long Shenyan also continued to flee with a large army, looking at the dead Dragon King soldiers, Long Shenyan looked resentful, thinking that he must avenge these soldiers.

The Numerous general looked at the Daqin soldiers who were pursuing him, and he became worried. I wonder if they might escape, and if they escape back to the Dragon Kingdom, can they stop Daqin? In fact, they have no confidence in this.


A Daqin Martial General is riding a black horse, holding a long spear, and leading a team of Daqin soldiers to kill a team of escaped Dragon King soldiers.

Bai Qi walked over to Zhao Fu and said, “Your Majesty forces are attacking our army, and their strength is several times ours. Now we should stop chasing the Dragon King army to prevent sudden attacks by those who try .”

Zhao Fu frowned, “Those forces seem to want to keep the Dragon Kingdom!”

At this time, Zhao Fu can only stop chasing and killing the Dragon King army, otherwise Da Qin is chasing the Dragon King army, and several forces coming from behind will cause great losses to Da Qin soldiers. These forces are Da Qin forces. Several times, the key point is that Da Qin has nothing to restrain them.

Zhao Fu ordered to clean the battlefield quickly, take prisoners, quickly evacuate this place, and return to the former temporary residence of Daqin. Zhao Fu did not want to be surrounded by several other forces.

The dragon king army looked strange when seeing Daqin soldiers not chasing them, but for whatever reason, their lives were saved. Countless people sighed in relief, and some of the soldiers lay down on the ground, looking like they were left behind.

Several forces looked at the traces of the war between the two sides, showing shocked expressions. Both sides looked terrifying, and the battle seemed fierce.

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