The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3080


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First Volume Chapter 35

It didn’t take long for Daqin to obtain information about those powers. These powers are relatively ordinary, otherwise they would not be so afraid of the Dragon Kingdom. Two of them are also Advanced Kingdom. It hasn’t been 200 years and the background is not very strong. .

They are four forces in total, namely Forest Kingdom, Tomorrow Kingdom, Southeast Kingdom, and Raindrop Kingdom.

The strongest force is the Kingdom of Tomorrow, which has a large number of elite soldiers. The Cavalry Regiment of Tomorrow is also a well-known cavalry regiment, which can also play a very terrifying destructive power, so the four Kingdoms are also dominated by the Kingdom of Tomorrow. .

The Kingdom of the forest of Ranked 2nd, this Kingdom is in a forest, and the wood cavalry regiment possesses is very good at fighting in the forest.

The weakest ones are Southeast Kingdom and Raindrop Kingdom in the back.

It may be not so simple to deal with them. After all, they are all four Kingdoms, and unlike Daqin dealing with the Dragon Kingdom, they have great ability to restrain them.

But Zhao Fu wants to kill the Dragon Kingdom as soon as possible. The longer the delay, the more troublesome it becomes.

After discussion, Da Qin decided to continue to mobilize 40,000,000,000 soldiers to the card world. Most of these soldiers are 1st Order soldiers and a small part are 2nd Order soldiers. Because Da Qin has many battlefields, 2nd Order soldiers not at all that many.

If you use these 40,000,000,000 1st Order soldiers against four Kingdoms, you will definitely lose and there will be no possibility of winning.

However, Zhao Fu didn’t want these 40,000,000,000 1st Order soldiers to attack the four Kingdoms, but wanted to drag the four Great Kingdoms and give Daqin the preparation time to kill the Dragon Kingdom.

Da Qin moved quickly.

The 40,000,000,000 army was handed over to Bai Qi, Arthur Tina, Meng Tian, ​​and Yu Xuan respectively, to start the attack on the four Kingdoms.

Bai Qi divided the 10,000,000,000 soldiers into ten teams, each of which was divided into 1 billion. Bai Qi, the strongest army to deal with, the strongest Kingdom of Tomorrow, cannot directly use these 10,000,000,000 soldiers to fight against the Kingdom of Tomorrow. Choose Harassment from all directions.

Kingdom border tomorrow.

Several Alchemy Sacred Beast numerous gun barrels aimed at the border of Kingdom of tomorrow, shooting out a huge beam of one after another, swiftly shot on the city wall, and an explosion sounded.

The city wall automatically releases the energy shield to block the one after another explosion. The numerous Kingdom soldiers will look surprised at the large number of troops appearing in the distance. They will immediately report the matter to the upper level, and the army will attack the Dragon Kingdom.

Another numerous monster beast condense each and everyone Monster Qi bullets, blasting wildly against the city wall of Kingdom tomorrow, the terrifying momentum shook all directions.

A group of flying dragons appeared in the sky, condense each and everyone fireball and iceball, and shot at a city wall. The city wall was immediately enveloped by fire and ice. Seeing such a fierce offensive, the defending army immediately involved it. Report.

This time, in order to hold the four Great Kingdoms, Daqin used a lot of monster beasts, flying dragons, and Alchemy Sacred Beast.

Tomorrow’s Kingdom executives will also immediately know that the Kingdom will be attacked by unknown troops tomorrow.

The king of Kingdom of Tomorrow is a handsome young man. It is rumored that a man who likes masculinity, named Ming Ri Ying, sits on the great hall and asks, “Is it clear now that the matter is investigated, what forces dare to launch Kingdom of tomorrow? Offense?”

A minister with a long beard respectfully said, “Based on the large creatures that appear, which Great Qin’s army should be.”

Tomorrow Ying said with an angry look, “This Da Qin not only wants to destroy the Kingdom of the dragon, but also wants to destroy the Kingdom of me tomorrow?”

A burly General called, “Your Majesty! Please send troops immediately to let me destroy Daqin.”

The handsome-faced young man said, “No, the martial strength dragon Kingdom is now under pressure from Northeast Daqin. If it weren’t for our intervention, it would be possible to destroy the country. If we attack rashly, we are likely to be defeated. “

The Minister of Long Beard also said hurriedly, “This Great Qin is very terrifying, we can’t be careless, otherwise Kingdom will be in danger tomorrow.”

Tomorrow’s cold voice said, “Then what do you say? Let the Great Qin Army team attack? I think this Da Qin wants to hold our Kingdom tomorrow and give them time to destroy the Dragon Kingdom.”

The burly General said, “I also think this is the purpose of Great Qin’s. We should send troops to eliminate these troops, and we must also separate the army to attack the Great Qin’s station, so as to prevent the Great Qin’s plan.”

The Minister Long Beard said, “If we guess wrong, Da Qin actually wants to deal with our Kingdom tomorrow, what will happen?”

The burly General said solemnly, “Even so, it is a more advantageous choice to attack Daqin.”

Tomorrow’s shadow cold voice said, “I just can’t understand Daqin, so tomorrow Kingdom will send troops to eliminate the offensive soldiers, and we are attacking Daqin with other Three Kingdoms.”

The handsome young man said, “Your Majesty! Please make your decision carefully.”

Asuka Ying said, “Needless to say, everything is in accordance with my orders.”

hearing this, everyone can only follow orders.

The Daqin side is divided into ten teams to attack the Kingdom of Tomorrow from different directions, and Kingdom of tomorrow divides 40,000,000,000 soldiers into ten teams to eliminate the soldiers of the tenth team of Daqin, and divides the cavalry regiment into ten teams.

Learning that the matter was in vain, facing the Kingdom’s army attack tomorrow, I also felt a pressure. The situation was very unfavorable for Daqin.

I started thinking for a moment and let the soldiers break into zeros. The main task this time is just to hold the Kingdom of tomorrow. Now Great Qin’s goal has been achieved.

Ming Riying personally led the army to the border, only to learn that Daqin soldiers seemed to have disappeared.

Tomorrow angrily said, “What’s the matter?”

The handsome young man said, “It should be Daqin who cut the soldiers into parts. It would be very difficult to eliminate them.”

The burly General said with a sneer, “It seems that Great Qin’s purpose is to hold us back. Your Majesty also invites other forces to attack the Daqin station together, and the teams that have been broken up will inevitably regroup.”

Tomorrow Ying smiled nodded.

Bai Qi led the army of tomorrow to regroup and prepare to attack Daqin garrison, and immediately let the scattered soldiers launch an all-out attack on Kingdom of tomorrow.

peng peng peng ……

Tomorrow, the Kingdom border will be fiercely attacked, and explosions will continue to sound, making the Kingdom border turmoil tomorrow.

This makes it impossible for the Kingdom army to leave tomorrow, otherwise Kingdom may be compromised tomorrow.

Tomorrow said in annoyance, “Now you have a good way? Now I just want to kill these annoying Daqin powers.”

The handsome young man said seriously, “You can leave half of the soldiers to garrison. With Great Qin’s strength, you should not be able to break the Kingdom tomorrow. On the other side, you can continue to attack the Daqin garrison, which can also force this army to withdraw.”

The burly General said with a slight smile, “Um, I support this decision.”

Tomorrow’s shadow was nodded, “Well, just do it like this. This Da Qin is too annoying. If he didn’t let him deal with the Dragon Kingdom, I really want to kill him.”

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