The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3079


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First Volume Chapter 34

“Are we going to chase?” a man said.

Another person said, “If you don’t chase, you won’t be able to catch up, and you may be ambushed by two forces. Moreover, this time we didn’t come here to attack them.”

The original idea of ​​several forces was to make Da Qin and Dragon King suffer on both sides. They were together to destroy Da Qin and Heaven Awaken, but they did not expect that Dragon Kingdom was completely restrained by Da Qin and almost defeated, and they had to take action.

Because the victory of any force will pose a great threat to them, they do not want any force to die.

This time, if Daqin loses, they will also make a move. Of course, it is not a real move. It is mainly to frighten the opponent. They know that if a battle occurs, it will also cause a lot of losses. This loss is caused by the enemy. .

Daqin returned to the temporary resident. This time, because of the urgent time, Daqin did not count how many Dragon King soldiers were stroking down. Anyway, there are a lot of them.

The captured captives reached more than 3 billion, which is not bad. What makes Zhao Fu more elaborate is that Daqin has harvested 10,000,000 dragoons. If it were not for the obstruction of those forces, Da Qin would definitely gain more.

Long Shenyan all fled back hastily. Although they fled back, they suffered a very heavy loss this time, only less than half of their previous strength.

Dragon Kingdom all the people also understood the news of the fiasco of the Dragon Kingdom. I don’t know how many people have lost their wives. The whole Dragon Kingdom is in sorrow and distress, and fears for the future.

Back to Long Kingdom, everyone in Long Shenyan also knew the reason why Da Qin didn’t pursue it, but they were not at all planning to thank several forces. They knew the purpose of these forces.

Ya Duo gave a salute said, “Your Majesty, please order to strengthen the defense immediately, and collect the gas attribute item to prevent Daqin from attacking at once.”

Davis didn’t have the confidence he had before, and said palely, “This Lord of Great Qin is really terrifying. With such terrifying ability, it can be said that our dragon Kingdom is defeated by him alone.” /p>

The middle-aged man said with a solemn expression, “The last time we wiped out the Great Qin territory was a fluke, I don’t know but the Lord of Great Qin went there. If he was there, we would never wipe out the Great Qin territory.” /p>

Ya Duo said, “It doesn’t make much sense to talk about this now. Da Qin will definitely not let the Dragon Kingdom go like this. Now there are several forces holding Da Qin, just to give us time to prepare, if Da Qin finds to deal with other forces The method will launch an attack on us soon.”

The middle-aged man nodded said, “Um, I also support your point of view. Your Majesty, please hurry up and give orders.”

Long Shenyan said, “Um, I will order someone to do it right away, and you will collect as much information as possible about Da Qin and the Lord of Great Qin. I want to know what kind of power this Da Qin is, the Lord of Great Qin is so terrifying.”

Although Long Shenyan is very confident that she will not lose to anyone, she changed her opinion after this time because Zhao Fu has surpassed her a lot in all aspects, making her admit that she is inferior to Zhao Fu.

Everyone is nodded. It is also very important to collect Daqin news now. Only by understanding Daqin can you resist Daqin. And find a way to deal with Great Qin’s.

On Daqin’s side, as the Dragon Kingdom had expected, they are discussing how to destroy the Dragon Kingdom.

Zhao Fu said, “This time is lucky for the Dragon Kingdom. Originally, Da Qin could kill the Dragon Kingdom in one fell swoop, without giving the Dragon Kingdom any chance to breathe. The next attack on the Dragon Kingdom will be a lot of trouble. Those forces themselves are courting death. .”

Bai Qi said, “As long as he finds a way to deal with several other forces, Da Qin will be able to destroy the Dragon Kingdom. Da Qin also underestimated a few of them this time.”

Zhao Fu nodded, said to Elena next to him, “You help me collect news about these forces as soon as possible.”

Elena chuckled and said, “No problem!”

Zhao Fu said, “I want to solve the problem of the card world as soon as possible. There are still many things waiting for me to do in other worlds. I will stop here today, everyone move a bit faster.”


Everyone listened to their orders and quickly executed Zhao Fu’s commands, collected messages, collected messages, processed the prisoners, and strengthened the defense.

Long Huoyan found Zhao Fu, and now she has seen Zhao Fu’s strength with her own eyes. She understands that Dragon Kingdom is not an opponent at all, and will be destroyed by Da Qin sooner or later. Long Huoyan’s attitude towards Zhao Fu’s has also changed.

Zhao Fu looked at her and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Long Huoyan said with a smile, “Let me ask how you plan to deal with the prisoners?”

Zhao Fu replied, “Temporarily imprisoned, wait until the dragon Kingdom is destroyed, and then talk about it, the reason is that the acknowledge allegiance is left, and I don’t want to kill it directly by the acknowledge allegiance.”

Long Huoyan said, “I think you will give me the task of subduing the captives. There are a lot of my subordinates in it, and I don’t want them to die.”

Zhao Fu chuckled and said, “What? Are you willing to acknowledge allegiance to me?”

Long Huoyan nodded, “No way, I can only choose to acknowledge allegiance you, I hope you will slaughter fewer people when you kill the Dragon Kingdom in the future.”

Zhao Fu said with a smile, “Let’s do it! I think it’s up to you.”

Long Huoyan said with a smile, “Thank you!”

Zhao Fu continued, “After the Dragon Kingdom is destroyed, I will give you some dragoons to lead you. Your status will not change much.”

Long Huoyan was a little happily nodded, and then left here to tell his sisters the good news, while Zhao Fu continued to wait for the news in the lobby.

Long Kingdom chose to abandon a large area close to Daqin, trying to lure several other forces into it, so that several forces could stand in front of them.

If such a good thing is usual, several forces will not hesitate to enter and control these areas immediately, but now because of Daqin reasons, they don’t want to block the sword for Dragon Kingdom, so they did not enter, making that area a A place of chaos.

However, in the end, the purpose of Dragon Kingdom was achieved. In the face of huge interests, there are still many people who are not afraid of death, and some small forces have entered into it to control that area.

These small forces want to get the most benefits in a short time, and get as much as they can get. They are running when Daqin attacks. They don’t want to waste such a large amount of benefits. They think it is worth the risk.

Their appearance does add some trouble to Da Qin’s attack on the Dragon Kingdom in the future, but this trouble is not a big deal, and Da Qin does not mind removing these small forces.

The three forces are seizing the time to prepare. Da Qin collects news from several forces and prepares to attack Dragon Kingdom next time. Dragon Kingdom collects all kinds of things and prepares to resist Great Qin’s attack. And those forces are gathering forces, thinking To destroy the two forces of Daqin and Dragon King.

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