The Lord’s Empire Chapter 3084


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First Volume Chapter 39

The end of the once powerful dragon Kingdom has made people feel sad. Today, the dragon Kingdom has become history.

Da Qin soldiers raged like a torrent in the Dragon Kingdom. Those small forces did not dare to meet Da Qin. They only dared to search for some benefits in the marginal area. They turned around and ran when Da Qin came, and they didn’t dare to leave a moment.

Zhao Fu sits on the throne on the Dragon Kingdom great hall, with the Great Qin Generals on either side, and the Dragon Kingdom officials kneeling in the middle.

Now they look nervous and scared. Their lives now depend on Zhao Fu. As long as Zhao Fu orders them, all of them will die.

Zhao Fu asked, “Has the king of Dragon Kingdom caught it?”

Bai Qi reported, “The minister has made people go all out to hunt down, and there will be news soon.”

On a piece of grass, a group of Daqin soldiers have surrounded the dragon god Yan Yaduo and more than a dozen female guards.

Originally, Long Shenyan took more than 10,000 cavalry to escape, but he was chased and killed by Da Qin. Now they are the only more than 10,000 cavalry left, and their mount is dead. They can only run, speed very slow.

Long Shenyan’s hair is messy, holding a sword, and there are some dirt and blood on his body, looking very embarrassed, and other women are the same.

Long Shenya said with an ugly face, “Their target is me, when I attract their attention, you run away!”

Yado immediately said, “No, you are our king, how can we let you cover our escape.”

Other female guards also said, “We are willing to coexist and die with Your Majesty!”

Long Shenya shouted, “Okay! We will fight Da Qin in a life and death battle, and we will never acknowledge allegiance to Da Qin.”

Hearing this, everyone mustered up their morale and looked towards the Daqin soldiers who surrounded them, intending to perish together with Daqin soldiers.

numerous Daqin soldiers suddenly stepped aside, and the people of Dragon God Yan were still weird, but then the huge monster appeared all the time, slammed into the people of Dragon God Yan, and knocked them out.

That huge monster is an Alchemy nest dragon.

Everyone was knocked out by the Alchemy Nest Dragon, vomiting a mouthful of blood, and fainted to the ground.

Waiting for the one they woke up once, they were already in shackles on their hands and feet, sitting in a prison car, walking on the streets of the city, on both sides stood Daqin soldiers wearing black armor.

Long Shenyan glanced all around.

Yado said, “Your Majesty, you are awake!”

Long Shen’s face replied sadly, “Um, are we being taken to see the Lord of Great Qin now?”

Yado said, “Um!”

Long Shenyan was bitter in her heart. Originally, she wanted to die with the few soldiers of Da Qin, and didn’t want to pay homage to the Lord of Great Qin in such humiliation, but now they can’t do it.


A scream sounded, a big Qin soldier chopped off the young man’s head, and blood ran all over the ground. Da Qin was executing those who rebelled against Great Qin’s, and many corpses were lying on the ground.

Looking at the scene before him, Long Shenyan looked angry, these all are the people who believe in him faithfully.

Another old man was dragged up and was about to be beheaded.

Long Shenyan shouted, “Stop!”

Soldiers who were executing stopped, looked over, and continued to chop off the old man’s head with a single knife. They would only obey Zhao Fu’s orders.

“Asshole!” Long Shenyan scolded angrily.

Soldiers guarding the side shouted dissatisfied, “What’s your name? Do you think your Dragon Kingdom’s Your Majesty? Now your Dragon Kingdom has been killed by me. You can be honest with me.”

Long Shenyan looked at a small soldier who dared to speak to her like this, with a look of anger, just about to scold him.

Adora pulled the dragon face and persuaded, “Your Majesty, let’s bear it!”

Long Shenyan is coldly snorted. Nothing to say.

After a while, they came to the front of the once-dragon Kingdom palace, all around, kneeling countless dragon Kingdom people, looking at the dragon gods in the prison car with joy, and shouting, “Your Majesty, Dragon King Your Majesty.” “

Seeing so many people calling her affectionately, Long Shenyan smiled and felt a little relieved.

The Daqin soldiers next to him scolded, “Quiet! I’m talking and pulling out your tongues.”

Those people were so scared that they did not dare to speak. They knew that Da Qin would really pull out people’s tongues if he did what he said.

Long Shenyan stared at the Daqin soldiers angrily.

At this moment, the Daqin soldiers standing next to him said, “You all come out, and our Your Majesty wants to see you.”

The door of the prison car opened, and Long Shenyan got out of it, with shackles on his hands and feet, walking on the ground, watching the numerous people kneeling in fear and nervousness. Long Shenyan was both humiliated and angry. She tasted it for the first time. To such a taste.

Other people also came out with shackles, and felt very uncomfortable. They thought that they were admired by countless people in the past, and their status was noble, but now they are shackled and become prisoners.

Dragon Shenyan looked towards the Dragon Kingdom Palace with a cold face, and walked forward.

The numerous people who have been kneeling on the ground are afraid to look up and can only secretly look at their Your Majesty.

White in the great hall said, “Your Majesty! She is here.”

Just finished speaking, Long Shenyan pushed away the guard and walked in, a pair of eyes looked directly at Zhao Fu who was sitting on the throne, “How do you want to be refreshed with us? Don’t humiliate us like this.”

Others also followed in.

Zhao Fu said with a chuckle, “Don’t worry, I have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, and will not hurt you. Now as long as you can submit to me.”

Long Shenyan coldly said, “Don’t be delusional! I will never acknowledge allegiance to someone like you?”

Zhao Fu both eyes looked at her, “What happened to a person like me? My identity, Bloodline, and strength, each surpasses you, this time also breaks through your Dragon Kingdom from the front, what do you think?” /p>

Long Shenyan coldly said, “If you don’t use the keel pillar, we won’t lose so easily.”

Zhao Fu lightly snorted, “Then you can not use dragoons? Isn’t your dragon Kingdom the most powerful dragoons? It seems that you have wiped out a lot of forces by relying on it.”

Long Shen Yan is speechless, not knowing how to refute.

Standing aside, Long Huoyan said, “Your Majesty, you still acknowledge allegiance to Long Kingdom! Long Kingdom is dead, this is the best choice.”

Long Shenyan looked towards Long Huoyan coldly said, “Huo Yan! I saw that I value you so much. I didn’t expect you to give in to him so quickly. Do you have any spine?”

Long Huoyan was somewhat angry, but also a little guilty, not talking.

The middle-aged man also acknowledged allegiance to Daqin and persuaded him, “The Dragon King Your Majesty Daqin belongs to Heaven’s Fate. Our dragon Kingdom will definitely be destroyed in his hands. I think you should still acknowledge allegiance to Daqin! “

Seeing that the middle-aged man also acknowledged allegiance in Daqin, Long Shenyan looked angry.

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