The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3083


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First Volume Chapter 38

The huge pressure of the Dragon Star fell on the cavalry regiment that was rushing over, causing the cavalry regiment’s body to sink, slowing down, and strength weakening a lot, but they continued to rush over.

If you think about it before, they felt that this Dragon’s Might had already collapsed to the ground and lost all their battle strength, but now they are still continuing to rush over.

It seems that the attribute conversion cards they use have a great effect, and should be much better than those fire attribute conversion cards.

When Zhao Fu saw this, one hand was raised, the palm split open, a mass of blood came out, a supreme dragon force injected into the blood mass, the blood mass changed into a blood cell, turned into a blood light toward The sky shot went disappeared.


The illusory shadow of the dragon star in the sky gradually turned bloodline, and a wave of supreme Dragon Race Bloodline Strength was released from it, like ten thousand catties of boulders, pressing on each and everyone cavalry,

Now it is not only strength that is suppressed, but also the Bloodline within the body. Zhao Fu integrates Dragon Clan Bloodlines into Dragon Clan Bloodlines, and the effect is huge.

I saw the cavalry slowly slowed down, and the people and horses were very difficult, and finally each and everyone fell to the ground.

Looking at the Dragon King’s army failure, the dragon king’s face looked very ugly.

Longshenya immediately asked the soldiers to send out huge fire-colored crossbows, put cards into the grooves of the crossbow, and then pulled the bowstring of the crossbow.

xiū xiū xiū ……

One after another huge flame arrows, carrying one after another hot strength, cut through the sky and shot towards Daqin. The fire light dyed the sky into flames.


A painful scream sounded. Many monster beasts in the sky were shot by flame arrows. Some monster beasts were shot through and fell down, and their bodies were still burning with flames.

Some arrows hit the Alchemy nest dragon, and the Alchemy nest dragon emitted dragon power and resisted those flame arrows. In the end, only suffered a very light injury, not at all those monster beasts were injured so badly.

xiū xiū xiū ……

Countless cracks sounded, and the Dragon Kingdom fired countless flame arrows again, with a huge hot strength.

Zhao Fu immediately let the numerous Alchemy Sacred Beast and monster beast attack those flame arrows. The explosion sounded constantly, the flames scattered in the sky, and one after another shock wave spread, blowing a strong wind.

bang bang bang ……

Alchemy Nest Dragon condensed one after another dark red energy ball at once, and flew towards Dragon Kingdom.

Dragon Kingdom used the last wind flow wall to resist, and cards flew out one after another, turning into one after another. The blue wind spread out, forming a wind wall.

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

Countless explosions sounded, the romantic wall failed to block the energy ball, the force of the explosion blew the city wall and the numerous dragon king soldiers out, and countless rocks and pieces of meat shot out.

After the fluctuations subsided, a lot of potholes appeared on the city wall, which looked like a mess, there were a lot of rubble and corpses, and the surviving soldiers also looked scared.

xiū xiū xiū ……

There were countless rune arrows from Daqin’s side, and the runes arrows dragged out one after another flow mark, pouring out like heavy rain.

Dragon Kingdom soldiers can only resist with shields.

But this shield can withstand the rune arrow, each and everyone of the dragon king soldiers’ body was shot through the body by the arrow, the corpse was cut into several pieces, the city wall was splashed with blood everywhere, a strong burst of blood The smell of blood spread.

Zhao Fu shouted immediately, “All-out attack!”


A huge rumbling sound sounded, and the Great Qin Army team rushed towards the Dragon Kingdom city wall like a black tide, with an imposing manner that seemed to destroy everything.

numerous monster beast and Alchemy nest dragon also flew over and launched a crazy attack on the Dragon Kingdom army. Alchemy Sacred Beast continued to stay behind as a mobile turret, one after another beam of light quickly photographed the dragon Royal City wall.

The Royal City wall of the dragon was bombarded violently, and it was shrouded in fire everywhere. From time to time, there were splashing stones and broken corpses, and there was almost no strength to resist.

The Dragon King army then rushed under the city wall and launched a full-scale attack.

Arrows shot from bottom to top, hitting each and everyone soldiers, covering the city wall of Daqin Industry and Commerce. On the city wall of Daqin Industry and Commerce, the Dragon Kingdom reluctantly attacked with arrows, stones, and venom, but the effect was not great.

Daqin soldiers quickly boarded the city wall, and the two sides started fighting.

A big Qin soldier pierced a dragon king army who wanted to attack with a single shot, a Kingdom army desperately knocked a big Qin soldier out, and a big Qin soldier cut the Dragon King army to the ground with a single knife.

A big Qin soldier rushed to a dragon king soldier holding a big knife. The two sides fought. A dragon king soldier pierced the throat of a big Qin soldier with a sword, and a big Qin soldier smashed the body of a dragon king soldier with force.

A dragon king soldier shouted with hatred, and the long spear in his hand pierced very quickly, piercing the body of a big Qin soldier, a big Qin soldier quickly rushed to him, and an axe hacked the dragon king soldier to death.

Although Dragon Kingdom still has some resistance to strength compared to the last time, it is not yet a Great Qin’s opponent, and the battle is also downside.

Yado said with an ugly face, “Your Majesty! Let’s leave now!”

Long Shenya looked ice-cold and angry, holding a long knife and about to rush towards a big Qin soldier.

Ya Duo hurriedly grabbed Long Shenyan and said, “Your Majesty is too late to escape, otherwise the consequences will be miserable if you fall into Da Qin’s hands.”

Long Shenyan said angrily, “I want to fight Da Qin, I will choose to die, and I will not fall into Da Qin’s hands.”

Yado quickly walked to one side with the hand of Dragon Shenyan, “Your Majesty, don’t be stupid, as long as you are still in the future, you can definitely rebuild the Dragon Kingdom.”

Davis looked at the scene before him, and he also knew that White Dragon Kingdom was going to die. Without much hesitation, he took his men and fled to one side.

The escape of the Main General caused the Dragon King’s army to collapse. The numerous soldiers fled back in fear, wishing to grow a pair of wings.

Da Qin soldiers clashed fiercely from behind.

The news of the defeat of the Dragon Kingdom spread quickly. Although the four Kingdoms had expected them in their hearts, they were still a little surprised. This Daqin was really strong. The resistance strength of the Dragon Kingdom was so weak. At the same time, they were worried about the future.

Holding the four Kingdom’s Daqin soldiers, after receiving the news, they quickly evacuated.

Finally, the miscellaneous soldiers learned that the Dragon Kingdom army was defeated and the soldiers guarding the city wall were also quickly evacuating, showing an excited smile, shouting to attack.

Now that Dragon Kingdom has no resistance, they can scrape a lot of benefits from Dragon Kingdom without any cost.

Not just thinking like this, the surrounding forces are thinking like this, all of them went crazy and attacked the Dragon Kingdom, burning, killing and looting.

The people of Dragon Kingdom can only run around in fear and fear.

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