The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3081


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First Volume Chapter 36

At this time, Bai Qi has led a large army to lurk near the border. This place is a rugged mountainous land. There are fewer tomorrow’s soldiers stationed here. It is a weak defense site for tomorrow’s Kingdom.

A young soldier walked up to Bai Qi and said respectfully, “General has been arranged!”

Bai Qi said, “Um, act quickly, in case Kingdom has other plans tomorrow.”

“Yes!” The young soldier left with a behest.

I saw each and everyone Daqin soldiers buried a one meter high insect egg in the ground, and a man in a wizard robe came out, chanting a complex and incomprehensible spell, and his body emitted a wave Weird strength.

The insect eggs buried in the ground were affected by that strange strength, and gradually lost the vitality of life, the color also turned to dead gray, emitting an unpleasant smell.

The counterous wizard stretched out a hand and pointed it forward slightly, and a gray breath poured out from the ground, quickly attacking the guards on the city wall.

The soldiers haven’t reacted yet, and the grey breath instantly penetrated into their bodies.


A scream rang out, and the soldiers only felt that countless insects were biting their bodies within the body. Within a moment, the numerous soldiers died, and the corpses became gray and mummy, which looked terrifying.

The city wall also became silent.

Young soldiers came to Bai Qi, “All the people in General have been resolved.”

Bai Qi’s eyes showed a hint of coldness, “After attacking tomorrow’s Kingdom, slaughter all the villages and towns passing by.”

“Yes!” The young soldier listened.

The Great Qin Soldiers quickly controlled the city wall, introduced numerous Great Qin Soldiers into it, and attacked the Kingdom of tomorrow.

A group of cavalry wearing black armor and riding black horses quickly rushed into the village of each and everyone, and began to massacre.

A big Qin soldier chopped an old man to the ground with a single knife, a big Qin soldier long spear pierced a young man’s chest, a big Qin soldier riding a dark horse knocked a woman out, and a big Qin soldier chopped off a man’s head with a single knife …

The ordinary villagers have no resistance to Daqin soldiers, only fleeing in fear.

The people in this village were quickly slaughtered, and the Daqin soldiers immediately attacked another village.

In a calm and peaceful Small Town, a dozen strange birds suddenly appeared in the sky, pounced and devoured the numerous people.

Soldiers in Small Town quickly counterattacked and shot at the monster beast one by one, but they did not cause much damage to the monster beast, but instead angered the monster beast, spreading their wings and blowing away with a strong wind, each and everyone Monster Qi bombs fell everywhere in Small Town,

A sound of explosion sounded, Small Town was destroyed everywhere, screaming and crying everywhere, numerous people were afraid of fleeing, and some people hid in the house shiver coldly.

On the other side, Daqin soldiers rushed into a small mountain village. While killing the villagers with a knife, they set fire to the houses. The villagers were quickly killed and the small village was swallowed by the raging fire.

The news quickly spread to the top leaders of Kingdom of Tomorrow. It was learned that a place in Kingdom of Tomorrow was breached. Daqin entered the Kingdom of Tomorrow and burned everywhere. The plans of Kingdom of Tomorrow came to a halt.

Tomorrow Kingdom looked angry, “Now bring me soldiers to kill them!”

numerous ministers listened to orders. The most important thing now is to solve this problem. If a large number of Daqin soldiers take the opportunity to penetrate from which gap, this may threaten the safety of Kingdom tomorrow. At this moment, there is no going to attack Daqin. So important.

Arthur Tina brought a large army to garrison in front of the Kingdom city wall.

Yudi Kingdom looked nervously at the Great Qin Army team ahead. Their strength is relatively weak and they don’t have that much confidence. They are worried that Da Qin will ambush if they strike, so they can’t guard the city wall.

Arthur Tina let the army stay here. She knew that the task was dragging Raindrop Kingdom, but she still made the appearance of attacking Raindrop Kingdom.

They also sent a team to attack and harass Yudi Kingdom from all directions, making Yudi Kingdom feel that Daqin was looking for a weak spot where they were looking. As long as they found it, Daqin would attack.

Meng Tian brought a large army to the forest. Originally, the forces on Daqin’s side were weaker than the forest Kingdom, and the forest Kingdom also has a geographical advantage. In the forest, there are danger lurks on every side. There may be many traps. .

Entering the forest will be a very dangerous thing. Meng Tian does not intend to let the soldiers in, but also spreads the soldiers out and fires around.

This made the people of Linmu Kingdom very angry, and they started fighting the fire while hunting down Daqin soldiers.

Da Qin soldiers set fire on this side and ran away, so that the forest soldiers could not catch up, and the forest soldiers did not dare to chase too deeply. They also dispersed their forces so that it would be convenient to chase and kill the Great Qin’s soldiers, and colleagues would be able to do so. Was ambushed by Da Qin.

If Linmu Kingdom intends to abandon the forest barrier, Meng Tian will also gather some soldiers to launch small-scale attacks from all directions.

This makes Linmu Kingdom a headache, but there is no good way to solve it.

The last Southeast Kingdom.

As a legatee of Fish Scale World, Yu Xuan has strong strength and commanding ability. He sent a large number of soldiers to the southeast Kingdom and sent someone to write a letter to the southeast Kingdom, saying must be in order to in the future. War negotiations.

This is also a way to delay the Southeast Kingdom. Both the Southeast Kingdom and Yudi Kingdom are relatively weak. After consultation with numerous ministers, they plan to come over and have a good talk.

They have also understood other Three Kingdom news and understand that they are unlikely to attack Da Qin together, and they attack Da Qin alone, which seems to be courting death, so they do not want to attack Da Qin.

The negotiation at this time is also in line with the purpose of Southeast Kingdom, not to be harassed and attacked by Daqin. You can also hold off for time and wait for the three forces to handle their own affairs and respond to their call to attack Daqin together.

Both sides brought a team of people to negotiate, each with its own purpose. Yu Xuan said that as long as Southeast Kingdom withdraws from this time, in the future Da Qin can consider not destroying them and is willing to become friends with them.

You can’t believe these words. If they are equal in strength, they might become friends, but Daqin is too strong, and their Southeast Kingdom is like a piece of fat.

Southeast Kingdom also put forward their own opinions. As long as Daqin stays in the temporary residence, don’t have any ideas. The four forces will not do anything to Daqin. If Daqin is willing to withdraw from the card world, they will give Daqin a sum. Rich revenge.

The Dragon Kingdom is now hit hard by Da Qin, and the four forces are not as afraid of the Dragon Kingdom as before. If they are given some time, they will execute their own efforts to destroy the Dragon Kingdom.

Yu Xuan also said perfunctorily that he would report to the Lord of Great Qin.

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