The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3082


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First Volume Chapter 37

After Da Qin dragged down the four Kingdoms, he assembled an army to launch an attack on the Dragon Kingdom.

First, Daqin was blocked by the area that Dragon Kingdom abandoned. This area of ​​Dragon Kingdom intends to use other forces as a shield. Several Great Influences did not attract them, but instead attracted countless small forces.

Now that these small forces learned of the Great Qin’s attack, they immediately fell into panic and chaos aptitude, which made it impossible for the Great Qin’s army to pass smoothly.

Da Qin can only stop. Zhao Fu asks the soldiers to convey the message to the small forces. Now they gather together and attack Dragon Kingdom from the side, dragging a part of Dragon Kingdom’s forces, otherwise Da Qin will kill them all now.

Some forces gathered together according to Great Qin’s words, some people still want to escape and do not plan to obey Great Qin’s orders.

Zhao Fu is also not kind, and directly ordered the killing of these small forces.

xiū xiū xiū ……

Arrows with one after another strength, shot through each and everyone soldiers quickly, blood splashed out, screaming constantly,

Daqin soldiers then rushed into it and started killing.

These small forces are very weak and did not cause much danger to Daqin. Their basic forces are all 1st Order and their equipment is relatively ordinary.

After Da Qin killed part of his disobedient strength, those small forces were afraid and obedient, and gathered together to form a 2 billion miscellaneous army, slowly attacking to the left of the Dragon King.

They also don’t want to be Great Qin’s cannon fodder, nor do they want to attack the Dragon Kingdom for Da Qin, so they just acted like they didn’t intend to attack.

Zhao Fu also knew that they would be like this, and he didn’t think about what effect they could exert. He just planned to hold down a part of Long Kingdom’s forces and weaken some resistance for Da Qin’s frontal attack. The others didn’t care.

Da Qin continued to march and came to Long Kingdom.

Long Kingdom had been prepared for a long time, and dignifiedly guarded the city wall.

The two armies were killed, making the air dignified, and people from far away could feel the imposing manner emanating from here.

The miscellaneous army on the other side also arrived at the border of Dragon Kingdom, and then directly garrisoned in place. They had no plan and no one to lead them. The chaos seemed to be like scattered sand.

Long Kingdom didn’t put them in the eyes, but sent some low-level soldiers to defend.

Zhao Fu looked at the dragon god Yan Qing said with a smile on the city wall in front of him, “How do you feel now? The last time you lost was very uncomfortable!”

The dragon god Yan cold voice said, “If you don’t use the keel pillar, I can destroy you in half a day.”

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “It’s still such a big tone, no one will help you this time, I will officially wipe out your Dragon Kingdom.”

Long Shenyan coldly said, “My dragon Kingdom will never perish because of this!”

Zhao Fu didn’t say anything. Pressing a hand on the ground, a pale wave of light spread, huge keel pillars rose from the ground, and a mighty supreme dragon power spread. .

The Dragon Kingdom army immediately took out a card, the front of the card is each and everyone fireman, I saw each and everyone the dragon king soldiers pressed the card on the chest, the card turned into one The flames melted into the body, causing a flame to emerge from the body.

The function of that card should be to transform a person’s attribute into a fire attribute.

This just gave the Dragon Kingdom a little time to prepare. It will be troublesome to deal with them now. If you give them more time, it will be more difficult to deal with. Da Qin made the right choice to attack so quickly.

However, even if they turn their bodies into fire attributes, but only temporarily, their bodies will still be affected by the dragon’s power, and their strength will be weakened.

Zhao Fu looked at the scene before him, started talking, “Offensive!”

numerous monster beast began to condense a monster Qi and shoot towards the dragon king army, and the numerous Alchemy Sacred Beast also shoots one after another beam.

Dragon Kingdom also launched a defense. The azure wind and orange flame appeared in the void. The fire was flaring by the wind, and a huge fire-colored Formation formed, wrapping and taking care of the Dragon King army.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

A sound of explosion sounded, rays of light shot in all directions, and the terrifying imposing manner continued to spread.

So many attacks, not at all, did not cause any damage to the defensive cover. In order to be able to withstand Da Qin, this dragon Kingdom should have spent a lot of money.

Da Qin was also prepared. Zhao Fu raised a hand, and a flying dragon with a body length of 1000 meters appeared. They had a pair of huge fleshy wings, worm horns on their heads, and a horn on their chest. Covered with metal, it exudes a huge Dragon’s Might.

This is the Great Qin Feilong, integrated into the Lair Stone of Chaos World, plus the Sage Stone of Alchemy World.

Originally the Great Qin Feilong integrated into the nest stone became the Winged Insect Chao Dragon, which was the most powerful dragon species in Da Qin at that time. During Zhao Fu’s journey to Chaos World, Da Qin condensed a large Sage Stone and integrated into the Winged Insect Chao Dragon. The huge flying dragon that formed at the end.

This is also the largest and most terrifying creature cultivated by Daqin.

Looking at the giant flying dragons that appeared in front of the Dragon Kingdom army, they were also extremely shocked. Now it looks like Daqin is the Dragon Kingdom, with so many terrifying dragon species.

Long Shenyan looked serious when he saw this scene.

One Alchemy nest dragon spreads its big mouth, and its terrifying strength is constantly gathered under its control. It chooses to spin to form a huge dark red energy ball, exuding an aura of destruction, making people have one’s hair stand on end.

bang bang bang ……

numerous Alchemy Nest Dragon shot each and everyone energy ball and slipped past, with one after another terrifying strength, the picture made people frightened and desperate.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

A huge explosion sounded, each and everyone dark red energy ball hit the defensive cover and exploded. The terrifying strength destroyed all around the stones, the ground, and the trees, and a huge air wave blew away. .

After the fluctuations subsided, Dragon Kingdom’s Formation was full of cracks.

Zhao Fu let the numerous Alchemy Sacred Beast and monster beast launch a wave of attacks, smashing the flame energy shield.

hong long long ……

The earth was trembling, and a terrifying imposing manner rushed over, making Da Qin countless soldiers feel a sense of fear.

I saw the black and crushing azure cavalry rushing towards Daqin like a hot knife through butter, as if nothing could resist a cavalry.

They are all the previous dragoons. Now both the cavalry and the Dragon Horse are transformed into wind attributes, and the Dragon Kingdom dispatched all the cavalry regiments, doing everything they can to resist Da Qin.

Looking at the dragoons who have always been, if they are really allowed to rush into the army, it will cause a huge loss to Daqin. Zhao Fu also directly took action, one by one keel pillars flying into the sky, forming a huge The formation.


A huge rumbling sound sounded, a huge dragon star illusory shadow appeared in the sky, slowly descending with the strength of suppressing Heaven and Earth, all around Space-Time seemed to become thicker.

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